What is a good leave in conditioner that I could get at Wal-Mart of a Vitamin Shoppe?

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I got a quick question: What is a good leave in conditioner that I could get at Wal-Mart of a Vitamin Shoppe?.

I also got another question: I always get a growly tummy at night. What are some helpful tips or snacks that are safe to eat before bed. I've read in magazines and from Oprah that I shouldn't eat before bed, but that's really hard. Wow that sounded pathetic, I could do it if I had too I just wanted to know the options, if I had any...

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Your question was: What is a good leave in conditioner that I could get at Wal-Mart of a Vitamin Shoppe?.

Just have to second the above, but be careful that you don't set off a cascade. Sometimes it's easier to deal with the grumblings rather than risk temptation..


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When I read the name of this thread, I thought that maybe someone had the same problem as me! I take Ambien a lot to help me sleep. I do not get enough sleep no matter what I do. Can't afford a sleep study like the doctor wanted, insurance doesn't cover it. Anyways......some nights I will get up around 2-3 in the morning and eat food- cookies, ice cream, crackers, stuff like that and will surf the net. I usually don't remember any of it until I see the evidence sitting there in the morning. My kids have had to wake me up when I have fallen asleep on the toilet- who knows how long I've been sitting there! I hope that I don't ruin my Nutri System diet doing this! Ambien really affects me- but I don't sleep really well when I don't take it, I am up and down at least 4 times a night. Any advice?..

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I am up and down all the time also. The apnea machine doesn't do much. BUT - this year I have vowed to not eat when I get up. Sometimes that works and some times it doesn't!!! It is an issue I have to work on all the time. The best thing to do is just drink water. For me, I say it is nothing but a nasty habit I have to break!!..

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The Dietitians here and Jillian Michaels from "The Biggest Loser" have all said that it is a myth that eating past a certain hour is a problem. It is calories in, not the time of eating. Use a free food before bed. I usually have a Sugar Free Popsicle or Sugar Free Jello topped with Free Cool Whip. You could also save a partial protein serving from earlier and have a Dannon Light & Fit 60 calorie yogurt or 1/4 cup of cottage cheese or a Light String Cheese stick..

Here is a suggested list of "free foods" that was provided by NutriSystem counselors and posted by NutriSystem on the Bulletin Boards (although there was nothing about them in the information sent out by NutriSystem).

A "free food" is anything that is 20 calories or less and you can have up to 3 per day (they don't need to be with your meals, you can have them anytime). I use SF Popsicles as a snack before bed. You can eat SF Jello topped with 1 tablespoon Free Cool Whip, which is nice in the afternoon. SF Pancake Syrup is another example (most of which are 20 calories for 1/4 cup...or Walden Farms with 0 calories per serving). Just don't have all 3 at once, that would make it a carb..


There are Free Foods that can be used on the NutriSystem plan. The term Free Foods comes from the American Diabetes Association. They are low calorie foods (20 calories or less) that can be added to the meal plan in small amounts. This minimal amount of calories will not affect weight loss, but we do recommend that they be limited to 2 or 3 servings per day if the foods have any calories at all..


Coffee/Tea Unlimited.

Diet Soda Unlimited.

Sodium Free Seltzer Water Unlimited.

Sugar Free Tonic Water Unlimited.

Club Soda (not tonic or quinine water) Unlimited.

Artificial Sweeteners Unlimited.

Spices (salt-free) Unlimited.

Herbs Unlimited.

Vinegar Unlimited.

Lemon Juice Unlimited.

Sugar Free Gelatin 6oz per serving = 15 cal.

Sugar Free Gum 1 stick = 5 cal.

Nonstick Cooking spray Unlimited.

A-1 Sauce or Steak Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Butter Buds 1 oz.

Bouillon or Broth (Dry)- Low Sodium 1 packet, 1 tsp, 1 cube.

Bouillon or Broth (Canned)- Low Sodium cup.

Catsup 1 Tbsp.

Cocoa, dry unsweetened 1 Tbsp.

Coffee Whiteners (Powdered) 1 Tsp.

Chili Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Chocolate Topping (Reduced Calories) 1 Tbsp.

Cool Whip (fat free) 2 Tbsp.

Sugar Free Candies 20 cal or less per serving / 0 fat.

Low cal or reduced cal syrup Amount not to Exceed 20 cals/ 0 fat.

Dill Pickle 1.

Dream Whip 1 Tbsp.

Sugar-free Jam/Jelly Amount not to exceed 20 cal.

Low sugar Jam/Jelly 2 Tsp.

Horseradish 1 Tsp.

Mustard 1 Tsp.

Picante Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Popcorn (light and natural) 1 Cup POPPED.

Relish 1 Tsp.

Salad Dressing (Fat Free) 2 Tbsp.

Salsa 1 Tbsp.

Soy Sauce (Low sodium) 1 Tsp.

Taco Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Worcestershire Sauce 1 Tsp..

Comment #4

No, your definitely not alone. For many years I was a nighttime binger. I would not eat enough during the day or binge and purge. Then after I went to sleep I would wake up in a vulnerable state and head to the fridge, eat standing there and bring more back to bed. Wake up to crumbs and wrappers(and a sense of failure)..

I did finally quit the binge purging, and eventually the nighttime binging stopped as well. The only thing I can say is that when you wake up and want to eat, realize it is a habit not a need. I beleive you can overcome this. I just started nutrasystem 3 days ago so I don't have a lot of advice yet about what to eat, I just know the waking up and eating can be beat..

I'm no longer bulimic and I do not binge eat as in the past. I do overeat for my age and height and that is why I'm doing nutrasystem...

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Just have to second the above, but be careful that you don't set off a cascade. Sometimes it's easier to deal with the grumblings rather than risk temptation..


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I tend to spread my meals out so i'm eating every 1 - 3 hours and that really helps me from bingeing (i'm a diagnosed compulsive overeater) keeps me from feeling too full or too hungry..

Honestly, it doesn't matter what time you eat (before bed, 3 in the morning, etc.) it's about how many calories you are consuming. I tend to eat from 10/11 am - 10/11 pm and i've lost 205.6 pounds..

Drink extra water, munch on veggies, spread your meals out...hopefully those will help..


Comment #7

I was the exact same way. One of the reason that I thought NS would never work for me.

Hide all the stuff you can't eat. Make sure there are things around you can eat like SF ice popsicles or jello. Don't eat your dessert but put it in your room or by your bed. If you wake up, eat that.

Do you have any idea why you get up? For me it was because I was thirsty or had to use the bathroom. When I started, the first couple days I kept a tiny cooler in my room with a couple cans of diet soda. That way when I woke up I wouldn't have to go near the kitchen. Soda was there and so was the dessert..

After the first three or four days I was fine. Eating at night has developed into a habit. If you can find a way to stop doing it for a couple days it seems to really break the habit.


Hide the cookies and junk. Have stuff around you can eat. Do everything you can do to prevent yourself from going in the kitchen. I even put a little sign on the cabinet for myself saying "Don't eat". It really seemed to help..

This was a huge problem for me too so I know what you're going through...

Comment #8

Hi angelbabyamy,.

I am also new on the NS and take ambien, I take the 10mg however I cut mine 1/2 because of the same problem. I still seem to get a few good straight hours sleep a night. Might want to try that. Good Luck!!!.


Comment #9

I had the same problem with Ambien. I would even lock my bedroom door, but found all the evidence in the morning. My doctor changed my medicine to Restoril, and I do not wake in the night and "sleep walk and sleep eat" any more. I am always hungry before bedtime though. I sure am going to use that "free food" list. Thanks...

Comment #10

I had to stop Ambien for the same reason. It is like a hypnotic trance and I did other things like ordering things on internet I would not have done in addition to the eating. A new sleep study got my bipap set right and I don't need sleep meds anymore. I still have the night eating problem but try to save some stuff, eat dinner later and keep lots of free foods around. I have found that if I don't eat dinner until about 7 or 8 pm then the desert will be later and by the time I go to bed am still not so hungry. Laughing cow with celery helps me a lot..


Comment #11

I used to take Ambien, but did not like those side effects. I switched to over the counter Simply Sleep. The box says take 2 .... I take 3 about an hour before bed. It works better for me, better sleep .. without the side effects.

Maybe give it try??..

Comment #12

Wow! I thought I was alone with this problem. I am glad you asked this question because I find the night times to be extremely difficult as well...

Comment #13

You really can move your food around and save some things for the evening like your protein and fruit.

That's why I find the meal planner so handy to use instead of the online diary..

I check the circles and see what I can still eat.

If you don't mind Walden Farms (zero calories) I buy the onion dip and slice up veggies or carmel and dip apples in it. The chocolate dip is excellent for strawberries or bananas. Sometimes I even put the WF chocolate in a vanilla yogurt with some splenda and it tastes like chocolate pudding.

Save your protein and have 2 FF hot dogs cut up and dip in mustard...

Comment #14

I have the same problem. My hungriest time late afternoon until late at night. I try to keep reading books and doing things around the house. If I disctract myself enough...I just tell myself I only have to make it until I go to bed.


Comment #15

I have a night time eating problem too. I am on my second day. I saved some of my day time food and made a "Pumpkin Custard". It was great..


1/3 cup canned pumpkin.

1/2 cup skim milk.

1/4 cup egg substitute.

Pumpkin pie spice.

3 Tbs. Splenda (More or less).

I baked it in a small custard bowl at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes..

I let it cool for a while and put 2 Tbs. ff Cool Whip on top..

It was great!.

I am getting some great ideas from you all. Keep it up..

From: SavingGrace..

Comment #16

I also have a problem with middle of the night "sleep eating"... I didnt know this was a problem with so many people though! I'm kind of relieved actually, I thought I was one of only very few and i'd actually never heard of it before. I usually wake up in the middle of the night alot to use the bathroom (due to drinking all this water) and find that I always go right to the kitchen afterward out of habit and grab something... Sometimes it's just a lowfat stringcheese, sometimes it's something else, but still. It bothers me that it seems like EVERY NIGHT i'm sleep eating. Its really putting a stop on my weight loss too I think...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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