What is the best acne treatment you can buy at a Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What is the best acne treatment you can buy at a Vitamin Shoppe?.

My main question is: I would like to place an order but have had lots of subs with my last couple of orders so I figured I'd wait a bit to place an order until things have calmed down. Have they? Just wondering if the out-of-control subs are over with. I'd love to try some of the new food but am wary of ordering until things are sorted out. Thanks!..

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Your question was: What is the best acne treatment you can buy at a Vitamin Shoppe?.

I had a near perfect order, too! They subed my sweet potatoes with cheese potatoes, but that's understandable since they are discontinued. Everything else looks and tastes great!..

Comment #1

Thanks for your help! I know it's a busy time of year for NS, especially with the intro. of the new program. I think I'm brave enough to place an order because I really want to try that new apple strudel scone as well as some of the lunches...

Comment #2

You should definitely order it before the scone sells out and is subbed!..

Comment #3

I got a perfect order yesterday and so did a couple other ladies on here. I even got things that had been subbed for the last couple months. So it seems to me that it's safe to start ordering again...

Comment #4

I had one sub with the order that arrived yesterday - the cinnamon swirl granola bar was subbed.

Everything else was fine!..

Comment #5

Got my order today. No subs at all! However, with the high demand of everyone making good on their New Years resolutions, I guess they had a glitch and 20 of my items listed on the packing slip were missing. They were all breakfast items. I thought UPS missed delivering a box. Check your order against the packing slip carefully when it arrives. Called and NS was very cooperative and will ship those missing items right away.

Like the color coding. Easier to find something quickly in the pantry..


Comment #6

I had a near perfect order, too! They subed my sweet potatoes with cheese potatoes, but that's understandable since they are discontinued. Everything else looks and tastes great!..

Comment #7

My mother got a perfect order today too. I hope mine is perfect. It packs up on Monday..

Comment #8

I got my first order today and they had given me white chocolate chunk cookies for the oatmeal raisin cookies. Other than that everything was fine..


Comment #9

My last order was PERFECT!! And I believe I see that alot of others are happy with their orders as well. So it looks like things are starting to settle down with the subs...

Comment #10

Just got my order tonight and it was PERFECT! Thanks, NS!..

Comment #11

Got my first order last week and it was perfect!..

Comment #12

I received a perfect order no subs on Wednesday !..

Comment #13

My past 5 orders have had several subs - and for my least favorite items. I've been on the program for a year - and this is a huge dissatisfier for me on this program. I have had success with the pounds coming off - but not just because of the food. Which by the way - is not improving. In my opinion it's getting worse. There is no - new and improved in the advanced...

Comment #14

So, if we get subs in our order, we can send them back, right? I can't stomach the thought of tuna cassarole...

Comment #15

The tuna casserole was discontinued (Yeah) so you won't receive it as a sub. But if you do get any unwanted subs, call NS and they will ship you what you want and you don't need to send the original items back..

Marla (Sharon).


Comment #16

Marla, Honey.....

Have you REALLY lost 87 lbs since July 2007??? I am SOOOOOOOOOO Jealous!!! That's when I started and I am only down 57 lbs. If you have any extra special secrets, please share them with me.


Comment #17

I had a perfect order, delivered in record time!..

Comment #18

My husband's first order was perfect. It had all the new packaging, so was easy to seperate and inventory! Love the color coding...

Comment #19

I just got my second order Friday. I think I was missing like 1 of my Cheesey Broccoli soups. Everything else was to my order. :O)..

Comment #20

New to the program and waiting for my first order. Just wondering what you mean by subs?..

Comment #21

I have concerns about all of the substutions the last three orders! I have many food allergies and am unable to eat most of the substitutions!..

Comment #22

Sometimes when they go to fill your order, the warehouse where your order is being filled is temporarily out of what you ordered. So they will put something else in it's place. A good example is last time I ordered 8 flatbread pizzas but they ended up subbing them with 8 thin crust pizzas.

When that happens you can call CS and they will try and replace the subs for you with the original food or something else you like. I once got 6 chicken patties in place of the burgers. I don't like chicken patties so I called them and they sent me 6 meatloafs instead..

If NS makes a sub on you and you call for a replacement, you don't have to send the subbed food back like you do if you order something and decide you don't like it and want something different..

During the end of the year and the change over to the Advanced foods the subs got really bad for some people. Also if you order a food that is discontinued or on low inventory you run a very high chance you will get a sub...

Comment #23

I just went through my order this morning. I only had one substitution- Chicken salad Much better though than the ones I had in my last order...

Comment #24

Everything is great in Nutriville again! My last 2 orders have been perfect..

Comment #25

I called NS and asked them this same question last week and they said that the subbing was no longer an issue. I am anxiously awaiting my third month order which should be here tomorrow! I will repost if I find any issues and let you know..

Looking forward to trying some new things!..

Comment #26

Hi everyone,.

I just went thru my order I received today. I only had a few subs..

The cinnamin swirl granola bars were subbed for cranberry granola bars. I think these might be discontinued because she had me pick something else and I quickly agreed to take the scones...hahaha.

The mint chocolate crunch bars were subbed for chocolate crunch bars, and I received one of my Lasagna's subbed with the Cheese and Spinach Ravioli with meat sauce. Overall not bad at all!..

Comment #27

Im new here and was wondering how far ahead should I place an order. I just chose "the favorites" for my first order, but am wanting to continue trying different things for a while so I know what not to order next time...

Comment #28

When you get your order, start tasting things and you will find your likes and dislikes. I change mine AD on just about a daily basis! If I find myself chosing one food item over another, or if I have a lot of one item on hand I change my order..

Bottom line you can change your order up until 6pm the day before it is scheduled to ship..

Good Luck, Mary..

Comment #29

My order came 1/5 and didn't have one sub!..

Comment #30

Thank you NutriSystem! My first order had a lot of subs and it was frustrating because I didn't like most of the subs they sent. And the subs were high in quanity... like 9 of the same thing for 5 different items. I was very happy to receive my order EXACTLY as I ordered!!! Not only that, but the 2nd week of free food was actually pretty good! It matched a lot of what I already ordered or was a variation of what I ordered. It's almost like they tried to add products they thought I would like.

I am going to call and see about replacing the food I won't be eating for food I'd like. Now that I have 2 orders of food and the two weeks free food, I probably have 20 items I know I won't eat for sure, it's worth it to pay for shipping to exchange it.

Thanks for getting things back to normal NutruSystem!.

- Jeff..

Comment #31

I noticed today, when I updated my autodelivery, that the chicken breast was low inventory. Just thought I would mention it..


Comment #32


It wasn't one of my favourites lol. That and the Veggie Sloppy Joe, I just couldn't eat. Yes I know, lots of people loved the sloppy joe but I for one won't miss it...

Comment #33

Yup. I received my FIRST PERFECT order this week. I wanted to call in and thank them...

Comment #34

I got a perfect order as well a couple weeks ago. I think they are done adding those subs now that the new food is coming out. Hope you have a great day!..

Comment #35

I've had a perfect order for the last 2 months. My 3rd orders arrives next week. So I trust it willbe perfect too...

Comment #36

My second order was also perfect, and even the "free week" food was stuff I wanted. I think they were just burning through the Nourish food before the Advance roll-out...

Comment #37

My daughter placed a new order a few days ago and wasn't even given the chicken breast as an option to order. It was a little disappointing, but she really likes the pizzas and mac & cheese for dinner anyway. (she's 18...what can I say???!!!).

My last order only had about 4 subs. Not bad!..

Comment #38

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