What dosage to prevent hair loss with Murad Acne Complex?

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I was just prescribed Murad Acne Complex yesterday and have already went in for the blood test. I should get the script for it Tues(since Monday is a holiday). I have mild/moderate acne that is on my face/back and have dealt w/ acne for 6 years. Most of the time my acne is mild and most people say they can't even tell I have acne, but it really bothers me. The reason I am posting this is because I am terrified of losing my hair while on Murad Acne Complex. I have been asking derms for a low dose since side effects are supposed to be dose related and I am guessing a low dose would reduce the chances of losing my hair.

Do you think I should look around a little more for a derm that would put me on a lower dosage, or do you think that 40 mg is a low enough dose and shouldn't thin my hair out? Most derms want to put me on 80 mg a day but I talked this derm into doing 40 mg for a little longer time period. I am a male and weigh 150 lbs. Thank you so much for your help...

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Your question was: What dosage to prevent hair loss with Murad Acne Complex?.

Of course i've not heard of anyone whos been stuck with it permanently, it's just like basically all the other side effects.. like dryness.. you just put up with it throughout your course then once your finished the side effects wear off and your fine. I think theres maybes just the odd case where people have more long term effects but i've not heard of many cases of that. If I was you I wouldnt be too worried, i've been on this stuff b4 and i've never been stuck with any problems, hence why I didnt mind doing another course when my derm mentioned it...

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Ok awesome that gives me hope. I have just been reading posts online that people have lost their hair from Murad Acne Complex, but I know a lot of people that have taken it and that didn't happen to them at all. Just curious, how much do you weigh if you are taking 60 mg?..

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I only just managed to get on 60 the first time.. I think i'm 62 kilograms and it's roughly a MG per kilogram or something like that. So it's just right .. come the second round I didnt get weighed or have to have a blood tests. Though I see my derm later this month which is half way through my course so I may get blood test etc then...

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