What can i do to make my hair grow faster and thicker right from the Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: What can I do to make my hair grow faster and thicker right from the Vitamin Shoppe?.

My main question is: Hi everyone. I'm a consultant, so I live in a hotel most of the week. I have found that Whole Foods is my lifesaver for this program they have a great salad bar and a microwave. My hotel does not have a microwave but it is one of the better hotels in the town I'm in so I choose comfort over convenience. Also, Outback has excellent fresh steamed veggies just request no butter. They'll also give you a cup of hot water to cook your Nutrisystem soup or pasta..

Anyone have ideas for road warriers or personal success from the road to share?.



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Your question was: What can I do to make my hair grow faster and thicker right from the Vitamin Shoppe?.

Thanks Gina! I appreciate your ideas. And I love your quote! And congratulations your commitment to yourself in doing this program has obviously paid off!..

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You don't have to refridgerate LC lite cheese? This is great news. My fridge is stuffed!.

I have a couple of restaurant tips:.

1. Wendy's. You can have several items on their menu safely (chili, chicken grill are my favs) and you can opt for salad or fruit rather than fries..

2. Mongolian Grills (our local one is a chain called HuHots). I just had this tonight while away from home. At a Mongolian Grill you can choose your own fairly lean meat, veggies and noodles (I don't get noodles). You pick the sauces you want and they grill it up for you customa nice stirfry. Stay with the non-sweet sauces and don't use the oil.

Very good and light..

Check the breakfast bar at your hotel. A lot of them offer light yogurt, fruit and boiled eggs, all of which are on plan. Grab and go!.

Syntrax Nectar. I bring this when I travel. It is a form of protein that mixes with a spoon and tastes great. I use the Carribean cooler flavor (90 cals, 23 grams protein) mixed in with a small pineapple juice (tastes like a decadent Pina Colada!)it's the perfect replacement on the go for a NS midmorning snack and no blender mixes totally lump free. All flavors are okay, but the Cherry and Carribean cooler are fantastic!.


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Thanks Karma. I like the Mongolian grill idea, but the only one I know of also has a Chinese food buffet... way too tempting this soon!!! I just started this week..

I shoul d add to my post that my situation does not require me to only eat restaurant food... I can bring NS food (I arrive early to check my luggage, another small part of my commitment to making myself successful with this program), just looking for places to cook it and get some veggies. And I HATE eating in my hotel room, especially in the winter (I'm in the midwest) because after I eat I'll just get in bed and watch TV..

Thanks again for your reply! I look forward to trying Syntrax Nectar..


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100 posts and you, too, are a SENIOR MEMBER.....

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Thanks Pam..

BTW I love your sports bra photo, what an achievement! I'll be working to do the same...

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I travel 27 days a month as an expert witness for state and federal trials in the area of banking litigation and have been 100% on NutriSystem for 22 months (with 100 pounds gone to show for it...). It takes work and planning to stay on plan (especially my insistence on 100% every day), but it surely can be done (I'm living proof!)..

Portable foods (i.e. muffins, lunch and dessert bars, snacks) help a lot, as does just learning the Nutritional Values of the add-ins and how to order from any restaurant or room service and fit the plan. I carry my own dressing (Walden Farms Italian packets, 0 calorie, 0 carb, 1 serving per packet from or and order salads with no dressing. I order steamed veggies with NOTHING on them, just plain. I order scrambled egg(s) with NOTHING on them, just plain. I use McDonald's small parfait sometimes as an afternoon snack.

And, restaurants everywhere will heat your entree for you, just ask. It's just learning the plan and planning how to make it work..

I recently returned from photographing polar bears in the Arctic with the Audubon Society and one whole suitcase was nothing but my food. Had to stay 100%, y'know...LOL...

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Thanks Pam.

0 calorie... my first thought is that the dressing packet must be the same size as a salt packet!!! LOL I'll check it out. And I'll start asking restaurants to heat my entrees and see how it goes..

My biggest challenge will be next week- 4 nights in Las Vegas. I already requested a microwave in my room...

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