What exactly can I eat on the first phase of the Medifast Diet?

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First of all What exactly can I eat on the first phase of the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Ok here is the deal- I am day 6, I am down about 5 pounds..

Up skiing today, I couldn't resist about 9 fries and then in Sam's Club, I sampled the breaded Cod two bites..

Can someone please tell me- Can I never have another carb?.

What are the ramifications if you fall off the wagon. It is not like I had an entire meal and I realize that I am making changes, but do you ever eat a regular carb meal again?.

Should I just skip one of my Medi-fast meals now that I had those bites?.

Too new to know........

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Do not skip an Medifast meal. That is the one thing you should not do. I doubt seriously that you blew it total. You may or may not have thrown yourself out of ketosis and will have to start all over again from day one. Maybe not. Hard to tell.

For the time being, carbs are pretty much out other than what's in the Medifast meals and veggies we eat. Once you reach your goal and start transition, you will, over about 4 weeks, slowly add carbs back in. Hopefuly while in the weight loss stage you will learn more about your body and carbs and learn to make better choices where those carbs are concerned..

You really need to stick to the program as written, especially for the first month or so, to get your body fully into ketosis and to get through the carb detox period. It will get better and one day very soon, you will find your hunger has reduced and your craving for starchy carby this has also diminished...

Comment #2

What if the answer WAS yes? What if you couldn't ever have a "carb" again? Would it still be worth it to you to lose this weight and keep it off knowing you could never eat a "carb" again? Would you give up french fries and breaded cod FOREVER to realize your fitness and health goals?.

You could resist, you chose not to..

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #3

I don't know... I'd REALLY have to think hard about it.....

Comment #4

Honestly eat your meals. You need to eat them for the nutritional value. Figure out a way to stop yourself from repeating the behavior. It may knock you out of ketosis, and if it does, just accept the headache as a reminder that it wasn't the best choice to make. If it doesn't knock you out of ketosis, then accept it as a close scrape and you might not 'get away' with it next time. Figure out what you need to do to avoid those temptations.

Yo-yo ing...

Comment #5

This is BAD BAD ....behavior.....LOL...........but it's called CHEATING,....and once you start.....its hard to stop. This will throw your body back......and you will stop loosing the weight like you want to FAST....It really slows you down. Just get back on Program........and try again. I miss my carbs have a grilled cheese sandwich would be heaven.....or even toast..........but loosing this weight is way more important to me...

Comment #6

One meal at a you messed up. Start over with the next meal and when you make the right decision then consider it a victory. We have 6 chances a day to celebrate. So what if you only get to celebrate 5 times....its better then not celebrating at all. Keep going....we can do it together!..

Comment #7

The only carb free thing you eat is meat and some times cheese, Veggies even have carbs. So the answer is yes you can always eat carbs. Is your question is "can I never have refined carbs again?" well that's a personal choice, but to be honest, refined carbs are bad for you anyways and nobody should eat them. I'd stick to healthy whole grains, and whole foods...

Comment #8

You've only blown it if you don't get back on plan right away. And if you don't accept that there will be some weight loss consequences. Other than that, simply view this as a learning experience, and do your best not to repeat it! You're too new to the plan to be having off plan moments!!! Stay with it, get right back into it, and just learn from the experience..


Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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