What are the best new Medifast foods?

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So what does everyone think of the new food items? Which is your favorite and least favorite?..

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Your question was: What are the best new Medifast foods?.

I like all of them, but I think the Parm. Cheese should be a little more cheesier, they are a little bland in my opinion. Linda in Pa...

Comment #1

I really like the Nacho Chili Cheese Puffs. They are kinda on the zippy side. Makes you drink lots of water with them. The Parm Puffs are good, so are the Cinn. Pretzels. Didn't order the HM Pretz.

P.S. I do eat them slowly like a meal...not as a snack...

Comment #2

I like the parm puffs and the cinnamon pretzels the best. The other two are good also but I prefer the first two for now. They're just such a nice change of pace. I can't stomach the bars well, just an occasional peanut butter crunch. It's great to have new choices...

Comment #3

I Love all the new items but the cinamon pretzels. I also love grinding up the pretzels and using them as a "breading" on my baked tofu. Super Yum!..

Comment #4

I've only tried the nacho chili cheese puffs. They're pretty good! I've heard good things about the cinnamon pretzels.....

Comment #5

I LOVE all of these new meals! It's even hard to pick a least favorite because they are so tasty...

Comment #6

I haven't tried the pretzels yet, but I like the puffs. The parmesan ones are a little bland to me, but it's great to have on-the-go options. The nacho cheese have a lot of flavor!..

Comment #7

The Nacho Puffs are good and the Cinn pretzels I have them for breakfast in the mornig as well with my coffee..

Comment #8

I've been dusting the Cinnamon Pretzels with more cinnamon and Splenda, then warming them in the oven. It's like a bowl of mini churros for breakfast!..

Comment #9

They are all great, if I had to upgrade one it would be the parm puffs, if they had been cheddar puffs it would have been awesome..

It's just making ordering so difficult now, there is so much great stuff..

Comment #10

The puffs are very good actually, at least the chili nacho kind...I'm eating them now. I started daydreaming and forgot I was eating a diet food lol..

Comment #11

You guys rock!! Thanks for the feedback. Interesting to see how different things appeal to different people!!.


Comment #12

I love the 1 box of the chili puffs ohhhhhhhboy they r great whish I had ordered more it's great to have variety I added it to my lean and green taco salad yum yum I will order all the other new stuff to see if I personally like each new item I am so excited...

Comment #13

I am an odd ball I guess... I love the parm puff just the way they are.. And I love the honey mustard "pretzels" .. not fond of the cinn ones and the nacho puffs are great.. sprinlked them on a taco salad.. was awesome.


Comment #14

I think the parmesan puffs are yummy. They are great when I want something with a crunch!..

Comment #15

The Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs were ok, not a fan of the chili taste - wish they were just nacho cheese then they would be very yummy. Not a fan of the pretzels, too cardboard like...

Comment #16

Love them all, but I will say I love the nacho cheese puffs best. I feel like the cinnamon pretzels are very understated in the flavor, which I can't decide how I feel about yet, while the HM pretzels are just right. Love them all though, like I said Nice to have something salty to crunch on to offset the crunchy sweet of the bars...

Comment #17

I like all of them but the cinnamon pretzel are my fav. I have been having them for breakfast like everyday...

Comment #18

I like all of them, but I think the Parm. Cheese should be a little more cheesier, they are a little bland in my opinion. Linda in Pa...

Comment #19

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