What are the worst Nutrisystem foods?

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New member here! getting ready to order tomorrow, and there are so many choices! Would love to know what ones are really good and what ones are baaad! I know everyone has different tastes, but some of the entrees are probably much better or worse than others...please help......

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Your question was: What are the worst Nutrisystem foods?.

I personally didn't care for the minestrone or the Buffalo chicken wraps, but make up your own mind about them!..

Comment #1

Always try everything at least twice. At the beginning of NS, and maybe 3 months later. Your tastebuds definitely change and you will find that the things you didn't like, could become your favorites..

Colleen: your new avi cracks me up, you funny girl!..

Comment #2

Ok, I will bite.

Split Pea Soup - GROSS, and I love and miss my peas..

Most of the chocolate is just too bland and dry - my second month consisted of salty snacks and a few fruit bars..

Mac and cheese.

Scones - any flavor, taste like cardboard and the texture is the same.

The burger - was ok, but so glad I only got one - I would rather have a turkey burger or veggie burger.

I like more than I dislike - but these are a few I could think of that I could not choke down. Again these are my taste buds...

Comment #3

If you customize your order to try everything (like Pam recommended) and you find that there are some foods that you really don't like, save any unopened remaining entrees of that type and you can call Nutrisystem to arrange an exchange of food withing 30 days of the order. You have to pay to return the unwanted items, but the shipping for the new items sent out to you is free.

So just try everything. There really is no way from the names or descriptions of the entrees to know what you will like or dislike before you try them. Also, try adding veggies, spices, etc. I like most of the entrees as long as I'm in my own kitchen so I can fix them with the right add-ins...

Comment #4

Great advice Pam! I wish I would have read that when I started.

I agree with everyone, just try everything. I am about to get my 2nd shipment and I had a huge variety of stuff the first time around. I kept track of which foods I really liked and which I did not in my meal planner. Now, I adjusted my 2nd shipment with my favorites and added a few new items in that I still wanted to try..

A couple of my favorites are the grilled chicken and the flatbread pizza because they are so versatile. There are so many different ways to eat them. They both go great with veggies so it's a good way to get your veggie portions in. Good luck!..

Comment #5

Actually you could have! It's been on the board lots of times..

Newbies need to use the Search function to find a wealth of info here! No need to wait for people to respond to posts - just do a little research. Really, you could learn a lot from the posts that are here.

Good luck with your weight loss, samflory...

Comment #6

Pam's the best samflory, isn't she?.

Newbies need not do anything but ask..

There are always poeple like Pam and DebKitty and others to offer the information...

Comment #7

My worst (fajitas) are quite popular and you may love them. My favorite (buffalo chicken made into a cassserole) isn't popular for many. You have to try for yourself!.

This is some general Newbie Advice:.

1. Clean out your cupboards because a month's worth of food takes up a lot of space. You might as well shove all that other stuff to the side..

2. Here is a basic list of grocery items that will help you out at first. Of course you'll have to tailor it to your likes, but if you are overwhelmed, get these and you'll be fine the first week. Nutrisystem requires you to supplement their food with fruits, veggies, proteins, fats, carbs, and dairy..


Fat Free (FF) yogurt (find some that is 120 calories or lower with at least 7 grams of protein more is better, but no more than 3 grams of fat).

FF milk.

Low fat string cheese.

Turkey deli meat.

Veggies other than potato or corn.


Whole wheat rolls (120 calories or lower).


Peanut butter.

FF salad dressing (probably 2 kinds).

Lots of salad makings (no croutons).

3. Drink ALL the water. Nutrisystem says at least 48 ounces a day but I'd shoot for 64. Other drinks with no calories, caffeine, or sodium also count as water. Caffeine is allowed, but doesn't count as water..

4. Eat ALL the food. Leaving out any of the add-in servings will slow down your weight loss and is not healthy. A big part of Nutrisystem is learning about proper nutrition and portion control..

5. Weigh only once a week. Weight (espeically in women) fluctuates a lot from day to day. Waiting for a week helps ensure you don't get discouraged. Nutrisystem is NOT a quick diet plan. It is a very healthy way to lose weight slowly while teaching you how to properly fuel your body.

But it DOES work as long as you stay on plan most of the time..

6. This biggest tip to succes on this plan is to hang out on a support board (my favorite is the 50+ Support Group but you can find many others that may be more appropriate for you). It is the perfect way to get support and information and to be a bit more accountable.

7. Exercise is an extremely valuable tool on this program. If you can get even 15 minutes a day in, you'll be on your way. If you can build up from that at least 5 days a week, you'll not only lose faster, but you'll be amazed at how much better it makes you feel physically and emotionally in a very short time. This program works without exercise just more slowly..

8. Have FUN because once the pounds and inches start disappearing, this program is very exciting and your motivation will feed on your success. Good luck and WAY TO GO making such a fantastic choice for better health and fitness. Good for YOU!..

Comment #8

You also might like to make selections based on where you'll be having your meals. Some people can only take bars for lunch at work, others have access to a microwave, others stay home. Ditto for breakfast - can you make oatmeal, have cereal or need to have something to eat right out of the package? You get the idea....

Personally, my top 10 includes Apples Scones, Cheesy Potatoes, Double Choc Caramel Bars, pizza and Chicken Alfredo. I also like the Rotini & Meatballs, veggie fajitas, and buffalo chicken wraps. On the weekend I can make eggs or pancakes..

Bottom line, everyone is right - try it, you may love it!.

Good luck!..

Comment #9

We definitely have different taste buds, because most of the things mentioned here, are foods I like. My taste buds are not fans of a lot of the tomato based foods and I prefer breakfast and lunch foods to dinner. Make sure to go to the recipe page and forums, because there are a lot of options to "help" foods you may not like. My favourites are those by Christina Gray (found here: ) and I also find this discussion board helpful: with pics of food.

Best of luck!..

Comment #10

This is why you really need to try things for yourself; most of what BeachPoodle listed are some of my absolute favorites I could eat a scone 4 times a week and the burger as often...trial and error is your best bet...

Comment #11

I have nothing to add. it's all been said. I agree with all of it and just came in to encourage you to stick with it and welcome you. We are a diverse group and everyone here wants you to succeed and we will try to help you whenever you ask. Or if you need a cyber hug we are pretty good at that too..

I just posted about a product I didn't like and nearly everyone who responded said they love it, so you need to do as they suggest and try everything once and then in a few months try it again...

Comment #12

The only one I can say personally That I don't like is the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Other than that everything I have tried I have liked. Some better than others, but for the most part, everything is good...

Comment #13

Oh man, that Buffalo chicken wrap looks and tastes awful, to me. I took one bite and said "no way" husband took a bite, and then he threw it in the trash. I like just about everything else I've tried...

Comment #14

I find most of the breakfast choices and desserts to be sickingly sweet, and have an very chemically (is that w word?) taste...

Comment #15

The likes and dislikes differs with each person. In addition, a food that you do not like at the beginning may be a favorite later in the program. I am really bad about eating the same thing everyday then I get board. When I started Nutrisystem I made the decision to get a variety of foods so that I would not get board as fast. I do have my favorites and my not so favorites. However, I have not had anything that I could not eat.

Hope this helps some. I am in my third week so I am just learning as well. Good luck...

Comment #16

The opposite is true, too. Things I really liked at first are no longer my favorites. I loved the fudge brownie, but now it has a chemical taste to me. But I have found other favorites that I thought I didn't like before. I don't know what accounts for the change in taste, but it does happen. And now that I am doctoring them up as suggested on a few posts, I am even liking the dreaded buffalo chicken wraps!!!..

Comment #17

The worst foods are the ones you filled yourself full of before NS. I know those foods packed over 50 pounds on me!..

Comment #18

I absolutely hate the buffalo chicken wrap, broccoli soup, walnut cookie, &any of the cereal. Everything else is pretty good, but I still havent tried everything yet......

Comment #19

No one seems to like the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. I was scared of it at first and don't think I would have liked it plain, but I made it into a kind of pizza and it was delicious. So even if you don't like something right off, play with it..

Personally I don't like the cheesey dishes, like the cheese ravioli or the cheese tortellini or anything with alfredo sauce. The fake cheese tastes horrible to me. I know those are some people's absolute favorite dishes though..

I saw someone once say to try one of everything, then try it again in a few months. I think that's excellent advice...

Comment #20

Oh no, you mean I might get tired of this nightly chocolate fix I'm getting?!.

Tastes definitely do vary, but the nice thing is, with the amount of veggies, fruits, and proteins with the meals, you can doctor up the recipes to make what isn't your favorite more palatable. There are tons of threads on how to doctor everything up. I love chicken salad in general, but not too fond of the Nutrisystem chicken salad. So I took my 2 veggies (peppers and cucumbers), my fruit (grapes), and protein (hard boiled egg), chopped them all up and mixed them with the chicken salad, and it was pretty enjoyable.

Experiment. Eating well is a lifetime journey. Nutrisystem is here to teach us how to do it...

Comment #21

I like the buffalo chicken wrap...not very pretty, but it sure tastes good. As it's been said a few times now....try it all once for yourself. Tastes vary so much it's not fair to base it on what someone else likes or doesnt like.


Comment #22

Some people may like them, but as for me, I will never ever ever eat the Buffalo Wrap again.....I love everything else..

Comment #23

I think the hot dog is rather nasty. Also I don't like the meatloaf. But everything else I've had so far I like a lot...

Comment #24

I could have written your post....can't stand the buffalo chicken wrap & the Broccoli Soup! I will never try those again. I know my tastes won't change for either....too bad I still have a broccoli soup in my pantry...

Comment #25

I like most of what I got the first month, except the pancake mix and anything with rice. I love rice so can't understand that, LOL. I have been on Nutrisystem for 1 month lost 11lbs, yea!!!..


The best is yet to come.

282-271 goal 150..........YES..

Comment #26

The buffalo chicken wrap by far is totally gross.....

Comment #27

I'm on Day 2 of Nutrisystem plan (I was on the plan in 2006, but alot of new foods have been added since then). Last night I had the BBQ Pork wrap ... I couldn't stomach it. I tried to thin out the bbq gunk, but that didn't work either ... finally I got rid of the bbq gunk altogether and ate some chicken pieces with the tortilla. I hope I have a different opinion about the Buffalo Chicken wrap then most of you, and hope it's better than the Pork wrap. I do agree that everyone has different tastes but it doesn't hurt to hear the reviews on Nutrisystem foods too...

Comment #28

Your worst foods would most likely be my favorite foods. Our tastes are completely different. Just like you don't like everything on a restaurant menu, you probably won't like everything here...but just like you and I would probably have different tastes on that same menu, so will we here..

Another thing: After one detoxes from grease, salt, sugar, etc., you might be surprised how your own tastes change. What you don't like at first, you may come to love the next time you try it..

My advice after being here for 4 1/2 years is to try everything at least twice and make up your own mind what you like/dislike. Many times I've seen members say that they didn't order a certain dish because someone told them they thought it was "horrible" and when they finally did eat it, it was their absolute favorite and they couldn't believe they did without it for weeks/months..

Welcome aboard! Be sure to call and speak to a Counselor (1-800-321-8446, Option 4) and go over your program with him/her. They help you get started off right.

Below I have listed some of the important things you will need to know as you start your NutriSystem journey:.

1. Eat all of your food (mark all of the circles in your Menu Planner) and then stop (and, if you are buying from QVC, you may have a slightly different plan or different food from people buying directly from NutriSystem);.

2. If you are a woman with under 100 pounds to lose, you only get a Low GI Carb with an entree that calls for a small roll or tortilla, then you add a multi-grain or whole-wheat roll (or any of the Carb selections) of between 80-120 calories (or 45 calories' worth of bread or melba toast for the chicken salad). If you have over 100 pounds to lose (man or woman, any plan), you add a Low GI Carb to both Breakfast AND Dinner and an extra fruit serving to lunch;.

3. Read the instructions and information on all of the food packages (see #2);.

4. The milk for the cereal is NOT counted as your Protein/Dairy serving for breakfast, but is part of the entree itself. You still need to add your Dairy/Protein serving if your plan calls for it.;.

5. Your dairy/protein serving should be 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more (but you can go as high as 120 calories once per day for yogurt, if necessary to meet the minimum protein requirements);.

6. Have a dairy/protein serving with your fruit to avoid sugar (carb) spikes from the fruit alone that happens to some people;.

7. Drink ALL of your water (64 oz. minimum), and you can count Crystal Light and decaf teas as PART of your water intake, but try to have as much plain water as you can;.

8. If you choose to imbibe alcoholic drinks, you could slow your weight loss and become dehydrated and end up munching snacks when you shouldn't, but you are an adult and it is a personal choice (just count it as completely empty calories and don't skip any food to make up for it);.

9. If you can exercise, DO...just walking is excellent, but do as much as you can;.

10. NO, we do not know how FAST you will lose (even though average, healthful weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds per week, long term, and is quoted by the Dietitians as being average on NutriSystem after the typical first whoosh of loss by some);.

11. The people on the Discussion Boards are your to help you, motivate you, and kick your butt when necessary...don't be afraid to ask questions, but if you don't like the answers you get, well, those answers are based on the knowledge and experience of the responder. Ummm, like, don't shoot the messenger, y'know?.

12. You can have up to three (3) "free foods" per day, just not at the same time. A free food is anything 20 calories or less, which includes a Sugar Free Popsicle (15 calories), Sugar Free Jello (10 calories), Sugar Free Gum...anything that you want to take the edge off those munchie times..

13. You may (just may, not always) get GAS...some members refer to them as the NutriToots. Beano and/or Gas-X seems to help..

14. Be sure to read and study the MINDSET MAKEOVER under the MY PROGRAM tab above. It really does help you get your head around this lifestyle change...

Comment #29

Dahl73, welcome!.

As you can imagine, this question has been asked before here, so people may hesitate to re-post their responses yet again..

Go to the Search function (top right of board). Then click on Advanced Search. Feed in keywords "least favorite", confine your search to titles only in this food talk and tips forum only, and a bunch of threads will come up, with lots of posts..

The search function will help you answer a lot of your basic questions about the program..

Happy searching....and losing weight!..

Comment #30

Dahl73, this is GREAT advice from someone who has had great success with NS, not only in losing the weight but maintaining for longer than anyone I know on these boards...

Comment #31

I agree that everyone has their own favourites, but if you want to see photos of what you're getting and hear my thoughts, I have a food review blog at Just click the tags on the right hand side of the page to read about that food item...

Comment #32

I personally didn't care for the minestrone or the Buffalo chicken wraps, but make up your own mind about them!..

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