What can I add to Medifast pudding for taste?

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I'm soOo fond of the original JELL-O pudding cups... I could live off those forever!.

I am well aware that Medifast choc. pudding could never be as good as... but my question is... to you marvelous wonder-workers... How can I make Medifast puddings taste better?!! What can I add or sub to make it taste just a bit more store bought... or at the very least, lose that medicinal flavor??? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!..

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Your question was: What can I add to Medifast pudding for taste?.

I like to mix the pudding with 1/2 cup COLD water using a mixer, not shaker. Then I put it in the freezer till it just starts freezing around the edges. To me it's like frozen yogurt on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside..


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Sometimes I add low fat or fat free creamed cheese to mine and whip it up in my Magic Bullet. I MIGHT add an ice cube and I'll take a look to see if I need to add a tad more cold water or whatever...adjust as needed. Although our allowance on the creamed cheese is 2 tablespoons, I feel that one TBS is enough for this. Makes the pudding a lot creamier and adjusting the water/ice as needed can get you to a nice, thick, creamy pudding that will be gone too soon..

And yes...playing with extracts can yield some really good results...

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I add SF Cararmel syrup to the banana pudding and use VERY cold water and a wire wisk - it's my favorite!..

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I am seeing ideas for the chocolate and banana puddings, but how about flavoring the vanilla pudding? I ended up with lots of that somehow, but am not liking the taste much...

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Great Pudding Ideas..

I use my pudding as my last meal, sort of a desert to top the day off. I love the chocolate but not fond of vanilla or banana. These ideas might help.

I am waiting for my Medifast delivery today and have been out of pudding for a week or so now. I can't wait to try the cream cheese idea. I have been so rigid so far on trying anything as I have been afraid of triggering a sweet tooth or something. But after 4 weeks I am ready for some variety.


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Kris, I do the same, ending my day with a "treat" of pudding. Like I said, I have lots of the vanilla pudding, but don't really care for it is. I need to figure out how to make it taste better so that I can use it up...

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Why not just experiment on your own? See what you can come up with then let us know...

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I love all the puddings- I make them in my magic bullet using the small cup and the flat bade- then I put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes- comes out with the same consistancy as the jello pudding cups...

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Wow I love the Medifast puddings totally as they are however to the vanilla one I have added some Capella drops to add flavor. I was going to see if I could find a cheesecake flavor to add so it will be like having a cheesecake. YUMO!.

The banana is my favorite, chocolate next, vanilla not so much, but I can mock up the vanilla with flavors so it's all good!..

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Uh oh...I need to amend something I posted earlier in this thread about the cream cheese..

First...the serving size is 1 Tbs...not 2. ( The meal planner here gives us two...but double checking shows it as 1.).


One tablespoon of REGULAR cream cheese counts as one serving of fat and...

One tablespoon of low-fat or fat free cream cheese counts as one serving of condiment....not fat..

Y' first glance it seems that these lists are really short and easy to learn, but I return to them almost daily and discover something I missed the first time..

Sorry about the mis-information earlier..

Never thought about using the flat blade in the Magic Bullet for pudding. That makes sense and I'm sure gonna try it. Thanks for the tip...

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Well, I only like the chocolate pudding, so I can offer a little help. First of all, as far as consistency, it's hit or miss. Sometimes it's a little runny, sometimes it's fine, I think it depends on how carefully I measure the water. I use just a teeny bit less that the 1/2 cup called for, to avoid the runny pudding. As far as flavorings, there are tons of things you could do. Personally, I like a few drops of orange or raspberry extract, the taste then reminds me of these candies I used to get in Solvang (Dutch village in central California, fyi).

There are tons of flavors, so just choose what sounds good to you. As far as the Vanilla, well I don't really have any great ideas except the SF syrups, or maybe some vanilla extract, to enhance the flavor. I do know that some people enjoy a bit of PB2 in the Banana though..

Hope some of these ideas help, happy MF-ing!.


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I like to mix the pudding with 1/2 cup COLD water using a mixer, not shaker. Then I put it in the freezer till it just starts freezing around the edges. To me it's like frozen yogurt on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside..


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