What foods do you wish Medifast would make?

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I know this thread has been done before, but I am hoping someone at Medifast sees all the wonderful responses and can create some new flavors. Now I do not want to seem ungrateful I know in the past year or two they have come out with some wonderful items. The puffs, pretzels, all the crunch bars. But what else would you like to see if it could be done by MF?.

I know I would love to have a coffee flavored RTD or shake.

And my second vote is a plain oatmeal in order to create plain breads.

How about you?..

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Your question was: What foods do you wish Medifast would make?.

A peanut butter flavored shake? or maybe a lemon pudding? and cool ranch puffs?..

Comment #1

Chunky macaroni and cheese shake....

Ok, maybe not a shake...but something mac n' cheesey....

Pretty please?..

Comment #2

LOL I was going to say HeLovesMe I am not sure I who LOVE LOVE LOVE Mac and Cheese woudl go for a Mac and Cheese shake but I do wish they could up with some type of meals. I have seen other websites similiar to Medifast who do pastas. Granted they are higher in carb count and some limiations would definately have to be done like one a day and monitoring the rest of your carbs for the day. I dont know what the answer is, but I would gobble this one up if they could do it...

Comment #3

Lately I have been wondering if I can turn my vanilla pudding into pistachio pudding. I have to see if I can find some flavor drops or something. But I think if Medifast came up with something like that it would be delish!..

Comment #4

I agree thats why I mentioned plain oatmeal. I do my version of a egg mcmuffin in the mornings and that on broccoli or chicken bread is not really GREAT but I can tolerate it...

Comment #5

Sweet puffs like cereal... maybe peanut butter (like reeses puffs) or cinnamon toast..

Comment #6

Ok, I want to know how you guys make eggamuffins? That sounds like fun!..

Comment #7

What about plain pretzels? The flavored ones are good, but some plain ones would be nice...

Comment #8

Hmmmm I would love some more food...anything is great!! lol I want something salty..

Comment #9

Lol not more in quantity, but more things I can

Comment #10

A bread mix that is not flavored. Many of us make bread by combining the eggs and cream soups which is good, but a baking mix would be nice...

Comment #11

A peanut butter flavored shake? or maybe a lemon pudding? and cool ranch puffs?..

Comment #12

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