What diet pill can I take while on Medifast?

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Quick question: What diet pill can I take while on Medifast? Looking forward for any response. Another question... I have personally found that I have the most success when I follow the Medifast plan in it's basic form. What I mean is that I don't doctor the packets very much and I keep my lean and green simple. I was trying the cauliflower pizza and bread which started a chain reaction of eating all of them at once and adding things that are "just a little" questionable. It really was a slippery slope for me.

I figure there is plenty of time to become acclimated to other foods in Transition and Maintenance..

My question to the successful Medifaster is, do you find more success tweaking the program to have things seem like off plan foods or more success keeping the L & G simple and the packets fairly basic? I want to be here long term and I want to do what works best..

Thank you all for your help. I truly appreciate it..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Well, I've lost 111 lbs by following the plan, but I do make the packets into breads and muffins..

I "love" to cook, so I also like to enjoy stretching the boundaries of flavors, finding an L&G recipe and making it or getting help to make it "OP"..

No I don't add more than I should, in the way of snacks and condiments. I stick to the plan with an occassional glass of red wine.(However, I must note, Medifast does not recommend alcohol during the 5&1 plan).

This is just MY experience and may not be a typical example of MF'ers weightloss..

Happy "OP" Monday!.


Comment #2

I haven't necessarily had the "long-term" success yet, but I keep it all very simple. I make muffins out of the pancakes and oatmeal, sometimes I add a packet of Splenda, sometimes not. And I add dry seasonings to my lean. Other than that, I don't do anything special. I eat mostly from the meatless options though. When I start thinking about the recipes and doctoring things, it makes me feel like food has the control again.

That's what works best for me...

Comment #3

I am not a long term MFer, but I have adopted the same philosophy. Thank you for posting this thread, I will be very interested in hearing the responses too. I really want this to work for me, and I think it is helpful to hear every one's point of view...

Comment #4

I used to tweak a lot, like adding eggbeaters to shakes to make pockets/muffins/whatever, adding cheese to my eggs, baking powder to my brownies/pancakes. I was doing this every day but then feeling cheated when it came time for my L&G and had to minus out whatever I used to tweak the Medifast meals..

Once in awhile I'll make a shake cake. By that I mean maybe once a month, if that. I did add half and half to my oatmeal. I've always had oatmeal/hot cereal with milk and that's just the way I prefer it. Now I pour in some of a vanilla shake..

I sometimes add SF syrups to my shakes, but again, that's maybe once every other week or so?.

For my L&G, I've cut out a lot of the seasoning I would do. I grew up in New Mexico so I like chile and spice with my food. But I cut out a lot of it now..

At this point in the game, I don't want my food to be exciting. I just want to prepare it as fast as I can, consume it, and move on. Interestingly enough, since I stopped tweaking the Medifast foods and just let my taste buds acclimate to the taste, I find I like the food a lot more...

Comment #5

When I first did Medifast in '07, I lost 51 lbs doing the plan without any alterations...just the 5 meals and a simple lean and green. Then, I got pregnant and gained some weight back. I rejoined Medifast this past fall to lose ~20 lbs of my baby weight (my son is already 3, LOL!), and I did have a couple of alterations...adding Splenda to the oatmeals and a bouillon cube to the soups. I lost the 20 lbs I needed but had to stop MF. I'm back for round 3, not because I gained any weight back, but because I want to lose an additional 15 lbs that was part of my original goal...this time around I'm sticking to just using Splenda and the bouillon for alterations because that's what works best for me. If I try to make cookies and cakes, it'll just "confuse" my brain, LOL. I'd rather keep it simple, as you say...more convenient for me, too...

Comment #6

I've had success on this plan - haven't been here nearly as long as others, so take what I say with a grain of salt - but the only time I really tweak things is if it involves foods that came in the starter pack that I literally could not stomach (orange shakes... *shudder*). I bought some syrups to add to stuff but it was almost a waste of $$ b/c of how infrequently I use them. I might add a dash of hot sauce to the soups from time to time or have cream cheese with a brownie. But those are rare occasions not everyday things..

My lean and greens are pretty basic as well. One thing I will say that I cannot do that some people here do is have the same lean and green every single night. no way! Mine are pretty similar in the respect that I usually eat a salad + my lean, but never just the exact same thing for days at a time...

Comment #7

I tweaked a bit to get thru some of the less palatable items since I spent money on them, but I try not to if I can help it. Now that I know what I like, I stick to the edible stuff. It's just so much easier to pick up a packet or bar and go, without a lot of thought. And, it's so much easier not stress out about how to offset my L&G..


Comment #8

If it's somebody that keeps it simple it's me...LOL...I just make muffins but dont add anything....but I would like to experiment but heh..who knows...keeping it SIMPLE is what I find out works for me....

I keep my LG boring and I'm a fan of LC cheese.....

Comment #9

LOL, but look at you...111 pounds loss you must be doing something right..

Comment #10

I keep it simple. I don't make recipes and rarely add anything except maybe spices (Mrs. Dash) to my meat but other than that and dressing for my salad nothing. I don't add anything to my Medifast meals at all. I am just too tired after running after the kids all day and making their separate dinner to mess with anything else...

Comment #11

I lost 47 lbs on Medifast and reached my goal weight. I did no tweaking except using LC cheese as a healthy fat. I rarely even use condiments. Like you, I thought tweaking and recipes would be a slippery slope and also just confusing. I wanted a structured plan for it's simplicity and effectiveness. I am now back for a blitz and am still doing no tweaking...

Comment #12

I lost 90 lbs in 2009. I have regained 40 of that 90 since Oct due to medical issues and am back to lose it for the LAST time..

When I lost my 90 I was a packet + water person. The only exception was a couple shakes of red hot into my chicken noodle soup (which I ate every day)..

I generally have a salad + lean for my L&G. DH lost 50 in 2009 - and he has kept it off. He ate only bars and RTD shakes..

So we don't tweak. Probably too slippery of a slope for me...

Comment #13

I've lost 111 in less than 6 months. I don't tweak. I use condiments like WF syrup in oatmeal or Pancake and Heinz reduced sugar ketchup or WF BBQ sauce on grilled Lean at night. ICBINB occasionaly on vegs. That's it. I keep it simple and don't give my"creativity" a chance to run rampant....


Comment #14

I haven't been doing this very long at all, but for me it's really about eating the things I like so that I look forward to it. The oatmeal I am scared of because of all the boards about how awful it is, but eventually I will make a muffin and try it. I changed my order to only things I like and hopefully this will keep me on plan until I lose this weight!!..

Comment #15

I use very little condiments and additions to my Medifast meals. I've found that the people who use those a lot tend to fall off plan..

A little hot sauce on my eggbeaters L & G, S & P, and the very occasional PB2. That's pretty much it...

Comment #16

I keep it simple and don't tweak..

I chose Medifast for the simpicity..the opportunity to learn to view food as fuel and to have great nutrition in the vitamins and minerals without having to do a lot of planning or tracking. I don't want to distract myself by allowing changes to the program. I'm in this to break my ties to food as anything other than nutrition..

With the exception of a couple of shake flavors, I actually like all the food I've tried and am very happy with the choices. If I do happen to be in the mood for something in particular, Medifast has it all - hot, cold, salty, sweet, crunchy, it..

Best wishes for your continued success...

Comment #17

Simple simon.....have never tweaked anything. I do sprinkle red pepper flakes on the soups. That's it. I like the way everything that I have (now) tastes. I get nervous making recipes with the packets, it just seems to defeat the purpose for me. I will say however I am so over salad.

Does anyone else feel overly stuffed after their L&G? I think I am going to start breaking it up.......

Comment #18

Add me to the K-I-S-S club. I keep it as simple as possible. I save my condiments for my lean and green, because, face it....3 condiments don't go far!.

Now, if I could just remember to drink my water!!..

Comment #19

Back to basics. The less tweaking the less you have to keep guard for going over plan, or dividing things in half or accounting for 1/4 of this and 2/3 of that and divide that by half and so on....

Order stuff that you can enjoy, and make this easy?..

Comment #20

I don't add and I don't tweak. I spent 30+ years trying to force as much flavor and variety into my food as possible and it led me to morbid obesity. Now it's plain and simple every day. The best part of it is that it's helped me stop obsessing over what I'm going to eat next; none of it is so exciting that I really even look forward to it. I just eat it and move on...

Comment #21

I went at it under the assumption that all my "tweaking" was what made me fat to begin with - add extra butter, whipped cream on top, etc... so when I decided that this was going to be the last diet I was ever going to do, I decided that EVERYTHING had to change - that I had to learn to like food untweaked - just plain ol' food. I suppose it's just barely possible to eat enough grilled chicken and plain veggies to get fat, but man, that's a LOT of chicken and veggies..

My big tweaks on Medifast were spices, and that's still the case in maintenance. I limited my use of powdered spices on 5&1, but I did use spices to make my l&g taste better. Hot sauce and spices were my friends on 5&1! But I deliberately avoided trying to make my Medifast meals taste like trigger foods, since I figured that the point was to learn to like stuff that's actually good for me..

It worked. I eat a lot of veggies and lean protein, these days, and not too much of anything else. A little fruit, a little dairy, a very few carbs. No sugar. No white flour. etc. And I find that eating that way, it's not all that hard to maintain - it's only when the "treats" change from fruit to sludge that I struggle - then it's time to remember my lessons about how an apple really is a treat if you just choose to see it that way, and you don't NEED half a stick of butter on the popcorn...

Comment #22

I keep it simple. I make pancake muffins and soup bread, but I don't add anything to them to do it. I just use less water...

Comment #23

I didn't know I could tweak till I got on these boards. I don't tweak because it's just too hard to keep track of things I used and didn't use. Keeping it simple works !!!..

Comment #24

Thank you for this thread! I was beating myself up a bit this week for not losing much. The thing is it is t.o.m. and I also just started experimenting with tweaking with the meals. I think I'll go back to keeping it simple and see if that helps drop the weight more quickly. Thank you so much!..

Comment #25

I'm pretty new, but am pretty happy w/ the way I've got things going right now..

At first I was into tweaking, adding a little too much salt and such, but I've tried to just stick w/ the condiment recommendations, not being too concerned w/ some spices here and there to add some flavor (a few shakes of garlic powder or a tiny bit of salt or pepper..).

I find as someone who is new and trying some of the foods for the first or second time, I need to enjoy it at least somewhat. Your tastes, I'm guessing, adjust quite a bit on Medifast and mine are not as adjusted as some who've been on longer.. I'm just mindful and so far, have been successful..

I def keep to the whole plan, but if I need a few shots of hot sauce in something, I don't count that as "failure" at all. I keep to simple Medifast meals maybe w/ a little shot of something and then for L/G, we do baked chicken w/ a tsp each portion of EVOO, maybe some fresh herbs and lemon. We do eggs b/c their simple, Morningstar pizza burgers, then either a salad or steamed veggies on the side..

I like to give it a little flavor, b/c while I keep things simple because it's not all about the food, I want to enjoy it when I do eat it. That balance is good for me...

Comment #26

I once heard someone compare different approaches to diets as travel. Three people are going to the same destination (goal weight). Once person flies and gets there person takes a person drives. They all reach the destination but they've approached the journey differently. What's important is to recognize that the drivers deserve just as much encouragement and support as the plane passengers because they're committed to the journey the way they want to do it...and will succeed as long as they hold to that commitment. I am a train person.

It seems that most of you are flyers and that's awesome!! So I'll SPEAK UP FOR THE TWEAKERS!! I've lost 120 pounds in 15 months and, while I know I could have done it faster, I have enjoyed the journey and continue to. I don't get bored with the food because the possibilities are endless. For all of us...Yay Medifast!! Keep up the journey and for those of you who get there before me...leave the light on!!..

Comment #27

Does ice count?.

I like to keep it simple with my Medifast food and l&g. I find that my calories and carbs get too high too fast when I start making Medifast food different. I've found the things I really like and that's all I order now. The most tweaking I do is blending puddings and shakes with ice..

Comment #28

My mindset was exactly like Corbie's. No tweaking and just some spice for my lean. I think that got me in a useful habit for maintenance...

Comment #29

I also kept things pretty simple when it came to the Medifast meals. I did some doctoring with things on occasion just to feel like I was cooking (making the pudding into a baked custard or something like that), but overall I kept it very simple. Oatmeal was oatmeal, soup was soup. Drinks were drinks. I love to cook, so I spent my time trying to figure out how to make new dishes for my lean and green. I really expanded my repertoire when it came to healthy cooking by learning new and creative dishes for lean and green.

I eat 4-5 very simple meals (oatmeal with fruit, soup and salad, fruit and yogurt, etc.) and then have a lean and green for dinner (although I do add more of the higher carb veggies and and occasional whole wheat pasta or bread)...

Comment #30

Medifast is a prescription for health for me. The packets could taste like sawdust, seriously, and I would still eat them. I do focus on making a tasty and healthful Lean and Green. Other than that, I have a brownie for breakfast, and then the rest of the day is shakes and fruit drinks...

Comment #31

Thanks so much for the input from everyone. I really appreciate. it. Here's to happy MFing!.


Comment #32

Well said! I don't tweak really, but at the beginning I did just to try it out and to keep me from losing my mind. Now I only eat PB Bars and RTD Shakes. To each his own. A diet (lifestyle change, etc...) is all about committing to the process. I think people fall off plan from both sides. No matter how you do it, as long as it's the right way for you, then more power to ya...

Comment #33

I love this,,well said. I myself was a 100% person,,,BUT, I didn't need to make the long term commitment like you, and other very inspirational people on here have. I commend you for that..

I was not a fast loser though, but, in hindsight, I am glad I wasn't, because I didn't find myself suddenly at goal, and wondering "what the h3ll do I do now". I had those extra months to retrain myself and change my habits. I really feel, even though it wasn't my intent to lose slowly, that this has been a big help in maintenance. Just my opinion, of course...

Comment #34

No tweaking here. I tweaked my eating all my life and obviously that didn't work. So it was time I followed an eating plan as prescribed. Turns out, that works!..

Comment #35

OK.. I'll admit.. I was a tweaker.

I did not tweak the first 2 months that I was on the plan, but once I was comfortable and saw how "my body" was going to react to dropping the weight, then I started to get creative so that I could have some of the things I missed at family get togethers etc... And I love to go out with family/friends etc... so tweaking allowed me to make "smart choices" as I knew what was in the food I was eating or chose to eat. It also allowed me to know the nutritional values to the "small stuff" that really adds up, so for me, that was a positive thing. The small stuff adds up to a lot so now I'm perfectly aware of that "small stuff".

I lost over 100 lbs in less than 5-1/2 months and have kept it off.... Tweaking actually helped me as it taught me what things I could use in my daily diet that woudn't add a ton of carbs/calories to my daily intake. And I now love to find unhealthy recipes (you know the ones that taste really good, hehe) and make a healthy version of them..

For me it was truly a lifestyle change and to do that, I had to learn to live in the real world with real food and all the tempations that appear every single day. I would be lying if I sat here and told you that I never crave unhealthy stuff. It's human nature, it's peer pressure, it's family, it's friends........ it's life!.

Medifast was the beginning, but sooner or later, I knew that Medifast had to come to an end (except for the products I still buy just because I like them and I have to buy food anyways, might as well be something I like with good nutrional values.) and I would have to tackle all those "tweaks" coming from this real world..

So now I'm tackling the real world and I love living in this world which surrounds me with food and temptations daily.. but I'm not afraid, because I know which tweaks I can have and which tweaks I need to stay away from.

I'm living and that's what is most important. Living a life now, one I never knew existed nor could have ever imagined. I'm just being smart about it now, hehe.

Good luck in everyone's journey!..

Comment #36

Oh and one more thing... Never EVER, compare yourself to anyone else (it will dirve you ntus) as no two people are alike and all of our results are going to vary as there are SO many factors that contribute to our weight loss. Find out what works for YOUR body, not someone else's. It's YOUR body that you're gonna have to live in for the rest of your life. Listen to your body and learn to read it's signs to you. You will figure out what it likes and does not like, what it likes to hold onto and what it likes to give up or take away or shed....

Good luck and I wish all of you the best of success!..

Comment #37

Everyone has a point here. We all must do what is best for us. If it works then it's the best for you. Learn from others and do what you need and want. As long as we are losing there is no wrong way to go. Some lose fast some lose slow just keep it going. Good luck to everyone on this journey !!!..

Comment #38

And just to put my 2 cents worth in, not all of us who DON'T tweak are critical of those who do, and not all of us who DON'T tweak are trying to lose as much as possible as quickly as possible. There really wasn't alot of implied criticism in those who tweak..

I just know that from my personal experience and the experience of many others (according to their posts at least), it's easier to stay on plan without having to worry about the ins and outs of adding and subtracting things to the plan. It really is about compliance to the plan in the easiest way possible. I really don't think that anyone should read that there is a 'race" involved, especially since we all know that weight loss rates are such a personal thing. I think the two are really different. You can be OP 100 percent and tweak the plan, as in create and make all sorts of amazing recipes using packets of this and teaspoons of that and dashes of the other..

Alot of us just find it easier to do as little as possible to the plan because it's just....well...easier to stay OP without doing a ton of math and so on...

Comment #39

Yeah, I saw the similarities between me tweaking Medifast and how people game the WW points system so they can have whatever they want. In the long run, the WW gamers don't learn their lessons, and I figured I wouldn't learn mine. I'm not speaking for anyone else here or judging what others dowe all come to our plan on our own with varying levels of success. We just have to own the results and try again if we don't like the results thus far or celebrate if we like what we ended up with..

I decided to minimize this as much as possible. Like I said, I make the occasional shake cake, but mostly eat the foods with very little added in: SF syrup in my drinks once in awhile, hot sauce in my soups; or I make shakes out of the soft serves and puddings. In my conversion over to simplicity, I often don't blend the shakes or drinks. Too much time, too many dishes, too noisy. Just shake, drink, and move on with my day. SUCH A RELIEF!!..

Comment #40

[quote=thinner73]So in MY journey I am keeping to the 100% rule and learning how to fight my food demons with abstinence instead of moderation. I figure there is plenty of time to become acclimated to other foods in Transition and Maintenance..


You are so smart! This attitude is going to get you to your goal. I very strongly believe that what we have to do is follow the basic program and don't dr things up to satisfy taste buds. The addiction to tasty foods is so strong the only way I found to get control of my gluttony was to make everything I eat plain and a little bland. There is a reason GLUTTONY is one of the 7 deadly sins and we owe it to ourselves to conquer it!..

Comment #41


Thank you so much. I agree I think being "bland" will take us back to food to live not live for food. I got so much "pleasure" out of food, it was sickening literally! I am so much more focused on my family and having fun. That kind of "pleasure" is truly living :-) I actually love the oatmeal, eggs, brownies and shakes. Once in a while I will add a splenda to my oatmeal and salt and pepper to my eggs but that is it. I was just thinking about GLUTTONY being a deadly sin the other day.

XOXO Stef..

Comment #42

Well said! This is my belief too and I hope this makes me successful after the weight loss phase is over!.

I keep it simple... little to no tweaking. I have made soup bread three times my entire journey and it never came out good.

On all the meals, I make them as the package instructs but not necessarily in the manner they should be served, i.e. I make the puddings, soft serve, and hot drinks into shakes and the pancakes in a coffee mug in the microwave to create a muffin. No extra syrups, condiments, l&g subtractions... just plain old water! I like this method... I did too much tweaking pre-MF..

Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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