What can I do while I wait for my Nutrisystem order?

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Ok, I officially made an order on Tuesday and we could be getting our boxes as early as Monday or Tuesday (!!!). What can I do to get ready for all of this? I just realized by reading these boards (I thought I did research but I clearly missed important things like we will still need to supply protein, dairy, carb, fruits/veg). What exactly will I need to buy?.

I'm 173lbs and have a goal of 140lbs. I will do moderate exercise every day (walk an hour or do a 45 minute exercise video).

My husband is 205 and has a goal of 180lbs. No exercise for him other than being on his feet all day...he is a mechanic..

Thanks for any help!..

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Your question was: What can I do while I wait for my Nutrisystem order?.

Hi Tessa.

Clean out your cupboards! One BBB was intimidating I can't imagine getting 2.

For me it is nice to have all my Nutrisystem food in one area. I have all mine arranged by meal and in alphabetical order as well but I am a neurotic neat freak like that.

I also keep all of the choclate bars and/or cookies in the fridge. This hot weather makes them smooshy in my house..

The grocery shopping is pretty basic. I weekly buy Egg Beaters, fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies and that's about it. I always have back up frozen veggies in the freezer too..

Good luck to you and yours!..

Comment #1

This really works!.

I would bet when the hubby notices both of you are gettin lighter, pretty quick, he might want to start the order for next month too..

Good Luck.

Not sure if you saw this. It's under Tips and recipes. recm. groc..

Water water water!.

Dairy and Protein Servings.

Fat-free Milk or Light Yogurt, 8 oz.

Note: If you choose cereal for your breakfast entree, 4 oz. of fat-free milk should be used, but does not count as your dairy serving for that meal.

Soy Milk, low fat* 8 oz.

Fat-free or Low-fat Cheese, 1 oz.

Non-fat or Low-fat Cottage Cheese, 1/4 cup.

Parmesan (grated), 2 Tbsp.

Low-fat Soy Cheese, low sodium* 2 slices.

Canadian Bacon 1 oz.

Chicken or Turkey (without skin), 1 oz.

Clams 2oz.

Crab* 2 oz.

Edamame (cooked, deshelled)* 1/3 cup.

Egg, 1.

Egg Whites, 3.

Egg Substitute, 1/2 cup.

Fish (fresh or frozen, not breaded), 1 oz.

Ham 1 oz.

Lean Beef (Round, Sirloin, Flank, Tenderloin, Chuck, Rump), 1 oz.

Lean Pork (Fresh or Boiled Ham, Canadian Bacon, Tenderloin, Loin Chop), 1 oz.

Lobster 2 oz.

Protein Powder (whey, soy) 2tbsp (8.5-11g).

Sandwich Meat (with 2 grams of fat or less per ounce), 1 oz.

Sardines, 2.

Shellfish (Clams, Crab, Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp), 2 oz.

Soy Hot Dogs* (i.e. Veggie Dogs), low sodium 1 link.

Tempeh, low sodium 2 oz.

Tofu* 1/2 cup.

Tuna (canned in water), 1/4 cup.

Turkey (without skin) 1 oz.

Vegetarian Protein Foods ("Veggie" Burgers, Smart Dogs), 2 oz.

Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrate Servings.

Barley (cooked), 1/3 cup.

Beans (Garbanzo, Pinto, Kidney, White), 1/3 cup.

Bread (Whole-wheat, Multi-grain, Pumpernickel, Rye, Sourdough, Oatmeal), 1 slice.

Buckwheat groats (cooked) 1/2 cup.

Bulgar (cooked) 1/2 cp.

Corn, 1/2 cup.

Couscous (cooked), 1/3 cup.

Crackers (whole-grain), 3/4 oz.

English Muffin (Whole Wheat, Multi-grain) 1/2.

Graham Crackers 3 squares.

Hummus 2 tbsp.

Kasha 1/2 cup.

Lima Beans 1/2 cup.

Oatmeal (cooked), 1/2 cup.

Pasta (cooked al dente), 1/2 cup.

Peas (green), 1/2 cup.

Peas (split, black-eyed), 1/3 cup.

Pita (whole-grain, 6 inch), 1/2.

Popcorn, low fat (popped) 3 cups.

Quinoa (cooked) 1/2 cup.

Rice (cooked, brown), 1/3 cup.

Roll (whole-grain, small), 1.

Sweet Potatoes, Yams, 1/3 cup.

Tortilla (Whole-wheat, 6 inch) 1.

Wheat Berries 1/2 cup.

Wheat Germ* 3tbsp.

Fat Servings.

Almond Butter 1 tsp.

Almonds 6.

Avocado, 1/8.

Brazil Nuts* 2 medium.

Cashew Butter 1 tsp.

Flaxseed 1 tbsp.

Hazelnuts (Filberts) 5.

Macadamia Nuts 3.

Mayonnaise, 1 tsp.

Mayonnaise, reduced fat 1tbsp.

Non-Hydrogenated Oil Spread (e.g. Benecol) 1 tbsp.

Nuts Almonds, 6.

Cashews 4-5.

Peanuts, 10 large.

Pecans, 4 halves.

Walnuts, 4 halves.

Oil (Canola, Olive, Peanut, Corn, Safflower), 1.

Olives, 5 large.

Peanut Butter (smooth, chunky) 1 tsp.

Pine Nuts 1 tbsp.

Pistachios 15.

Salad Dressings (regular), 1 Tbsp.

Salad Dressings (reduced-fat), 2 Tbsp.

Seeds (Sesame, Pumpkin, Sunflower), 1 Tbsp.

Tahini (sesame paste) 2 tsp.

Fruit Servings.

Apple, 1 small.

Apple Slices dried 1/3 cup.

Applesauce, 1/2 cup.

Apricots (fresh, dried), 3 whole.

Apricots (canned in water) 1/2 cup.

Banana, 1/2.

Blackberries, 3/4 cup.

Blueberries, 3/4 cup.

Cantaloupe, 1/3.

Cantaloupe, (cubed) 1 cup.

Cherries (fresh), 12.

Cherries (canned in water) 3/4 cup.

Cranberries, dried 2 Tbsp.

Currants (red & white, fresh) 1 cup.

Figs (fresh, dried) 2.

Fruit Cocktail (canned in water) 1/2 cup.

Grapes, 15.

Grapefruit, 1/2.

Guava, 2 small.

Honeydew melon, 1/8.

Honeydew melon, cubed 1 cup.

Kiwi, 1 large.

Loganberries 3/4 cups.

Lychees (limit-high GI) 1/2 cup.

Mango 1/2 cup.

Nectarine, 1 med.

Orange, 1 med.

Oranges, Mandarin (canned in water) 1/2 cup.

Papaya (raw, cubed) 1 cup.

Pear, 1 small.

Peach (fresh), 1 med.

Peach (canned, packed in water) 1/2 cup.

Pineapple, 1/3 c. canned.

Pineapple, 3/4 cup fresh.

Plantains (cooked) 1/3 cup.

Plums, 2.

Plums (canned in water) 1/2 cup.

Pomegranate, 1/2 med.

Prickly Pear 1 cup.

Prunes, 3.

Raisins, 2 Tbsp.

Raspberries, 1 cup.

Strawberries, whole, 11/4 cup.

Tangelos, 1 medium.

Tangerines, 2 small.

Watermelon (limit-high GI) 1 1/4 cups.

Fruit Juices (may replace fruit).

Acai Juice, 1/3 cup.

Apple Cider, (unsweetened) 1/2 cup.

Apple Juice, 1/2 cup.

Apricot Juice. 1/2 cup.

Apricot Nectar, 1/3 cup.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 1/3 cup.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail, reduced calorie 1 cup.

Fruit Juice Blends, 100% juice 1/2 cup.

Grapefruit Juice, 1/2 cup.

Grape Juice, 1/3 cup.

Grapefruit Juice, 1/2 cup.

Orange Juice, 1/2 cup.

Peach Nectar, 1/2 cup.

Pear Nectar, 1/2 cup.

Pineapple Juice, 1/2 cup.

Pomegranate Juice, 1/2 cup.

Prune Juice, 1/3 cup.

Vegetable Servings.

Note: When making a salad, you can combine as many "unlimited" vegetables as you want- it still counts as only one vegetable serving.

Artichoke, whole 1.

Artichoke Hearts 2.

Artichoke (Jerusalem or Sunchoke) 1/2 cup.

Asparagus Unlimited.

Bamboo Shoots (Canned, sliced) 1 cup.

Beans (Green, Wax, Italian) 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Beets 1/2 cup (c)/1 cup (r).

Bok Choy, Chinese Chard, White Mustard Unlimited.

Broccoli* Unlimited.

Brussels Sprouts* 1/2 cup (c)/1 cup (r).

Cabbage* Unlimited.

Cabbage, Chinese 1/2 cup.

Carrots 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Cauliflower* Unlimited.

Celery Unlimited.

Collard Greens 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Cucumbers Unlimited.

Daikon (Chinese radish) Unlimited.

Dandelion Greens Unlimited.

Eggplant Unlimited.

Escarole Unlimited.

Fennel Unlimited.

Greens (Collard, Kale)* 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Greens (Mustard) Unlimited.

Hearts of Palm 2 sticks.

Jicama (raw) Unlimited.

Kale* 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Kohlrabi 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Leeks 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Lettuce (Iceberg, Romaine)* Unlimited.

Mixed Greens Unlimited.

Mixed Vegetables (without Corn, Peas, Turnips) 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Mushrooms Unlimited.

Okra Unlimited.

Onions, Green Unlimited.

Onions, White 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Pea Pods Unlimited.

Peppers (Any) Unlimited.

Pimento 1/2 cup.

Radishes Unlimited.

Rutabaga 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Sauerkraut, canned, low sodium Unlimited.

Snap Pea (Sugar, Yellow) 1/2 cup (c)/1 cup (r).

Snow Pea Pods Unlimited.

Squash (Spaghetti, Yellow) 1/2 cup (c)/1 cup (r).

Spinach 1/2 cup (c)/ Unlimited (r).

Sprouts (Alfalfa, Bean, Soybean), raw Unlimited.

Tomato (fresh) Unlimited.

Tomato, low sodium (canned) Unlimited.

Tomato Paste 1/4 cup.

Tomato Sauce 1/2 cup.

Tomatoes, Cherry Unlimited.

Tomatoes, Grape 1 cup.

Turnips 1/2 cup (c)/ 1 cup (r).

Water Chestnuts (canned) 1/2 cup.

Watercress Unlimited.

Zucchini Unlimited.

Vegetable Juices.

Carrot Juice 3/4 cup.

Tomato Juice, low sodium 1/2 cup.

Vegetable Juice, low sodium 1/2 cup.


Seasoning and Spices.

Flavoring Extracts Unlimited.

Fresh/Dried Herbs Unlimited.

Garlic Unlimited.

Hot Pepper Sauce Unlimited.

Lemon Juice Unlimited.

Lime Juice Unlimited.

Pan Spary, non-stick Unlimited.

Seasonings (no added salt) Unlimited.

Sugar Substitutes Unlimited.

Vinegar (excluding balsamic) Unlimited.

Sugar Free Foods.

* Note: Limit the foods below to 3 servings daily..

Sugar Free Gelatin 1 cup.

Sugar Free Gum Unlimited.

Sugar Free Hard Candy up to 5 pieces.

Sugar Free Jam (low sugar) 2 tsp.

Sugar Free Syrup 2 tbsp.

Whipped Topping (fat free) 2tbsp.


Horseradish 1 tsp.

Ketchup (low sodium) 1 tbsp.

Mustard 1 tsp.

Picante Sauce 1 tbsp.

Relish 1 tsp.

Salad Dressings (fat-free, 45 calories or fewer), low sodium 2 tbsp.

Salsa (low sodium) 1/2 cup.

Soy Sauce (low sodium) 1 tsp.

Taco Sauce 1 tbsp.

Wheat Germ 2 tbsp.

Worcestershire Sauce 1 tsp.


Note: We recommend limiting your daily caffeine intake.

Broth (low sodium) Limit to 8 oz.

Broth (sodium free) Limite to 16 oz.

Carbonated or Mineral Water Unlimited.

Club Soda Unlimited.

Coffee Unlimited.

Diet Soda/Diet Soft Drinks Unlimited.

Drink Mixes (sugar free) Unlimited.

Tea (Black, Green, Herbal) Unlimited.

Tonic Water (sugar free) Unlimited..

Comment #2

Great advice above..

I would say main thing while you wait is to totally retrain bumping up daily water intake to at least 64 oz and managing that consistently into your daily patterns..

Good luck!!.

Get slim and hot!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #3

Welcome to Nutrisystem! The posters above already covered what I was going to say. I was a little confused at first too because I thought all I was going to eat was the Nutrisystem meal entrees, but you will be glad you can add in fresh fruit, veggies, protein, dairy, etc.

One way to see how many servings of these add-ins you'll need per day is to look at the calorie tracker (it's under My Program, then click on Overview). Make sure you adjust your plan to reflect whatever meal plan you've chosen (for instance, I'm on the Women's Vegetarian Plan). It will show you what you are supposed to eat for each meal (you can click on each category and it'll show you many different choices for a particular category)..

Anyway, hope I'm not confusing you. Just explore the online tools and you'll see it's pretty user-friendly..

Good luck on your weight-loss journey. Hope to see you around the boards...

Comment #4

It's really easy to get started. I agree you should start to drink water, clear cupboards of tempting food, make room for new food, plan your shopping list. My shopping list includes low sodium deli turkey, eggs (for hard boiling), fruits, veg, microwavable frozen veg, peanut butter, nuts, low sodium v-8, fat free and light yogurt, fat free cottage cheese, sugar free jello cups and sugar free popsicles (for rare gotta have extras!)..

Good luck and welcome aboard!..

Comment #5


Participating in the community is a great idea! Many members agree that the support, advice and information they exchange here really helps to boost their commitment and accountability! Be sure to check out all of the features and tools we have to offer while you wait for your food to arrive! Under Challenge Central you can join in on a fun and exciting weight loss challenge, through Newbies you can connect with fellow beginners, and in the Age Groups you can meet members your age! Also, keep in mind that we have a Recommended Grocery Foods list under the Tips and Recipes tab, and if you have any questions or concerns, our experts are always more than willing to help out in the Dietitians Corner!.

Feel free to contact us in the Ask the Mod forum, or via email at , if you need any assistance while exploring the site..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!..

Comment #6

My husband likes the food, hopefully yours will too, make sure for the next order you let him go online and pick what he wants, you don't have to eat the same entre for dinner if you don't want, just share the add ins... actually he will get a few more add ins than you. He shouldn't be hungry there is plenty of food so shouldn't take him long to get with the program. Tell him to come online and check out the mens room... they will help get him motivated!..

Comment #7

I keep all my food in one area. Easier to get to. My pantry is stocked full of stuff I don't eat, but it does not really bother me. My hubby is not on NS, but has been supportive. He has been supportive and gives me compliments on the weight loss. I reckon if your hubby does not like NS, you just go ahead. If you are doing it for you, then you will have success...

Comment #8

Also, how can I get my husband as excited for this as I am?.

I'm afraid I just went ahead and ordered it for the both of us and then told him about it. We've both been trying to loose weight this past year and struggling. He isn't angry, but he says he isn't happy but will give it a try. At least for the first week of free food...

Comment #9

Hi Tessa.

Clean out your cupboards! One BBB was intimidating I can't imagine getting 2.

For me it is nice to have all my Nutrisystem food in one area. I have all mine arranged by meal and in alphabetical order as well but I am a neurotic neat freak like that.

I also keep all of the choclate bars and/or cookies in the fridge. This hot weather makes them smooshy in my house..

The grocery shopping is pretty basic. I weekly buy Egg Beaters, fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies and that's about it. I always have back up frozen veggies in the freezer too..

Good luck to you and yours!..

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