What do the Medifast bars do to your blood sugar?

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I've noticed that if I have a bar in the evening that my bs is slightly elevated the next morning. Nothing drastic but the morning after having a lemon bar my bs was 126. The next night I had the chai latte and it was 110 in the morning.

If I have the bar earlier in the day though it doesn't seem to bother my bs levels.

Has anyone else experienced this?.


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I've even had it happen with the diabetic bars too. I love the PB ones. My dinner on the night before it was 126 was salad and chicken breast. Everything was on plan.

I sure was happy this morning of a 110 reading.

Thank you both for responding.


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Hi. My health coach said that I should only have bars twice a week, but not have them at bedtime. I use reg Medifast products because there is not enough variety in the diabetic products. Anyway, I had some trouble with my BS the next morning when I was eating them at bedtime. Now when I eat a bar, I eat it for my mid-afternoon meal. Hence, no prob...

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Wow Donna, 83 is a nice wake up reading.

I've decided to be like chappy and not have the bars at night if I can. Sometimes life doesn't work out that way though. Last night my bs after dinner but before pudding was I had the pudding. This morning it was 105. I sure am happy. I'm only on metformin right now and it seems to be working just fine on it's own..


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LOL@delicate. I know what you mean though. We all do what we have to do. Glad to know you are doing well though. *hugs*.


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I eat both types of bars. I count the carbs since that's more important than the sugar. I always eat them in the afternoon. They make my BS go up higher than the other meals, but that's expected since they have 20+ carbs and the rest are closer to 10 grams. I'm not liking the bars too much these days. I only have them once in awhile. I used to have 1 a day, but I'm getting tired of the taste...

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It's true you shouldn't have the bars for the first or the last meal of the day...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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