What does CVS stand for in CVS Vitamin Shoppes?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What does CVS stand for in CVS Vitamin Shoppes?.

My main question is: Hey!.

When are you supposed to eat dessert? RIGHT after dinner or wait?.



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Your question was: What does CVS stand for in CVS Vitamin Shoppes?.

You can eat it whenever you want!!!.

They do suggest 3 hours after your meal, but really you can eat your food in any order and at any time during the day as long as you eat it all. find what works for YOU!!!.


Comment #1

Thanks so much guys! THe thing is I've never been an after dinner eater so the thought of eating so far after dinner doesn't really appeal to me..

I wonder if I could eat it as a mid morning snack?..

Comment #2

After dinner eating is a good habit to avoid in my opinion.I don't think there is any reason not to eat it for a mid morning snack as long as you fit all the food in...

Comment #3

Now I have two tickers on and can't get the one off.Oh well lol.I'm computer illiterate...

Comment #4

Well, ideally I think we are supposed to eat every 3-4 hours to keep the blood sugar stable all day.

However, if I'm still feeling a little hungry right after dinner, I may eat my dessert then. More often I eat it just before going to bed. The heck with that advice that you shouldn't eat after 6pm or whatever. It sure hasn't hurt my results...

Comment #5

Yes, you can, as long as you are not hungry by bedtime and need something then. I eat supper about 5:30 or 6 and dessert about 8 or 9 and bed by midnight...

Comment #6

You can eat it whenever you want!!!.

They do suggest 3 hours after your meal, but really you can eat your food in any order and at any time during the day as long as you eat it all. find what works for YOU!!!.


Comment #7

You just wanted to make sure we knew you were losing!..

Comment #8

Awesome! Thanks....the thought of eating that late makes me gag! I'll eat it as a snack and see how that goes...

Comment #9

Personally I usually eat it before dinner. That's when I start craving something sweet...

Comment #10

I've been eating my dessert about two hours after dinner. After eating the NS dinner, 2 veggies, and saladI'm stuffed!..

Comment #11

I don't eat anything after dinner, either. Dinner is the biggest meal I eat, so why save my snack/desert until after it? It works much better for me in the afternoon...

Comment #12

I eat mine in the afternoon too. thats usually when I need the pick me up..

Comment #13

Ok, I hope this isn't a dumb question but can you eat dessert three times a day? What about snacks? Any help would be appreciated. A newbie who hopes I haven't stepped out of line by posting here?..

Comment #14

No just one dessert/day. You get an afternoon snack. Did you get an information package/meal planner? If not call CS and have them send it out to you...

Comment #15

I've only been on NS for almost a week, but sometimes I eat it after dinner, but just if I'm not full after dinner is done with. (Which isn't often, I'm noticing.) Otherwise, I'll eat it as a snack later at night. I ALWAYS eat after 6 pm. I can never fit in dinner before 6pm. I have two kids and it's impossible to get dinner done before that. LOL! Our dinner is usually 6:30/7pm...

Comment #16

Tomorrow will be my first weigh in. I began last Friday. Help! I'm already getting sick of the salads. Is there any alternative?..

Comment #17

I eat raw veggies. I get very tired of salads and rarely eat them. I dip the veggies in dressing. I also, eat another fruit in place of a salad at night...

Comment #18

Yeah, I've been doing what Birdie does...Sliced cold cucumbers with Ceasar Spritzer dressing is great in place of a salad and Fruit in place at dinnertime!..

Comment #19

I eat mine around 10 a.m.. The hard biscotti and the hard chocolate cookie make for a nice coffee break..

I am so stuffed after dinner that I usually can't eat another bite before bed. Boy we get alot of veggies at dinner time! Sometimes I drink a 4 oz glass of fruit juice in place of the salad...

Comment #20

Thank you so much for the answer! I had a hard time finding this posting...

Comment #21

I like to have dessert right after dinner, so if I'm in that mood I'll have a 20 calorie popsicle or creamsicle right after dinner, and save my NS dessert for an hour or 2 later...

Comment #22

I was thinking the exact same thing, BirdieG.

I often eat my dessert between 3-4:00 in the afternoon, but then really do want another one at night, which is why I thought of Birdie's point. I resist, though, and eat fruit or something that's unlimited...

Comment #23

Have you gotten your order and your meal planner yet? I think what you are talking about are the dessert bars. You probably got some of them with your order. They are considered dessert items. They have a Chocolate Crunch Bar, a Chocolate Caramel Bar, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and a Blueberry Lemon Bar. These are used as the dessert entree in your meal planner. They also have some lunch bars and breakfast bars which are lunch or breakfast entrees respectively.

Don't get the two mixed up. The new color coding should help that...

Comment #24

Darlys, don't forget the strawberry shortcake bar! Yum!.

I agree that the color coding will help a lot. It was hard to tell some of the dessert bars from the lunch bars (the breakfast ones were always smaller and thinner) and I agree that the color coding on the packaging for each meal should help with that issue...

Comment #25

I have been having cole slaw mix with ff dressing on it in place of a salad. It is very good and very filling, especially if you are a cole slaw fan...

Comment #26

Try low sodium V-8 in place of a salad!..

Comment #27

I want to make sure that everyone who is new understands that the NS dessert/snack items (which are interchangeable) are specially formulated and balanced between carbs and protein, so they are like individual mini-meal versions of your other meal's entrees. (They roughly correspond nutritionally to your fruit + dairy/protein snack in the afternoon.) So while the NS bars look like "candy bars" they are not - read the labels and you'll see what I mean..

Also, the purpose of having a mid-evening dessert/snack is to fuel your body to help keep your metabolism running into the night - it's part of the plan to spread your food out throughout the day as much as possible and keep your body feeling fed for as much of the 24 hour day as possible, even during your early sleep hours.

When I first started, I wasn't used to eating after dinner, and so I would have my dessert in the late afternoon, at my typical time of day to get the munchies. That worked really well for me as I was getting used to the program. But after I had been on it a while and had adjusted to the portions, etc., I found that I wanted that evening meal, so I started eating it at the recommended time. Now that seems just like the right thing to do. The rest of you may have a similar experience...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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