What is realistic weight loss with Nutrisystem?

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Today is day 1. I want to lose 30lbs before my wedding on 10-10-10. 101 days from today. I'm committed to this program with an hour exercise scheduled 5 days during the week to achieve my goal. Is this amount of weight loss in this amount of time realistic?..

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Your question was: What is realistic weight loss with Nutrisystem?.

I think it's do-able for sure! I started at 181 on May 20th and yesterday weighed in at 168. It's not super fast, but it's noticable already! I was a size 16 and I can now put on my old size 10 jeans. I'm excercising about 4 days a week on average.

As long as you follow all the rules, drink your water, and keep to your excercise schedule I don't see why you couldn't lose 30 lbs or close to it!.

Good luck..

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Wow...thanks for the encouraging words. July 4th Buffet is coming up in a couple days. We are dining at a nice hotel. I was thinking about eating my meal at the room and then ordering a salad/veggies at the restaurant. My mom thinks I should make sensible choices at the buffet...I'm scared that this will slow me down right at the same time I'm kick starting my program. How do you handle eating out flexibility and still stay on course?..

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Honestly, I have only eaten out once since I started. I just didn't want to tempt myself. I had a salad with dressing on the side and a grilled chicken breast. Boooooring! lol! Just keep your portions small, don't eat anything fried, creamy, breaded or saucy! Fill up on veggies...

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I like your plan better than your mom's. Especially when you have such an important deadline...

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NO WAY! Stick to your plan! If you stay 100% loyal to the program, NO CHEATING, EVER, you will reach your goal! And think how great you will feel on your big day. No buffet meal could ever compare to that !..

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You are right Mary! I'm calling the hotel restaurant today to ask if they will heat and serve my entree with steamed veggies. It does'nt hurt to ask for help, right? Thanks, Carol..

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I called the Four Seasons hotel about the July 4th buffet. The first person told me about all the wonderful food choices I could make with the help of the chef....

I then asked if I bring my entree can they heat and serve it with my order of salad and steamed veggies. They explained that bringing food into the restaurant is not permitted. I said I would then need to eat it in my room beforehand and then order up my salad/veggies at the restaurant. We have reservations for 6...I said the other 5 in our group will be dining buffet style and I need to stick with my Nutrisystem Plan. The manager said...for you we will make an exception. You are determined to stick with your program and we want to HELP.

No problem! Yeah!..

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That is so nice of them! What a good idea to ask them about helping, I wouldn't have thought of that! It's better than avoiding the whole buffet for sure. I hope you have a great time.

Today is our Canada Day, I'm going to my brother's for a bbq... not sure what I'm going to bring yet though! They always have lots of veggies and fruit to choose from so I just need my main dish. And some willpower to avoid the yummy stuff! lol..

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Your looking at 10 pounds a month with a little leeway room for error, so look at aiming toward 2.5 pounds a week. Remember the general rule... the more calories you burn without taking in, the more weight you lose. Apply this with the proper eating and you will definitely make your weight in no time. Oh, and drink water (0 calories) instead of drinks (stuff you think taste good but are loaded with sugar, etc.)..

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Good for you!!! I stuck with the program and lost 37lbs in 5 months. I am 56 so weight loss was slow NOT radical. I think you can do it but don't cheat!!! You're planning ahead and that will get you to the finish line as a winner!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and STAY THE COURSE!!.


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Words of wisdom - STAY THE COURSE! Love'all have a Happy 4th of July weekend...

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Your goal is very realistic. Congrats on the decision to join and best wishes!..

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Sounds like you are right on track!!! You are soooo right about planning. If you get caught off guard you can make poor choices. Your weight loss goal sounds totally achievable. I had a larger weight loss in the beginning and then I've averaged 10lbs per month for 3 months. I'm walking 6 days per week.

That's great of the restaurant. I'm impressed with your planning right off the bat!..

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