What is a Medifast shake cake?

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I'm seeing this term, but don't know what it is. What is a shake cake?..

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A 'cake' made from a shake. There are recipes all over this forum, but it's basically the shake, a little egg beaters, water, may be baking powder. I'm going from memory since I haven't made one since the brownies came out...

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I just tired my first shake cake and it was great! I used the strawberry shake since I don't like it as a shake. I added a little whipped cream cheese with sweetener and vanilla. Yum. I will make this again and try the orange shake. Another shake that I dislike...

Comment #2

Here ya go.

This is thanks to KJDuffy.

For the shake cake:.

1 Vanilla Shake.

1/2 baking powder.

1 egg white.


2-4 oz water. You want it to be a batter consistency. So I add water until it looks like batter..

Whisk all together and put in a microwavable bow..

Microwave for 1 1/2 min...

Comment #3

I looovvvve the shake cakes with almond extract instead of cinnamon. And I add a little almond extract to the cream cheese too, and it's perfect. Seriously. Oh, and I use Dutch chocolate usually. Swiss mocha was pretty good too...

Comment #4

That sounds great!!! I'd never heard of those... I have no clue how everyone makes these awesome recipies out of randomness but I'm so glad you guys do..

Comment #5

I tried my first shake cake with a banana shake and a little vanilla plus one egg white, 1/2 tsp baking powder and 2 oz of water. It was kind of like a souffle (an artifically banana flavored souffle). Maybe I should try again with a shake that I like and maybe use egg beaters so that I can use less egg?..

Comment #6

I always use 2 Tbsp of eggbeaters, with 2-3 Tbsp of water, and it works great. :-)..

Comment #7

This is how I always made them. Then put the batter in a ramekin and nuked it for 120 seconds and it was perfect every time...

Comment #8

Great! Thanks! I want to use my shakes, but I'm so cold all the time. Shake cakes could be the answer...

Comment #9

Tried this last night with the strawberry shakes, GROSS, made 4 and threw the other three in the trash. Even the dog didn't like it..

Comment #10

I don't have a microwave so I make mine in the sandwich maker....yum!..

Comment #11

This isn't *exactly* on-topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread for just this little question..

I've started making shakes this week, and I'm afraid I'm not mixing it quite right. I combine the powder with usually about 7 oz of cold water in the shaker cup, but no matter how much I shake or stir, it still ends up tasting a little chalk-y and I can never seem to dissolve all the powder clumps. Any advice?..

Comment #12

I liked mine best with a few ice chips to help break things up..

I have read that some people make it and let it sit - any amount of time from 20 minutes to overnight and re-shake before drinking.

The taste is something most grow into. If it just isn't working for you right now - put your shakes away for about 2 weeks again and try again later once you are used to other Medifast meals. All the best - you CAN do this!!!..

Comment #13

Does the 2 TBSP of egg beaters take away from the lean and green later though?..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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