What choices for vegetarian on Nutrisystem?

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I am currently on the Nutrisystem Veetarian program and was wondering if there were any others out there wanting to chat, talk or discuss the successes and hard times of our choice to be Vegetarian, Vegan or where ever in between. I really wasnt sure where to post&..Off topic&&Newbie;s. I just didnt know. So I settled on here. First off let me introduce myself, Im Dan, and I am married to a wonderful supportive wife who is not vegetarian. She just isnt at that place yet.

I have three kids, one of whom have had a lot of questions about not eating meat (shes 10) and has asked to try it. Heck Im on board with it. She is very excited and has been doing wonderful.

Im on Nutrisystem due to my LOVE of everything sweet. I gave up Chocolate last year because of this and have found it really helped me in my sweet cravings. Well I think that is it for now. I hope this thread can take off and I can meet some new people on here with the same challenges..


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Your question was: What choices for vegetarian on Nutrisystem?.


I have been vegetarian for over 20 years. If you have any questions, please let me know..

Good Luck !!.


Comment #1

Thanks Jennifer and welcome. I'm finding out that it very much is a learn as you go. I think eating out was the first frustration I found, but I just learned to get bossy. lol..

Comment #2

Not bossy, honey. I worked in restaurants for a lot of years...the server and the cook don't care about making substitutions. To be honest, it always helped me remember what they ordered if there was something different about it. I do think it helps if you say you are making substitutions because you are vegetarian because they certainly don't want you to get sick from something you ate at their restaurant...

Comment #3

Good point. You are so smart......Good thing I married ya...

Comment #4

It is extremely easy for a kid to be a healthy vegetarian these days. My daugther LOVES edamame beans and there are sooo many quick healthy options even for people that obviously don't want to take the time to support their daughter's beliefs. It is so great to see my 7 year old have such strong convictions about being a vegetarian, it makes me very proud. I also have problems though when she goes to her dad's house. She refuses to eat meat but he doesn't keep enough protein there for her. This weekend I am sending her with veggie nuggets, veggie corn dogs and some edamame beans...

Comment #5

That is great Jenna and I hope that we can get her through her Christmas break visitation without her suffering too much. She cried yesterday when he told her she "can't be vegetarian" when she is in Texas. She sat on the stairs and thought that she should just give up and eat meat. I told her that if she chooses on her own to go back and eat that is one thing, but if it is because she is being bullied by anyone into a decision she doesn't want to make then that is wrong. I'm sure I will keep you all updated if you like it or not on this saga. lol..

Comment #6

Do you think that if she goes to her mom's armed with a bunch of information and facts and is ready to talk to her calmly and matter-of-factly about what she is doing and why her mom will listen? I don't know how or why she wouldn't, I can't imagine inflicting that kind of unneccesary pain and conflict onto my daughter. She could even have a list of things to buy and where to get them, it would be hard to argue with that!! I definitely want to keep updated with this saga! I know it's not easy!..

Comment #7

Actually Jenna, I am the mom. It's her dad that's the issue. Wow...I just got off the phone with my ex and he's going to support our daughter with her vegetarian diet. Apparently his wife (the dietician) sat him down last night and went over the nutrition and how she can get everything she needs in a lacto ovo vegetarian diet if she's eating the right foods. He said he's not happy about it but that he wants her to grow up to think for herself and doesn't want to "lose her" because of it. I told him to call her tonight and tell her that.

He's still a tool...but he loves that little girl and hopefully she can show him how to be more open-minded. I think his big fear was that our daughter is doing this just to be more like Dan (well..he IS pretty awesome) or she loves him more or something...

Comment #8

Oh! Geez, I am so confused, so it's her stepdad (Dan) that is the vegetarian and the dad and stepmom are the issue, got it, sorry!!! It's definitely tough. I am facing a bit of that with my daughter getting closer to my fiancee, it's not easy and I can tell my ex is getting frustrated (while at the same time doing nothing useful for her except taking her out for every meal to eat badly when she is up there and going to funland and other ridiculous places)!!! I really hope that it all works out and that they both support her!! I am so glad that you guys could talk about it and work things out, I feel for you since I also have a tool for an ex!..

Comment #9

No problem, I think I make it confusing because I always call her my daughter because I just feel like she is mine and not a Step kid. This is deff a break through but I'll believe the support when I see it...

Comment #10

Well...I think that is inherent in all exes isn't it? The interesting thing kids have that "fun parent" that they go to but my stepdaughter comes to us and gets treated just like the other two. Go figure...poor Megan...

Comment #11

Ugh, it is so so hard. My daughter is going up to her dad's for a week next week and I am DREADING it. She comes back exhausted (because she has no routine whatsoever and goes to bed around 11 and I had to fight for him to stop smoking in the house! I couldn't believe it. You guys are from Nothern Va? I moved to NC from Virginia and miss it there (not the traffic though).

It's nice to see that you think of her as your daughter, my fiancee is the same and I think it's wonderful!!..

Comment #12

It really is. He has a huge influence on her and she just beams when she's around him. Honestly, I think her dad has reason to worry about her loving Dan more but we'll just keep that between us. lol. Dan has been in our lives for 6 years now and I don't really think the kids remember life before him...definitely don't remember their dad and I being married. Ours always come to us ragged out and exhausted and my son usually hasn't gotten his medicine properly (he's autistic) so it's always an adjustment. Just provide the proper structure for her when she comes home...she appreciates it even if she doesn't know that...

Comment #13

Haha! I keep telling myself that she'll at least appreciate it when she's older!!!.

That's ridiculous that he couldn't get his medications right. That's awful.

You guys are such a cute couple, by the way!..

Comment #14

Thanks. We are coming up on our 5th anniversary (6th year together) and it's crazy how it still feels new. He's awesome!!..

Comment #15

Dan drinks milk and eats cheese and yogurt, our daughter does that plus also has eggs. Or was it the aspiring part? She wants to be vegetarian but her father (who lives in Houston) told her she couldn't. He has since called me and told me that we'll try it...

Comment #16

I am a Lacto vegetarian (no meat just milk products like cheese, yogurt and milk) My daughter is a Lacto-ovo vegetarian (will eat milk products and egg products) as long as the chickens are treated well and not kept in little cages and are not "de-beaked"...

Comment #17

Hi just wanted to jump in and say that I'm a lacto vegetarian, have been for about 15 years now, and I'm 24. So I also started early. At first my parents were opposed as well (my dad was the CEO of a poultry company so this was a shock for him) but eventually they allowed me to make my own choices.

My husband is not a vegetarian but I have influenced him to eat more healthy (even prior to NS). It's good to meet all of you!..

Comment #18

Hello! I am not a vegetarian so I hope you don't mind me popping in here. Reading some of this reminds me of a coworker I have who does not respect our vegetarian colleagues. When I go out to eat with vegetarians I either don't eat meat or I have something where meat is mixed in and not obvious, especially if I am sitting right next to a vegetarian. But this coworker will make comments and make a big deal out of eating her big piece of meat. It offends me that she doesn't respect others..

Anyway, I don't know where I am going with that other than to say a friendly hello and that I respect your choices.


Comment #19

Welcome Alicia,.

Great to have you hear. Yeah I can imagine that to be tough. My brother is a butcher and other brother is a farmer/hunter. He raises rabbits, chicken, and now has pigs to eat. They just can't understand "why I'm like this" lol their words not mine...

Comment #20

Welcome Chieffer,.

My wife is on the thread too and she isn't a vegetarian either, so of course you are welcome. Sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on respect...always a good thing...

Comment #21

Ok so with crisis overted (for the time being with my daughter and her Birth father) Any other topics or concerns or vents anyone needs to get out? lol.

Any one want to share why they made the choice to go Vegetarian or Vegan? (not sure if that is appropriate) lol..

Comment #22

I have realized from doing Nutrisystem how much of an impact the protein content of my meals has on satisfying my hunger. For example, the Nutrisystem granola is a bit on the low side for protein, and I don't find that nearly as satisfying as the the pancake mix or Nutrifrosted Crunch cereal.

I've started cooking some of my own dinners again using the Nutrisystem guidelines and I'm finding TVP flakes to be an easy way to bump up the protein content of the meal a bit. It seems like 1/4 to 1/2 cup of TVP can be added to most meals without even noticing that it's there (except for feeling more satisfied). As an example, I added TVP to rice pilaf recenlty to make it into a main entree.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?..

Comment #23

I am worried about maintenance/NS on my own because of the protein factor! I am not a TVP or tofu fan at all, so I am unsure of how I am going to integrate protein into my entrees...

Comment #24

Dan and Steph - I guess I am like your daughter with the eggs!! I am lacto-ovo but I will only buy eggs from cage free chickens!!!.

Why did I become vegetarian? Big animal lover, and I came to realize that I didn't want any living thing to sacrifice it's life for me to satisfy my taste buds, since I learned I could get nutrition elsewhere. Eating meat, then, is all about personal cravings for what tastes good to ya, and I just can't see killing creatures for that purpose. My spirituality also plays a big roll. Metaphysically, I don't want the energy of decaying flesh to enter my system. Many spiritual reasons...

Comment #25

Alicia, How about all the different wonderful beans? Black, Great white northern, kidney on and on? I didn't think I like them until I started making a 3 bean chili. Yummo to quote a freind on another thread. lol Nuts are also a great source. There is also a smoothie that you can get at the store. I think it's called "Naked" It has lots of good protein in it. Finally there is the whey and soy protein powders that you can mix in to just about anything.....hopefully you can find something that will work for you...

Comment #26

I'm pretty much the same, but it came at a much greater cost. I was a police officer for 10 years and part of that job was having to "put down" deer that had been hit by cars but didn't die. The very last one I had to shoot was just horrible. I can still remember it and how much pain that poor animal was going through as I had to shoot it several times before it died. So after that I knew the fear that these animals feel at the hands of the people that are "killing them humanely" It was the beginning for me. I don't want and I can't be a part of that anymore.

I feel so much better about life in general because of my decision to stop eating meat...

Comment #27

Alicia Do you like the veggie burger, nugget type thing? Those are good. Do you have a Trader Joes around you? They have great little pizzas that are a good sub..

Comment #28

Lol yeah duh....I totally forgot all the wonderful stuff in the frozen section. I really like the Morningstar brand. That's another Yummo!..

Comment #29

I'm working on the veggie burger thing...I do not have Trader Joe's but do have Whole Foods, and I have found some pizzas from there that fit the stats. Before NS, as an example I would made a pasta and veggie dish for dinner, or rice pilaf with vegetables. So basically too many carbs!.

Beans are good for protein but they are also a lot of carbs. But maybe that's ok on maintenance...

Comment #30

Alicia pretty much any grocery store will have the morning star or Bocca brand. I'm pretty lucky we have a store "Wegmans" near us and it has a wonderful assortment of Veggie foods. I would go and check out your local grocery stores to see what they have. Most of the Veggie stuff will be in the frozen section near the "bread" or the smart ground stuff is near the produce, by the pre packaged salads and stuff...

Comment #31

The egg "farmers" have a machine that they hold the chicken up to and it cuts off the end of their beak. It is very very painful for the bird. They do this to keep the chickens from pecking at eachother. Some will try and say it is like cutting a dogs nails, but it isn't. More like cutting of a finger...

Comment #32

We actually got a "vegetarian starter kit" from a website and it explains some of the issues rather well. I didn't like the graphic pictures to show our daughter, but the rest of the information was really good. It explains what are good substitutions and how much you need of each nutrient that you might be lacking from a diet with meat.

Comment #33

Dan - I had no idea about the chicken beak thing. That's horrible!! do we know if we are buying from farmers who do or don't use that practice? The non-caged will say so on the carton, but have never seen anything describing humane treatment regarding chicken beaks!!!!.

Steph - Sounds like a good site. I'll have to check that out later. I don't want to see the graphics, though, I carry that stuff with me for too long.

Speaking of graphics......Have any of you watched the Blue Planet series? It is supposed to be so good, and I started watching them when Discovery Channnel was running them. However, after about 3 shows I had to stop, because they showed all the BAD stuff that happens in nature and that would affect me....depress me....for days on end. I was disappointed, as the rest of the shows would be so beautiful, and I wanted to see them! But there seemed to be not one that left out death, torture, anxiety taking place in the animal kingdom. If they had left that stuff out, it would have been MUCH better. Who would show their young children a show with a lion chasing, killing, and devouring it's prey? Yet, the rest of the show would have been SO educational about the beauty of our planet, when watched as a family. I wondered if I was the only one who feels that way!..

Comment #34

I don't know. We'll have to do more research on the beaking. I'm going to research a farm that's nearby that sells eggs and we could probably actually see the hens etc. Might be a fun "field trip" anyway. We just found out about the beaking too...couple of gory pages in that booklet right at the beginning. Don't let it detract from the good information in the second half of the magazine. I haven't seen that series, and I'm not a vegetarian but I can't stand watching that stuff...

Comment #35

I remember seeing scenes of predators catching prey (lion and gazelles, etc.) when I was a kid watching Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kindgom". That's a natural event, however, unlike modern factory farming.

I buy the organic cage-free eggs from the local coop and hope for the best. I also get eggs from a small family farm that's down the road a ways from where my parents live. They aren't certified anything, but the lady raises the chickens on a small scale and is concerned about nutrition. She gives the chickens flax seeds in their feed, and the yolks are orange as a result! Those are the best eggs I've ever eaten...

Comment #36

Dapooh - Yes, I realize that the scenes from shows like Wild Kingdom as well as the Blue Planet series are the natural order of things. However, it's still something that I don't want to have to witness and think about. It just stays with me for too long and too hard to see any animal being injured or killed, even if by another animal in a "natural" environment. It is stuff that to me serves no purpose in those films and shows. Beauty of nature has so many facets without having to intercept films with scenes of suffering...

Comment #37

I kind of liken it to the pictures of the factories etc. I know it's there, I know it happens, but I don't like to see it. Even when I was little, I didn't like watching those shows when they got to the killing part. I liked the stalking etc. but the way. I know that is natural and their instincts are to be predators and that it's probably really gross but I'm a wimp and don't like to see it. Remember, I'm not the vegetarian...but I've always had issue with eating meat that I could "see" was an animal...bones etc...

Comment #38

Whew, lots of hustle and bustle out there. Had to go shopping today for the kids for Christmas then to get some food stuffs. I think everyone in Norther VA is out there. lol Well my fault for going back out to get some running shoes. Mine are looking sad to say the least. I hope eveyone else is having a fantastic weekend.

Jenna hope your weekend is going well and the little one doesn't come home too ragged out...

Comment #39

Good morning,.

So...remember I'm the one in the family that isn't vegetarian...BUT I find it so annoying that you immediately have to defend not eating meat. I was talking to my mom on the phone about our daughter deciding to be vegetarian and she was kind of freaking out about it. After I explained our visit with the doctor and the foods she's eating etc. she calmed down and said "oh, it's probably healthier anyway" but I'm constantly finding myself wondering...why are these people so threatened by the fact that my husband and daughter don't eat meat? My mom even said...oh, how long until you are vegetarian too? Well good grief...that's not really any of her business right? I've reduced quite a bit but I'm just not at that stage I guess...

Comment #40

There are deeply ingrained beliefs in this country regarding nutrition. It's called the four food groups, and the particular food group I'm referring to is meat, not protein.

Whenever I cook for my parents, I cook a very well balanced vegetarian meal with multiple sources of protein (complementary sources of protein all in the same meal). Even after I point out all the sources of protein, though, they usually still want to cook some meat on the side. I don't think they go a day without having meat at least twice a day. I have tried telling my parents that "a chicken in every pot" did NOT mean a chicken at every meal.

I think it may be too late for the older generations who have accepted their programming from USDA (aka Meat and Dairy)...

Comment #41

I had a really great experience in transitioning to vegetarian. It was as an adult, living on the other side of our state from my parents. I really dreaded telling them, but knew that I would have to be open about this for when we visited. I mean, I was working up anxiety attacks over telling them!! Couldn't have been MORE supportive. I think they probably were not surprised since they knew I already was a "no fur" person! My mom was a salad lover like me, and although she wasn't vegetarian, I think she could take or leave meat. My dad, who has always wanted his meats with a meal, shocked me that day that I confessed.

My biggest adversaries over my choice were teachers in the teachers lounge. They just couldn't understand why I would do this. Finally, one teacher asked me outright when we were eating lunch with a group, "Why do you choose that?" I told her the truth, and included the part, "...and I don't want to eat flesh that started decaying the minute the animal died." She said, "I am EATING!!!!" Welll.....she asked!!! And I told her!!! If it bothered her to think of it that way, then why continue eat the meat? I have to say, though, that for the most part, the teachers I worked with WERE supportive. On parent -teacher conference nights the administration would always order pizzas for the teachers, and they ALWAYS made sure to order a vegetarian just for my benefit!!!..

Comment #42

Pretty much my Butcher brother and Hunter brother are the only two to give me any problems. For Thanksgiving this year my parents came down from Buffalo and my brother (butcher) came up. Well we had the Turkey for all the meat eaters lol and I roasted my Tofurkey. MMMM it was so good. Well I was very surprised when my Brother, Dad and Nephew all wanted to try the Tofurkey and were all impressed at how good it was. I know I won't ever change them but hey it was a start for them to be open to my Thanksgiving food.

So now for Christmas we are going to my parents and my Mom wanted to make sure before they left to go home from Thanksgiving she had a Tofurkey to make for me...

Comment #43

Yes, and surprisingly my family makes a bigger deal out of it than Dan's. I just don't get it. Why do people always have to question what others do? You know...if I was drinking a bottle of wine every night I don't think anyone would question me, but try to diet when you aren't mortally obese or try to adopt a healthier diet and people think you are nuts...

Comment #44

My mom still seems to think that it's a phase and I've been a vegetarian for about 13 years, it's pretty funny. She always says, "this is so good! I wish you could try it!" It cracks me up because I really REALLY don't want to!.

Dan My fiancee and I dropped my little one off last night for a week with her idiot father....UGH. I cried, I'm a wimp. At least I think she seems to appreciate us a bit more when she comes home but geez I already miss her like crazy...

Comment #45

Jenna...I totally know how you feel. I hate to say it doesn't get much easier either. I'm always in a funk and weepy when they go. Poor Dan has to schedule us for every second while they are gone because as soon as I'm not busy...I get mopey again. It was really bad this past summer when they were gone for 5 weeks! I hadn't ever been away from them longer than about a week and a half. Just keep yourself busy and try to do things that you ordinarily can't do because you have to find a babysitter or something. Pamper yourself a bit! You can email me because I'll know what you are going through...

Comment #46

Good advice for Jenna. Steph really does do well with it as long as she is busy. On a side note it beats the alternative of only getting them little bits at a time. I have a daughter with my ex and she lives in Buffalo. We get her on breaks and for the summer. It is pretty hard but unlike steph and probably because I build up a shell it has gotten easier for me over the years. I hate that she lives so far away but accept that her mother moved away...

Comment #47

I guess I has gotten a little bit easier...but I don't think I wanted to admit that, even to myself. It helps that MK likes to text now so hopefully she'll stay in touch. It's the wondering that always gets me...

Comment #48

Thanks guys for the kind words, it helps! I ate like a pig this that wasn't a good move but today has been better. I am just going to stay busy at work and stay up late to watch some football tonight! I really do do a lot better when I am busy too. 5 weeks?!?!?!?!?!? I can't even imagine that!! I have such a hard time with 1!! I'm sure it's hard for you Dan to be on the other side of that, ugh, it's not easy for anyone!..

Comment #49

It is but some good too. I know she is with her mom who is a great mom that loves her a lot and is always doing what is best for her. We may not have been able to make it work but she is a good person so that makes it a bit easier. I talk to my daughter all the time and get to see her any time I go up to Buffalo to see my parents. Like this Christmas isn't supposed to be my year for her but The Ex said I can have her for Christmas eve and the days leading up to that. So that is good...

Comment #50

Wow, that is really good! I am so glad that you are in a situation like that. I feel like my ex does very little to benefit my daugther and teaches her to be irresponsible and to be bad with money so it's very frustrating. You guys are VERY lucky!!..

Comment #51's funny how sometimes I ask his ex for advice on dealing with MY ex and his wife. Stepmom took my 9 year old out and bought matching bra and panty sets and was going to shave her legs too! I flipped out...probably overly much because I was 4 weeks into missing the kids already and felt like she was trying to steal all my MOM I got to do the legs when she got back...

Comment #52

Wow, matching bra and panties for a nine year old?? Yipes! I definitely would have flipped out (especially after 4 weeks!!!)..

Comment #53

OH! And on another vegetarian note the Quorn stuff is pretty good. I made a rosemary dijon "chicken" and the breaded patties are pretty good too..

Comment #54

I'm curious about the thing that looks like a chicken breast and has like cranberry filling. Notice that every time I walk by thinking it might be yummy. I posted on the other page that I read on the vegetarian times website that McDonalds uses beef stock in their french fries. How many vegetarians eat those because they think they are ok??..

Comment #55

Ewwww, really? I thought they changed that awhile ago. I haven't been into any sort of fast food place in 8 years (since I read Fast Food Nation). I have never seen a "chicken breast" with cranberry filling....that sounds good though. The quorn stuff is just a nice change from all of the morningstar stuff that I eat (and isn't soy, I figure changing things up can't hurt!)..

Comment #56

I'll have to see if we have the quorn stuff here. I bet Wegmans does, they seem very Veggie friendly...

Comment #57

I found it at Food Lion, I think they have it pretty much anywhere...

Comment #58

Yeah, isn't that what they were sued for some time ago? Vegetarians (I think they were Eastern Indians) who were appalled that they had been eating beef stock, so sued (or tried to sue) McDonalds? If they ARE still using that, the recipe needs to change because that is very misleading! If I get burgers, I get them from Burger King, as they have the veggie burgers...

Comment #59

But do they grill them on the same grill with the hamburgers? Don't want my husband getting sick because he hasn't had meat...

Comment #60

That's a very interesting question. I think it's always hard to know even if they have policies to do things like that because most people don't think about it...

Comment #61

Yeah I'm going to make sure I ask when I order. We don't go very often but seems that when we travel we tend to have to get fast food. On those rare occasions I am going to be sure to ask and hold the mayo! lol..

Comment #62

There's a great restaurant here in Louisville that's very vegetarian-friendly, although it has meat items too. They have vegan fryers and everything, so everything is kept separate. Their black bean burger is fabulous, and my husband (the non-veg) likes their food too so it can keep us both happy...

Comment #63

You'd think in Northern VA where we live there's be more vegetarian restaurants but we are having trouble finding any nearby. We are going to the melting pot for our anniversary, coming up, and they charge nearly the same for the vegetarian meal as they do for filet mignon and lobster. Oh well...

Comment #64

There's a great restaurant in Fredericksburg called Augustines, I haven't been there in a couple of years, but when I used to go there the chef would make the most beautiful and delicious vegetarian dinner (even thought they don't have anything vegetarian on the menu). It was SO good...

Comment #65 we just need to be sure to ASK for stuff...

Comment #66

Well you can ask, but it doesn't mean you will get it. lol..

Comment #67

Well thats' true but remember that time we went to that Sweetwater place and the lady made the recommendation...didn't have ANY protein in it at all but she still made an effort...

Comment #68

Yeah she did, I'm not the steamed veggie kinda guy...

Comment #69

Only if your mushroom risotto is gopped on top, right?..

Comment #70

OH yes, so that has become my fav thing. I steam the veggies....what ever doesn't matter and then dump my Nutrisystem dinner on it. MMMMMMMMMMM! So good, Obviously doesn't work well with the Lagsana but my Fav Pasta and Tofu and Pasta Fagioli as well as number 3 Mushroom Risotto all work perfect for this. Oh and let us not forget the Veggie Chili. Just makes me feel like I'm not eating Diet food...

Comment #71

And that's the trick isn't it? I actually think you are getting lot more variety using Nutrisystem than you did before...

Comment #72

Oh absolutly. much more variety. Like I said before this is the easiest diet I have ever done...

Comment #73

Maybe you should be a spokesperson for vegetarians on Get your picture on the homepage instead of that girl in the ugly pink and orange

Comment #74

Don't forget that horrible hair. lol I would be all over that...

Comment #75

Ok, back to the thread Here's where you are supposed to ask how do you pick a mango? The other board we post to, no one knew...

Comment #76

Oh yes....can anyone chime in on this....How do you pick out a Mango? I want to make sure I'm getting them at their best...

Comment #77

Hmmm, they are always the hardest to pick out well, I always go for the ones that are mostly reddish orange (with a bit of green) and make sure they aren't rock hard but not too squishy. The really hard ones take FOREVER to ripen..

Comment #78

Ah. So it might have been a bit sweeter had we waited a couple of days with it on the counter huh? By the way...Dan is not a big fan of monkeys but that picture is

Comment #79

Was it sour and kind of stringy? Mangos are so good when they are ripe that I get disappointed when they aren't great..

That monkey was hysterical. She kept sitting on my shoulder and flipping around to snuggle in my arms.

Your kitty is pretty cute! We have 3 dogs, a bird, a hamster and a hermit crab! We miss our kitty like crazy...

Comment #80

She is...she's adorable. She wouldn't stand for all those other animals though. lol. You have quite the menagerie..

Comment #81

The mango was acutally right on with how you desribed Jenna. It was sweet and mostly red. A bit of green. I was just concerned because it was mushy on the bottom side after I cut it. But that might have been the pressure by the Mango cutter...

Comment #82

Yep! We have a menagerie! I love it, they are all the best..

You have a mango cutter?!?!? What is that?..

Comment #83

I thought he was using a My eyes glaze over when we get to that section of the store...I know I might actually be good at cooking if I learned what all that crap was for...

Comment #84

Let me know if you figure it out. I have a few staple things but hate to experiment because I don't have a ton of free time and if it comes out badly it makes me grumpy!..

Comment #85

The best thing ever are those apple slicers that cut the apple into 10 careful though...nearly cut a finger off with one of those before...

Comment #86

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