What can I do with Medifast cappuccino??

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It is really nasty- I had to hold my nose to drink it. Does anybody have any suggestions?..

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I think the Cappuccino is excellent, so this may only make it worse for you. But for some reason to me putting in a little Pepsi Jazz (the French Vanilla and Cherry kind) is great...

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I thought it was really gross at first too but I really like it now. But this is one product that MUST be doctored, IMO. I use caramel sf syrup or the flavor drops and splenda. The caramel gives it a really good flavor. Then I add a shake or two of pumpkin pie spice and whirl it in my Magic Bullet but you can just use the shaker too though. It reminds me of a Starbucks Pumkin fav!! It's also good blended cold with a little bit of coffee or instant coffee. Hope this helps!.

I'm originally from Mililani (on Oahu) but my friends and I used to go on weekend island hops all the time plus I had a friend living on Maui. I've got tons of good memories of MauiHow's everything after the earthquake? Is the road to Hana totally gone? My brother lives in Honolulu and said it scared the c**p out of him...

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At first I had some taste problems with the cappuccino and the chai. So I took the advice given on this board and doctor it up. The trick is to add a little cold water and stir until all the lumps are out. I then add hot brewed coffee and a little flavored coffee creamer to give a nice flavor. I also use flavored coffee as well. You have to experiment and find out what you like.

Enjoy experimenting, you will eventually like the taste!..

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I have the perfect recipe...if you like coffee...but even if you are not a coffee drinker, you have to try this!.

4 oz. water.

4 oz. coffee.

1 cappuccino packet.

4 squirts or Tablespoons of SF Caramel syrup.

Blend with lots of ice.

I swear it tates EXACTLY like a Starbucks caramel frappaccino!!.

Try it and you will love it!!..

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Yah, the earthquake was scaaaarrry. The road to Hana is still impassable as far as I know- They are working on it. the scariest was no power for 5 hours!.

I will try you guy's ideas- I have 3 boxes of the stuff, and tried it today for the first time, and EWWWWW. I am having a hard time finding the Davinci SF syrup in Maui. GUess I gotta order them, I did buy some of those flacor drops from Capella I saw some wheres on here, but I haven't gotten it yet..

( I can't wait for my little individual blender to arrive too) yay for!.

Thanks everybody! aloha!..

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I'm not fond of it either. I found adding cinnamon to it helped a lot...

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I do all three- cappuccino, hot cocoa, and chai latte as a cold shake in the blender with ice and a bit of SF syrup. They are very tasty that way but I don't like them hot..


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Funny how we are all so different! That is what makes this sharing great. That cappuchino, chai and hot cocoa are all 3 my favorites. I could just do those and L&G, sometimes I do!.

Anyway, I agree that SF caramel syrup idea is great, try a little splenda too. Then taste, if not good yet, add the coffee, then try again. You may like it this way- I like it plain and doctored up too. Hope these ideas help you out......

I HATED THE CHILI in the beginning, sent some back and everything. Then I got all into the boards and got a crock pot recipe, made it my own & now chili is one of my staples. I make a crock pot at least twice a month or so..

Good luck with those drinks!! Hope you can use them to warm up if it is cold!.

Take care...

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