What eye drops to use during Murad Resurgence?

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I have been prescribed Murad Resurgence and I am looking for products to prevent or reduce the side effects.Here is what I intend to buy.Chapped Lips: Blistex (I have used this my whole life and it always works good when I have chapped lips and I get chapped lips in winter time a lot)Dry Skin: Cetaphil moisturizer, again I have used this my whole life and I like it, it's not greasy and keeps my face from getting dried out. Eye Drops: Yet to be determine, I am thinking of Clear Eyes or Systane, any good ones you could recommend?Now here is the really big oneCleanser: I don't like the Cetaphil cleanser, at all. Would Aveeno be okay to use? I really like that one Could you suggest something, please?I don't know if this matters of not but for my Shampoo: Head and Shoulders I now you can get a dry scalp, and I have used H&S before and I like itSo my main question(s) is what should I use for eye drops and cleanser!thanks for the help..

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Your question was: What eye drops to use during Murad Resurgence?.

Dr. Dans Cortibalm with Aquaphor put over it on your lips will be your best friend you have never had chapped lips like this before trust me.You should be okay with that moisturizer if you need something heavier Sorbolene Cream is really thick and gives good moisture without being greasy.Systane eyedrops work really well for me.You'll want Aquaphor as well to put a little on a q-tip or on your finger to put up your nose at night to prevent nosebleeds.You'll need a heavy conditioner for your hair because your hair will get really dried out. I've been trying a lot of different ones haven't found a really good one yet.For cleanser my derm said to just use Dove Bar Soap which is working wonderful.Drink LOTS of water I drink over a gallon a day and haven't had many side effects at all and I'm taking 120mgs a day...

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I used vaseline for my lips, it was a godsend, blistex wont work cuz your lips get SUPER dry, like unbelievably dryitl work for the first couple months but the dryness will be so amazing you need something stronger..

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If you are looking for a cleanser/moisturizer, I recommend CeraVE hydrating cleanser and moisturizing lotion. it is a little hard to find (by me at least) but is pretty awesome. I used both the cetaphil lotion and cleanser which are good, but the CeraVe stuff has just been plain fantastic for me while on Murad Resurgence.good luck..

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Coming from a tane user on his last daydan's cleanser and cetaphil were great cleansers for me, but since you hate cetaphil i'm not of much help thereshampoo: H&S makes a sensitive skin 'poo. I use it and it has been greatlips: aquaphor. period.eyes: anything is fine, I would avoid rohto and go with systanedry skin: curel works well on the body either fragrance free if your skin is that sensitive, or the intensive healing one. as for face, aveeno's ultra calming w/ spf 15 is REALLY nice if you can afford it. again, dan's moisturizer is nice as are all his products, but I prefer the aveeno here since it is a darker lotion and sorta covers up the red cheeks you will be getting (tane burn)..

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IHA2008: Take a look at my log, I've listed all the stuff I've found really useful (and why) since starting my course of Murad Resurgence a few weeks ago.I would copy and paste but my boss is lurking dangerously near and I have to post super fast in supersecretstealthmode...

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