What is the BEST foundation to use? (Vitamin Shoppe Bought)?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What is the BEST foundation to use? (Vitamin Shoppe Bought)?.

My main question is: Any ideas as to how I can make ot without it making me gag?? It is the most disgusting thing that I have ever eaten or tried to, I wasnt able to do it..

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Your question was: What is the BEST foundation to use? (Vitamin Shoppe Bought)?.

I have a feeling she is reffering to the ones that come with the meatloaf..

Mash them up with a fork, spray ICBINB on them and sprinkle with garlic pepper. It changes the color and the taste!..

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Umm, we need to know what potatoes you're talking about...

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I'd like some advise on the lunch sweet potatoes...mine is always like sweet potato soup and I've tried much less water...kinda tastes like baby food but I add tonnes of pepper to get through it..

Love the potatoes that come with with the meatloaf..once I got past the color it's now my fave! I use Becel margarine spray...but I'm going to try the garlic...mmm can't wait..


Comment #3

For some reason, the sweet potatoes come out more runny than the cheesy homestyle. Just try using less water next time. You can always nuke it some more to evaporate off the extra water, then they will thicken up..

I think they have been discontinued...

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I make cauliflower as my veg, then mash it up as best I can with my fork, then mix in those unpleasant looking mashed potatoes, then pour the red sauce all over it, add alot of pepper and "DIG IN". I love it!!!!!!..

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Those mashed potatoes that are with the meat loaf are pretty good but look bad. They are real ones and not those instant kind that come witht he frozen dinners. I like to put the meatloaf sauce on them..

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I ate the meatloaf tonight. I have been reading all the rave reviews about how everyone liked them so much, so I was excited to try them. The meatloaf part was fine, however the mashed potatoes were like potato gelatin. They were gross!!! I had to mix up the gravy from the meatloaf to disguise the taste..

The cheesy potatoes for lunch, however are delicious...

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I love both the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes and the Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes, I don't do anything to them, I think they both taste wonderful as is. I agree though, the color of the mashed potatoes that come with the meatloaf is kind of weird, but they taste yummy!! Have a great night everyone!! Take care, Sheila..

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After reading a number of rave revues about the Cheesy Potato lunch, I order 2 and did not care for them at all! But then I hate "instant potato flakes, et al" no big surprise. I also don't care for the fake taters with the meatloaf. (Although the meatloaf is on my very good list....too bad they come as a combo..

If NS can make a 90 cal burger as a dinner entre, why not the meatloaf by itself and then allow us to add our own carb (like the burger)?..

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Sorry, I was talking about the cheesy mashed potatoes for lunch. The consistancy of it made me literally sick..

Comment #10

I agree the potatoes were gross with the meatloaf. I did mix them with the meatloaf to choke down a few bites...

Comment #11

I agree. The meatloaf with the mash tators are my fav. I use that as a treat if I do really good during the week!...It might be funny but it works...

Comment #12

I like them just the way they are so I can't think of anything that you could do to make them taste better to you. Hope you can find a solution. Have a great day!..

Comment #13

Maybe I made them wrong? Ill have to try it again. They were very watery.. so maybe it was me..

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The Chessy Potatos taste great with a tbsp of FF sharpe cheddar cheese mixed in after cooking. I add some FF sour cream to the potatos in the meatmeat before cooking. Then I mas them up & cook. Yummy...

Comment #15

This post is a perfect example of why it's important to try stuff and not rely on what others say is good or not..

I made that mistake myself and had a few meals I couldn't stand but others loved...

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I absolutely LOVE the cheesy potatoes! I make sure to add the water slowly, and keep stirring very well, adding more water as needed. I let them sit for about 10 minutes, than nuke about 30 seconds to warm up. They need to set so they don't have a grainy taste and be stirred a lot, as do all of the entrees in the cardboard cups. To make it easier, put it in a microwavable container instead. That way it's not going to get "gunky" and stick to the cardboard container.........The potatoes really are good. You just have to know how to make them.

Good luck!..

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Comment #18

Thank you Debbie, I was looking for that word to describe them.. grainy... thats what they were Im going to try it your way and see what happens. Thanks so much..

Comment #19

Sounds like you added to much water. It took me a few tries to get it just right for my tastes. I love them, but not when they are more soup..

Comment #20

Because if they did, I wouldn't I like the convenience and I like those potatoes... just mix a little sauce with them...

Comment #21

Are they supposed to be like regular mashed potatoes and not grainy and watery..

Comment #22

They should not be watery at all. Don't fill the container more than an inch from the top. Try less water than that until you get the consistency you want. Stir really well, get around all the edges of the bottom of the container. Make sure you let it sit..

Another option is to just mix the potatoes with 1/4 cup of water, then drop by spoonfuls into a non stick skillet. Mush down a bit and pan fry for a couple minutes on each side. They are kind of like tater tots that way..

I love the cheesy potatoes. I got 12 in my last order..

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Point well taken, but tried it and it didn't help...and I also know I seem to be in the minority when it comes to talking bad about the potatoes...

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Mine sit in the cupboard along with the eggs, hot chocolate and more..

Found the trading expensive as I allowed too little for the shipping etc..

Such a waste..

Now I even have jars of the PB2 sitting there...

Comment #25

There is a great NS Recipe for turning the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes into potato salad. Counts as 1 NutriSystem lunch entre + 1 protein serving + free foods.

1 NS Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes with Broccoli.

1 T chopped onion.

1 T dill relish.

2 T fat-free mayonnaise.

1 T yellow mustard.

1 boiled egg.

1 T chopped celery.

I did this today without the mayo, and it was fantastic! Definitely be careful how much water you add...

Comment #26

I cook some diced onions and turkey polish sausage in a little pam until the onions are tender and then mix with the prepared potatoes, yum! Add a little ff cheese if under on protein...

Comment #27

I LOVE the cheesy potatoes!!!!!! I make about a cup of mixed vegetables while the cheesy potatoes are getting done. When they are I totally mix them in with the vegetables, alot of pepper and yummo...... I luv,luv,luv them. They are my favorite lunch for sure and sooooo filling...

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Hi Kelly,.

Are you referring to the lunch cheesy potatoes? if so, add a slice of Laughing Cow cheese and garlic powder to the potatoes - it worked for me.


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I have a feeling she is reffering to the ones that come with the meatloaf..

Mash them up with a fork, spray ICBINB on them and sprinkle with garlic pepper. It changes the color and the taste!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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