What happens when I run out of Nutrisystem desserts?

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Trouble in paradise - I'm out of desserts!.

How it happened: The Nutrisystem app for iPhone states that you have a Nutrisystem dessert for an afternoon snack; looking in the book, it's a dairy/protein and a fruit! What the heck!.

So now I'm out of desserts because of this discrepancy. What can I swap in place until I get my next order?!..

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Your question was: What happens when I run out of Nutrisystem desserts?.

What? Haven't you only been on for a week?.

Regarding your actual question, I'll let the veterans answer..

Comment #1

Yes, so if you ordered the men's plan, you should have had enough snack/desserts for two a day..

If you're out of them anyway, though, then you can sub a protein and fruit serving...

Comment #2

South Beach Diet Cereal Bars work. I have the Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Both are tasty, inexpensive, and seem to fit the stats...

Comment #3

Patrick, don't go off the plan...sub for a protien and fruit. Yogurt and fruit smoothie is great. You can pick up some Special K protien SNACK bars. What ever you buy for bars at the store try to stay within the sepcs of a Nutrisystem desert...

Desserts: 100-170 calories, 4-8 fat, 16 g carb, 7+ g protein, 160 mg sodium. When is the next BBB coming to your door?..

Comment #4

Like others said, the men's plan has two Nutrisystem desserts a day. If you're not getting that you're not getting the men's plan...

Comment #5

You can buy some Snickers Marathon NUTRITION Bars at Walmart. Make sure it is the Nutrition bar and not ENERGY. Should have approx 150 calories...

Comment #6

Several kinds of soy chips/crisps ( Soya and Eating Right) have stats close to NS. I count out the rec serving size and put them in baggies so I won't be tempted to eat the whole package. I read on another thread somewhere that the desserts/snacks can be subbed for breakfast entrees, so you could use some of the breakfasts for your snacks and then have eggs, Quaker Weight control oatmeal for breakfast...

Comment #7

THis is an old topic, but if you buy the Nutrisystem card at a Costco store, the plan only gives you 35 snacks / deserts as this is the "Gender Neutral" plan. In the book that comes with that plan, you do Dairy/Protein and a Fruit for the afternoon snack. Then when you go to autoship delivery, it will convert to the standard mens plan and you will get 70 (35 x 2) snacks and deserts... Just something for people to keep in mind that not all of the plans out there are exactly alike anymore... (Note, the Costco plan that comes from their online store is the standard men's plan. Its only the one in the physical stores that is gender neutral (and why the cards in the store are cheaper than online for the first order)...

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