What do you think of the Medifast Diet has anyone tried it ?

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First question I have is What do you think of the Medifast Diet has anyone tried it ? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. It is so interesting, as I lose the weight people are smiling at me more, which makes me smile, which makes them smile, etc etc! Salespeople are more helpful, cashiers don't avert their eyes, bank-tellers perk up when I approach their window. Anyone else find total strangers responding differently to you? I know I get the door held open for me A LOT nowadays!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Absolutely, and we are also guilty of it, aren't we? At least I was, I engaged in quite a bit of self-loathing when I was at my heaviest. If we don't treat ourselves and our bodies with respect, the vibe we send out it that it's OK for others to do the same thing. We are also such an obese-loathing society which is ironic because we are one of the most obese societies on this planet...

Comment #2

Yes, we are all guilty of it at some time. When Dh and I go out to eat, I can't help but notice how the heavier people are eating, and I really wish I could go up to them and tell them about MF. of course, I can't do that...

Comment #3

I think that we do project that vibe of "I'm not worth it" when we are heavier. I know that when I am feeling insecure, I don't make eye contact, I avoid people, I feel like everyone is thinking how fat I am. So as the weight comes off me and I shed some of that, people are friendlier and a lot of that is because of me and the attitude I am projecting...

Comment #4

Oh my goodness, Schu1 I know what you mean! I notice it much more now than I did 70 pounds ago, because 70 pounds ago they all looked normal to me! My fat-filter goggles are being readjusted as I lose weight...

Comment #5

SO true. People do sometimes reflect back to you what you are offering to them! If I am a "life-giver" and am smiling and genuinely happy, that seems to impart that vibe to people I come in contact with. I'm much more approachable when I'm smiling than when I am scowling!!!..

Comment #6

So true Carolyn! I know that I walk head up and smile so much more now than I was before.

I know that I'm more likely to hold a door a few extra seconds if the person behind me is looking up and smiling at me or making eye contact. If their head's down, they aren't paying attention, and aren't moving like they're trying to catch it, I don't always hold it. No reflection on weight, but it could be perceived that way...

Comment #7

You are apparently glowing with confidence as you lose weight,,and it projects out to other people! that is great! You are NOT what your weight says though, you are what you are inside,,,,let that show through,,always!!.

Congrats on your loss so far!..

Comment #8

I really try not to notice,,,,i don't feel being thin makes me a better person than someone struggling with their weight. I notice, not because I am judging them, but because I wish I could offer some advice. There is just not a polite way to do that though. It is frustrating to have a way to help them though, and not be able to say so...

Comment #9

It IS hard not to say anything, which is why I have to laugh when someone does ask me, because I inevitably go on a MediRave for several minutes :P..

Comment #10

Congrat's on all the smiles! It feels great and you deserve it!.

I have been on both sides of the spectrum, thin and getting lots of attention for my looks and heavy and being totally invisible to people. I remember how good it feels to get so much positive attention, and how bad it feels to not only go unnoticed, but even be treated poorly..

I think it's very sad that our society feels it's ok to demean people just based on how they look, but it is and will probably take a long time to change if ever..

I also want to shout Medifast to rooftops and share it with every person I see who might need it. But we all have our own journey and our own time when this plan would even take affect in our lives. You have to be receptive to the plan for it to work I think - ready to admit there's a problem and do the hard work necessary to make huge changes/sacrifices in your life..

If it were as easy as just hopping on a diet and having great success I am sure most of us would not have spent years being overweight - at least I know that's true for me..

Ok, off my soapbox - lol! - again, congrats on your great success! I can't wait to get to that point :-D..

Comment #11

I know what you mean Schu1......But there really isn't a way to do that especially while you're out. On the other hand I think I've found a way to help some folks here at work. Not by offering "advice" but rather just talking about things I've fixed for dinner and how I've changed my eating habits........For example I've turned on several people to mashed cauliflower and have several people having that instead of potatoes now........I've also been talking alot about how I've learned to make healthier choices and given several examples about lean meats, lower carb veggies, .............You can't change the way others eat but if one person makes a better choice then that's a good thing..........LOL guess you can say I'm changing folks once serving of mashed potatoes at a time....LOL..

Comment #12

I get that quite a bit. I am pretty shy most of the time until I get to know the people. Than you can't get me to shut up. I still get funny in crowded environments, but my step-dad when he is with me helps. Basically I like the bubble around me, and when people get in that bubble it raises up my hackles..

My friend has been working on pulling me out of my shell for months now. When she met me, if you looked at me cross-eyed I would run & hide. I also tried to hide myself in lots of black, and baggy clothes. I was going with the camo look..

(Black hides weight).

Now fast foward the weight loss, she saw me wearing a fitted t-shirt for the first time in riding pants when it was warm. She spun me around and is like this summer for shows you ARE not wearing the baggy shirts to show in..

This is very uncomfortable for me but I am doing. I am pushing my comfort zone a little bit each week. The next thing is to cut my hair and not wear my standard bun or ponytail. It is easy to maintain...

Comment #13

I've noticed similar things as the rest of you folks..

Had a young cashier flirt with me some when checking out at the market the other day - I honestly can't remember the last time that happened..

I'm also noticing that I'm getting more responsibility and kudos at work these days - sadly, I'm not doing anything differently than I was before..

For good or ill, the fat prejudice is out there. Cheers to all of us who are overcoming our side of the issue. Here's hoping we can help inspire others to take the same trip!..

Comment #14

This is so true, the more responsibility at work thing really resonates with me. There is a very unfortunate stereotype that overweight/obese people are lazy. It is a perception that is borne of ignorance, and is a "first impression" kind of thing that just stays with the boss forever, or until the overweight/obese person loses weight..

We are not given the benefit of the doubt in our abilities, and if we are overweight/obese it's like we have to prove that we AREN'T time and time again instead of it being assumed that we are capable. It is very sad...

Comment #15

Ive noticed this too....and well my overall highest was 380 and well I wasnt definitely gettin glooked at in a respectful way and I really didnt care what people thought of me...(at least I thought)...well I think was last week when I went to the doctors or some wheres and well this guy held up the door for me...and I was thinking OMG why he doing that...(and I had a good ways to walk yet lol) sure feel great to being a regular person some what....haha......

Comment #16

I have the whole crowd we have at Christmas dinner asking for the mashed cauliflower the last 4 years!! I still serve the potatoes too, but guess which bowl is the largest and is gone first! I always have 25 to 30 people for christmas dinner,,so LOTS of cauliflower gets made!! lol.

Since I am a hairstylist and salon owner, I did a lot of talking up the plan when I was in the losing phase,,,still talk it up when I can in maintenance also. I was able to get 2 of my stylist on it. One did very well, and still maintains. Another has struggled but keeps trying. then of course, I have 3 others who weigh 100 pounds soaking wet and have no idea what is involved with having to lose weight! They are considerate of the others though, and are careful what they bring into the salon to eat. One big happy family!.

One of our clients is a nurse practitioner, and had the gastric bypass, and uses some Medifast to make sure she gets her protein amounts in. She also now, in the Dr office where she works, has gotten several of their patients on MF. she says she is glad I told her about it, and she researched it, as it is a safer alternative than surgery anyday!..

Comment #17

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