What can vegetarians eat during Medifast?

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I started medifast on 8-21-06....11 lbs lost so far...( cheating for almost 2 weeks, didnt help,ugh) Ive always wanted to go veg..and I feel now that I'm really going to stick with this Medifast plan, now is greatest time for that transition..

My question is: WHAT CAN WE EAT?!.

-im a picky eater( i.e. I like all the bad stuff,lol).

- the vegetables that I DO like we cant have on Medifast ( carrots, peas, corn,etc)- if anyone could tell the exact amts of what we can have;.

As in boca or morning star ( which is better);.

I dont understand the egg part...what else is there to eat? (as in we can only have them 3 times a week).

As I have to go grocery shopping for all of this, so all info is appreciated!.

And if anyone has taken or recommends this product called "Vega" it's a meal replacer....


Go there and check it out....

I wonder can you replace all meals with this?.

PLEASE HELP>>>i dont want to cheat anymore!..

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Do you like tofu? there are some that are packed in water, I'd suggest starting with the extra firm or firm of that variety. you can have one quarter of a block (I forget the oz though). IF you aren't used to the texture (there are softer firm/extra-frim ones like the mori nu silken variety which are cheaper, but maybe the texture could be an issue as it is for some folks because it is squishier, the others in water are a LOT firmer and also great for grilling!). It's not an EXACT replacement for meat (it will be different), but I think the MSF and boca strips and ground you can do them (you can even get dried TVP, but I don't know if we can have it specifically on this phase of MF, though I need to find out, and should ask m'self)..

As for the vegi burgers, the kind we can have (both are the vegan ones, not the 'fancy' ones like black bean or chik'n or sausages). I think one has more of a grilled one (I think it's the boca burger 'griller' ones). The other is just different flavored. You can also use the MorningStar Farms meal starter strips (I think there's a 'ground' and sausage variety - basically one serving has to have about 5-6gm of carbs per serving in order for it to actually be on plan). They can be helpful for finding meat analogues until you have a better reportoir for cooking veg.

I would suggest hitting the local library and finding some books about making the switch, if you aren't familiar with certain kinds of nutritional req's that can be easy to NOT get if you are vegetarian or vegan, or very restrictive vegetarian. I've had good recommendations to me about switching after Medifast to being vegan, which some of it can apply to vegetarians as well - but a little less restrictive. I would also suggest finding some good cookbooks on vegetarian cooking, since it can be a bit daunting at first to go 'ok so now what can I eat since I can't eat x,y and z.

As for the Medifast, for just going vegetarian, you can do:.

Tofu, vegi burgers (or the meal starter strips), eggs/egg substitute, cottage cheese or other light cheese (mozzarella). There might be some other things if you use the "My Plan" section, when you log your food, under lean and green, select OTHER and the choices are there..

We're kind of limited, because we can't have dairy in our house (our son has a casien allergy) so I can't do those. I think I've sub'd vegan cheese instead..

Also, and some may not agree with this, but you can keep something from the meats in your diet (turkey for example is better than almost any other meats, and chicken). I think it if helps you out on the way to a better diet, than it should be fine. As long as you don't just go 'ok I ONLY eat this meat' instead of adding other sources of protien (beans/legumes you can add once you are in maintenance, too! -and they are really the best sources for protien per oz than meats are anyway). It could be like a crutch, to lean on when you need it. Not a problem..

You can pretty much do anything with tofu (the firm/extra firm) that you would probably otherwise do with meats. Baking, marinading, grilling, stir fry. It's got a very mild flavor, and picks up pretty much any flavor of stuff you cook with it. If you wrap it in a towel, and put it under some weights for at least a half an hour or more, it will pick up more of the marinade or other flavors. (I just made some tofu 'bacon' -tofu sliced with a cheese slicer - marinade with soy sauce, nutritional yeast, liquid smoke and you can also add either maple extract/or sf syrup. marinade for 30min's or overnight and pan sere - it gets crispy and cruncy and OMG I couldnt' stop eating it and I can't tell you the last time I even actually had real bacon - maybe um, 15years ago.

LOL. ).

I would recommend for a lot of great recipies (you may need to either change or use Medifast approved ingredients on some of them - lots we can't eat, though - like all the desserts LOL)..

Good luck! Use this time to research stuff to make sure you do it right. I've known a few folks who didn't and were the 'mac n cheese' vegetarians and were very unhealthy.

I don't know what else to suggest. hope some of this stuff helps!.


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Hi there!.

I know it seems like we're limited, but these days there are mre options..

From Medifast Support, as long as the serving of tofu, or Boca or Morningstar Farms products should be from 80-100 cals and around 5 grams of carbs. That usually is one serving of whatever the product is..

Right now I'm trying to keep things simple, so I can enjoy the tastes of "simple" foods again. So I'm staying away from recipes so far. So lately, for my L&G meal I've had 2 Boca sausages OR 1 Boca "chick'n grill" patty, OR 1 Boca burger on a bed of green beans or broccoli w/ butter buds and some lemon squeezed over. There are a lot of good tofu substitutes on the market and they're portable and easy to microwave..

For a change of pace snack (also high protein/low carb) I've been having a half cup of nonfat cottage cheese mixed w/4 oz. of Dannon light n'fit carb & sugar control yogurt. They make blueberry, strawberry and vanilla.

Also, six egg whites = 1 lean portion. I've made egg white salad....I don't know if you're lacto/ovo vegetarian, but it's a nice change and good for those days when you need a little more "volume"...

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I don't think we're allowed to have that yogurt. I would double check with Nutrisystem if I were you...

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Technically no, but Dannon makes a low-carb low sugar yogurt that's 60 cals, 3g carbs and 1g fat. It's not Medifast food but I count it as an outside snack...

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