What are the best and worst tasting foods with Medifast?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What are the best and worst tasting foods with Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... What activites are you excited to be able to do after you get to (or close to) goal?.

I can't wait to;.

Wear shorts.

Go to nightclubs and not feel like the biggest one there.

Wear short skirts.

Feel good at the beach and not keep my coverup on the whole time.

Not sweat as much (i know, gross)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Go to my 25th High School Reunion and have people tell me I haven't changed a bit!.

Wear my wedding dress again. Hubby will rent a tux and we'll go out on the town for our 20th Anniversary. Then HE'LL tell me I haven't changed a bit!.

Be healthy and strong and inspire others to do the same!.

Run the Paris (France) Marathon in April 2012!.

Wear all the cute clothes I have in my closet from the "last" time around!.

Get rid of all my clothes above a size 8!.

Carry around my "before" picture in my purse so I can share Medifast with others on a daily basis!.


Comment #2

Be able to go to a movie theatre, concert, live event, etc. and not feel like I'm waaaay too big for the chair..

Comment #3

I can't wait to run again..

To shop in the regular sizes..

To work all day in the yard and still have energy to spare..

To walk into a room and not feel like everyone is seeing the weight and not really seeing me...

Comment #4

SO many and I do some of these now:.

Walk into a room and not feel like the biggest person in there..

Not have people staring at me because my weight..

Not hearing the "You have such a pretty face if.." I hate that statement. Even if someone is big I always, always find something positive to say that has nothing to do with weight..

Getting up from the floor and not needing a fork life..

Working all day in my yard and not crashing at 5..

Running a half marathon at Disney world..

Competing in a Triathalon not at the Athena Weight (150+)..

Being one of those people that say "No thank you I am full" after eating 1/2 my dinner and passing on dessert...

Comment #5

To walk up stairs and not feel like you can't get a breath.

Not go to the big girl stores.

Get off some of my meds.

Feel better about myself!..

Comment #6

Good thread....

-Wear shorts and tank tops with confidence.

-Wear my swimming suit WITHOUT shorts.

-Do more with my kids and be able to keep up.

-Sit on an airplane with out feeling like I am invading my neighbors space.

-Wear heels without feeling like the heels are gonna stab through the ground.

-Wear sext lingerie for my hubby without feeling like a sow on an auction block.

-and last but not least, INSPIRE OTHERS!..

Comment #7

Become a runner. I've always dreamed about it, but with past knee problems and being overweight, it wasn't possible..

Get a full wardrobe of nicely made, quality clothes that fit well, are comfortable, and don't look silly or wear out in the thighs or get all stretched out and look funny after a few wearings..

Get a full "wardrobe" of shoes that are beautiful, don't have "ortho" in the name, and that don't get stretched out...

Comment #8

This is an awesome thread! I just made a blog about this the other day, so here's mine...

Why I look forward to being "Skinny"!:.

*I can wear my "skinny" clothes again- I lost 40lbs before but gained it all back over the course of about 2yrs. I didnt have the heart to throw away my skinny clothes so they are in a box, waiting for me!.

*I can enjoy physical activities- I can participate without worrying how stupid I look as the fat girl in the group tries to run/dance/play, ect...

*I can put on a lifejacket at my grandparents' without having to adjust it bigger after my skinny-a** cousins used it!.

*I can climb stairs easily- I can climb stairs at my grandparents' and in laws without asking why the heck they chose this stupid house with all these stairs?!.

*I can wear a seat belt correctly- Unless you've been skinny, you may not know that the seat belt is supposed to sit accross your lap, not around your stomach. I briefly had the pleasure of experiencing this ( I also learned about it in a seatbelt/carseat class so I know it is fact)..

*I can wear summer clothes- Although I am very modest and do not usually wear a whole lot of shorts, skirts, sleeveless, ect., I will be excited to wear things aside from full jeans, tshirts, 3/4 length sleeves, and other clothes that hide my arms and legs. (Yes, I have been wearing jeans in the summer.. Not for long though!).

Slightly sarcastic, but that was the mood I was in the other day. Lol...

Comment #9

Wear a bikini for the first time in my adult life....

Attend my 25th high school reunion....


Wait for it....

To have maintained my goal weight for one year and beyond... That's number 1!!.

Happy "OP" Thursday everyone!.


Comment #10

I fit into my clothes again. I have only bought a few things since I gained and I am sick of wearing the same thing every day....(I work out of my house so no one sees me. Otherwise I would have been forced to buy some work clothes.)..

Comment #11

Wear "normal" sized clothes.

Be normal weight range so my feet and "kankles lmao" dont swell like they do now.

Breathe/sleep better.

Get off BP meds.

PCOS symptoms get under control.

Normal menses cycles.

Not shop in Plus size.


Comment #12

These are what I want:.

I want to have and be able to wear a pair of sexy knee high boots.

Fit into my short skirts again.

Able to jog for a mile + again.

To learn how to scuba dive.

I'm hoping my bra size will go from a D to a C so I can get cute bras without having to pay more or special order them.

Ok so really to summarize, I can't wait til I look like a pirate hooker who can scuba dive and jogs on a regular basis..

Comment #13

LOL Don't forget who wears cute bras while jogging!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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