What do you look forward to after Medifast is over?

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As I slowly shrink, there are things that I have been looking forward to achieving..

Things like:.

No more double chin..

Not shopping in the plus sizes..

Now those two, I've achieved..

What are you looking forward to next on your medijourney?.

For me it's:.

Not having my legs rub together when I walk!.

I look forward to reading what you're looking forward to next..

Comments (20)

I am starting 1/1, but here's my list for what I'd like to achieve in the first 8 weeks:.

My wedding rings fitting again!.

Going up a flight of stairs without getting winded...

Comment #1

I am looking forward to wearing single size digit pants and medium or small tops...

Comment #2

The first thing I wanted was to have my cheek bones and collar bones come back - and that happened last week..

Next - I'd like my back fat to go away. (was that TMI?) And then size 8 pants, I have been an 8 once in my life, for one summer - 14 years ago. Oh size 8 I want you SO BAD!..

Comment #3

Sexy knee high boots. I just recently bought a pair of knee high boots that are cute, but they are cute comfort boots designed for large calves. Looking forward to sexy boots.

Flat belly...

Comment #4

I'm looking forward to this weight becoming my norm and not having it draw unwanted attention from most people..

I'm looking foward to transition, enjoying maintenance and coming through it all on top..

Comment #5

I'm looking forward to....

Buying my first bikini..

Knowing I look great naked..

Eliminating blocks in my performing career..

Not having my stomach rest on my legs when I sit down..

Being able to wear a skirt or a dress and not feeling the skin on my thighs rub together..

Having a defined jaw-line..

Having my boobs shrink (hasn't even started yet, but here's hoping!)..

Wearing whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want..

Not being the only fat cousin on my dad's side of the family..

Being hot - there's a big difference between "hot" and sexy/beautiful/attractive/etc..

Enjoying the rest of my 20s!.

Probably more, but I could ramble on for forever!..

Comment #6

I am looking forward to clothes that don't have a "W" by the number. And especially amusement parks this summer with my family, and going on a 10yr anniversary trip with my DH-and fly!..

Comment #7

I am also looking forward to clothes with no "w".

To not being the biggest wife at Marine Corps functions..

Comment #8

Rumor has it, that I have feet.... I'm waiting to be an eyewitness.....


Comment #9

LOL!! Along the same lines....people have told me I'm the owner of a bellybutton...I wonder what it looks like?.

The best one I can think of right now? Being able to be carried by my hubby..

Comment #10

- Living in Florida and going to the beach whenever I feel like it!.

- Working out and getting rid of the bat wings/inner thigh flab/stomach flab.

- Wearing a bikini again!.

- Being able to get my tattoos finally!.

I've accomplished so far with the help of MF:.

ALMOST down 70lbs!.

No double chin.

Boob shrinkage (yay!).

Down to ONE stomach (the way it should be) rather than like 5.

No more back fat rolls or tanning lines!.

Chubby fingers GONE!.

Single digit jeans.

S/M tops.

More confidence!..

Comment #11

-Smaller ring size.

-Smaller shoe size.

-No more plus sizes.

-Not being told "You have a really pretty face".

-Being able to buy more than shoes & purses at Nordstroms Rack..

Comment #12

1) Being able to just pop back up off the floor after playing with my baby grandson and not having to roll over, go up on my knees, grap something and hoist myself up! Whew!.

2) Sitting in the seat at the movie theater and the sides of my hips not even touching the sides of the chair while I'm sittingno more sandwiching in the theater seats. Woo Hoo!..

Comment #13

*snicker* Yes, I've heard that a lot of men go on a diet when they can no longer see their... belt buckles.

For me? Collar bones! I can make them show now, but I also have the "hide them under fat" option if I hold my shoulders back. I'd like that to go away. No muffin top in the 10s. Fitting in the 8s. Less belleh.....

Comment #14

My list is quite long, but off the top of my head I am looking forward to:.

1. Shopping again in a store or department that isn't designated as "plus size"..

2. Being able to cross my legs when I sit ~ comfortably.

3. Tall Boots.

4. No muffin-top when I sit in my jeans.

5. Running again..

6. Believing DH when he says I'm sexy...

Comment #15

Looking forward to not feeling the need to apologize for being fat. And skinny jeans tucked into boots!..

Comment #16

OMG that was so fun! I just did it for the first time on Tuesday. I felt weirdly exposed.....

Comment #17

More accomplishments:.

Being able to wear the wedding ring that was in the drawer for 3 years again!.

Wearing CUTE jeans again!.

Wearing clothes that were boxed away..

Getting back to a normal closet because I don't need a 12 size range difference to accommodate the stuff I refused to give up on, as well as the new fat sizes I needed. Down to an 8 size difference now haha..

Getting rid of shoes that are much bigger than they needed to be, because of edema and general fat foot..

Seeing my ankles again!.

Not having a belly that sticks out further than my bust..

Having to wear a belt again!! Loose clothes? what a concept!.

Looking forward to:.

No fat rolls.

My thighs not rubbing together and shorts not riding up when I walk.

Cuddling and not feeling self-conscious when his hand is on my tummy.

Being comfortable with tucking in my shirt.

Being comfortable with wearing a short shirt again.

Wearing shorts that aren't to the knee.

Attempting to run again (compressed L5 disc, running still jars my spine and makes me fear that I'm injuring myself.).

Having a baby and not worrying that I won't be able to keep up.


Being able to maintain and knowing that if I need to, I have a secret weapon called Medifast in my arsenal..

Comment #18

I look forward to being hugged (a lot too) without thinking the person hugging me feels they are hugging a football player! When people hug me I think they are thinking wow this is a big person under those clothes.

I have broad shoulders and a broad back that make me feel big as well as fat...

Comment #19

Getting back into my CLOSET full of my cute clothes that are now 3 sizes too small.....

Comment #20

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