What does Nutrisystem food taste like?

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I have heard from a couple of people that the food tastes awful!! Since I don't start until tomorrow, I'm a little nervous about that. What is the general consensus about how good the food is? Please give me your honest opinion!!..

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Your question was: What does Nutrisystem food taste like?.

Things to keep in mind when people say things like that....

How long did they try it?.

What did they try?.

How long ago did they try it?.

What type of foods are they used to eating?.

Were they just looking for excuses not to eat the food?.

I personally like most of the foods and even love some of them. There are ones I've learned to never touch because they were just icky... but that's to be expected. You rarely like everything at the grocery store or on a restaurant menu. I was never a fast food junkie and came from eating foodie type items.

If you tell us what your personal tastes are we might be able to help you make better guesses at which ones you'll like and which ones you might now...

Comment #1

Thank you for the encouragement!! I pray this is my LAST diet!!! I'll do as you say and just tweak what I can!!..

Comment #2

I'm going to just tweak as I go along as suggested. You're right, everyone has different tastes...

Comment #3

Pepsi ~.

Be sure to check out Sherilyn's pictures in the Food thread. She makes everything look awesome!.

The only item I have not liked was the Chicken Salad but you also have to understand that I am a chicken salad professional and before Nutrisystem I didn't care for some of the chciken salad recipes that came from the best delis and restaurants around!.

I love the cheese ravoioli and the veggie lasagna. I also love the fact I don't have to cook and when I am hungry a good meal is only minutes away!..

Comment #4

I didn't like some of the food at first but as my taste buds changed and I was no longer used to fatty, processed, salty junk food I liked it more. I tell all of my friends that I LOVE the food and I truly do! There are some things, though, that I would definitely not try again..

My suggestion to new folks has always been to use your "free week" as substitute foods. If you prepare one of the meals and you truly can't stomach it, just throw it away and open something else. They gave you 7 free meals of each type, so don't suffer and eat something horrible - try another meal. Of course, don't eat 3/4 of a meal and then say you don't like it and eat another one - LOL!! If you do this you won't have a true "free week" but you'll be happier on the plan and that's what's important!.

Good luck! It really works! Oh, and if you haven't already, check out the "Before and After" thread. It's amazing to see the results people have gotten from using NS!..

Comment #5

I'm starting week 4 and I absolutely love the food. It was much more tastier than I thought it would be. I was also nervous about starting it since I had also heard the food wasn't good but I was very pleasantly surprised. I truly haven't eaten anything yet that I haven't enjoyed and I am SO thankful because that will make me stay on the plan. What's so great is that after this first month, you can make your next order of food be the exact foods that you like the best. That's what I did and I can't wait til my next shipment! And the best part...I'm losing weight!!..

Comment #6

The food isn't bad. Like any brand of food, some is good and some sucks. You will find your own way..

You shouldn't view this as your last diet. That implies that as soon as you lose some weight, you are going to go back to your old ways..

This is a lifestyle change. You are going to learn to eat properly, with the right composition and quantity, and hopefully incorporate exercise into your life..

This really does work...

Comment #7

Some is crappy and I had to choke it down. But there is so little to eat at one time, that you can choke down anything if you really want to lose weight. I am more than game to do that. Then make a list of what you like and don't like and tweak your order next time...

Comment #8

I love most all of the food myself, verylittle that I dislike, but I do try to vary my order every now and then to give old foods another shot that I might have not like as much before and to keep from being bored with the same foods over and over again...

Comment #9

I'm almost finished with my first week and I can honestly say that the food isn't bad- I actually really like some of what I have tasted! I will admit that I am putting off the flame broiled burger until my last day of the month- just because the picture on the box kind of freaks me out and I'm not one to really like hamburgers...

Comment #10

That is funny, because while I reconstitute it and eat it with lettuce, tomato and sandwich thins, my DH actually likes it best straight out of the box (no water) and crunchy!..

Comment #11

This is only my third day, but I have honestly enjoyed ever food item! It is hard for me to eat that any veggies....that's been my only challenge. The scone was the least tasty thing, but only because it was more bready and dense than I expected a "scone" to be. I had the rest of it (the chocolate chip scone) along with my nonfat latte and really enjoyed it...

Comment #12

Well you can't really go by what anyone else says, you have to try things for yourself. It's just like asking someone about a movie they've recently seen. They might find it horrible, but then if you take the time out to watch it, you may feel it was pretty good, which means their opinion was worthless..

Some food will take getting used to, but here on the forums pretty much every meal is talked about in which you can find out ways in which people have been sprucing their meals up and their methods of making the food taste much more to their liking..

Just look around (i think it's the food tips area) and you will find plenty of things to help you have a very enjoyable experience with the food...

Comment #13

When I started I also heard the same thing. I read on message boards and family members (who have never tried NS) telling me the food is not good at all. I've been eating Nutrisystem for almost 3 weeks and love it! There are foods I love and a couple I don't care for. I think that's normal anywhere though. You can try to tweak them and sometimes that does work and sometimes it doesn't. This plan really does work and I'm so glad I didn't take anyone elses advice. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!..

Comment #14

I slice the scone, toast it in the toaster, and add ICBINB. Much yummier that way!..

Comment #15

It's not home cooked - it's not gourmet. Understand it is processed. If you go in with your expectations managed, the food is very good.

Good luck with the plan - it works!!..

Comment #16

Isn't that funny? I like the scones because they are dense, more like the ones I got used to in Europe.

Pepsi, everyone has different tastes. Try a variety and you will find what you enjoy...

Comment #17

I am a really picky eater, but am able to find things I like in each meal time. The ceasar salad w/ chicken is great....the pizza's I love. Also bars are really good...

Comment #18

I just started toasting mine in the toaster and you are right it is great - I was just heating it up in the microwave before - toaster is way better..

Comment #19

Some of the food needs a little help. I have found that if I add an ounce of real chicken as the extra protein to the chicken dishes/soup with a little lemon zest, they improve immensly. Also fresh vegies broccoli to the broccoli soup, tomatoes to the minestrone, they are more palatable. You just have to have an open mind about it and only improve with items that are free to improve. Real butter in the cheesy mashed potoatoes is not recommended...

Comment #20

As you've read from others, taste is subjective. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so you should not judge by others opinions. Just give everything a shot and determine for yourself. Also, check the recipes and other food discussions for things you can do to make things more palatable to you. Bottom line is, this works - so adapt it to your own tastes but follow the guidelines...

Comment #21

Oh it is not awful. It isn't 5 star gourmet either. I'm sure you'll find entrees that you like..

A mindset change is in order. You are embarking on a new journey to better health and fitness. Nutrisystem food will make it easier for you. But it isn't magic. It is just a healthy and convenient means to a better life.

Good luck to you!..

Comment #22

It's only been a week and I love the foods I've eaten. I look forward to trying new dishes every far it's been a wonderful experience...

Comment #23

I personally love the food! I love that we as NSers have the option to pick and choose which meals they will send us. Some of the foods, I have to admit, I don't like. One reason is because I don't eat red meat or pork. I am a chicken and turkey kind of gal. So right there, have of Nutrisystem foods are off my list. But I found that I love the muffins, love the pastas, and the pizzas.

But the best part is that if you want to add some flavor or spice up your meal, spices are unlimited. You can create some pretty great dishes just by experimenting. You can do this! Don't be discouraged just because other people have different opinions. Everyone's tastes are different! Hope you have a great day!..

Comment #24

Everyone has an opinion. Those expressed here vary almost as widely as flavor preferen(es. You need to form your own opinion, based on your individual set of taste buds.

Pls don't expe(t Nutrisystem foods to live up to "Mom's (ookin' ", or "(ruise ship gourmet". It's designed for weight loss, so adaptations/adjustments have been made to get (lose to "the real deal", but keep protein up, & (alories down, using less fat, sugar, & salt than "regular food". I'm one of those whose flavor preferen(es (hanged, after a (ouple of months on NS, to the extent that Nutrisystem items I didn't really like, initially, are now part of my autoships.

In the end, it's up to you to (ommit to losing, then to maintaining, no matter what the food tastes likePls give NS's food a (ouple -3 months before de(iding to give up on it be(ause of the way the food tastes. You'll need that mu(h time to try everyting & de(ide whi(h foods you like, & whi(h you don't. In the end, there are just a handful of foods I won't order ever again. I mean Who knew that I (a (onfirmed tofu hater) would really like the Pasta Primavira with Tofu?!..

Comment #25

...&, oh yeah..."Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!"..

Comment #26

I just got my 2nd BBB, and had ordered the carrot cake YUM! Not exactly like the piece of carrot cake that is 600+ calories I used to get at the Food Lion deli, but it is an *excellent* substitute!!! And it has 5 g fiber, too!!..

Comment #27

Some is good some it bad some. I'm still in my first month and did the customized order. I find myself adjusting my order everyday for next month based on taste of the items. Funny thing is I did Nutrisystem about 25 years ago and remember the food as being much better then than now...

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