What are the best and worst Medifast foods?

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First question I have is What are the best and worst Medifast foods? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... What do you guys get when you go to starbucks!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Grande passion fruit tea with sugar free vanilla syrup..

Comment #2

A bold coffee with a Tablespoon (1/2 healthy fat) or two (1 healthy fat) of half and half...

Comment #3

Meh, the only thing I really cared for @ Starbucks is the cold drinks and they are all unhealthy. I make my own @ home. Coffee of choice. Pour over ice. Add SF Syrup of choice and a couple packets of splenda. DELISH. And a LOT cheaper...

Comment #4

My work provides a Keurig machine with a wide variety of K-cups. Free is better than seriously over-priced any day!..

Comment #5

Venti Black tea with 2 splendas ....its my addiction.

Ive cuz back greatly tho since I started MF..

Comment #6

OOOO Or lately...half a starbucks VIA packet into my choco Medifast shake...delish..

Comment #7

If I go to Starbucks (which I don't as often as I used to now that we have a Keurig!) I get a venti iced pike place or bold roast and use a tablespoon of half and half and one splenda. It's a yummy treat with the half and half...

Comment #8

Tall americano with sugar free vanilla and add my own 1/2 and 1/2..

Comment #9

Being in Washington and having a Starbucks on every corner; I go in and get hubby stuff. Usually I just get myself a water, but sometimes I splurge iced green tea unsweetened, no water + 2 splenda. No matter what I get I always order a venti iced water along with it. I drink that before I ever touch my drink no matter how much water I have had before that...

Comment #10

I hate coffee, so don't go out of my way to go to Starbucks, but I do like their Tazo Zen tea, so I get a venti Zen hot tea with two tea bags. I don't add anything to it (am thankful I weened myself off of sweet tea when I was a child)...

Comment #11

I normally don't go but when I do - passion iced tea. I actually really love it..

Not a big coffee drinker but when I do - americano with a spleda...

Comment #12

Venti hot water... I bring my own Yogi tea...

Comment #13

Before Medifast I was a venti cinnamon dolce latte drinker. Now I stick with my coffee that I order from and just add two drops of liquid sucralose and a tablespoon of half & half. I limit myself to three cups of that mixture, and also have a Dutch Chocolate/coffee shake in the mornings. If I get a craving for more, I'll have a cup black. It's amazing coffee, so it's great no matter what you do to it...

Comment #14

I would invest in the Keurig and you can make WONDERFUL coffee drinks with torani s.f syrup ....

Or just buy the flavored K cups for the keurig and you dont even have to add the sf syrups....

Keurig made coffee my new addiction...

Comment #15

You can hate me if you like.... Venti, Pike, 2 pumps no-sugar hazlenut, and 2 splenda!..

Comment #16

I usually get a tall americano in a grande cup....then ask for a kids cup filled 1/2 with cold water so I can stir up my packet of hot chocolate or cappuccino....then I add this to the americano! I used to get a nonfat no whip mocha...which is 42 carbs at grande size...I've been doing Medifast since end of Nov so once or twice I have ordered this and just adjusted carbs for the rest of the day to stay within 80-85. My tastebuds have really gotten used to the americano thing though so now the mocha tastes kind of funny! BTW...I have lost 45 pounds and am right about at my goal! yeah!..

Comment #17

Keurig=crack. I love it. I invested in a ton of cool coffee thermos mug things to house my crack, I mean coffee..

Sometimes when I am out and I go to starbucks, I get a venti pike, half and half and splendalove it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #18

This has been hard for me. I live just down the street from starbucks and my brother works there and gives me discounts. I also drive by there a million times a week. I will occasionally get a tall americano or tall coffee and take it home and out a couple of tbsp of H and H in it, as a condiment. But, truth is I have just had to accept that I either want to loose weight or I want to keep going to starbucks. It's a choice...

Comment #19

It is a choice, isn't it? I love your perspective. I also love a tall Americano with SF Hazelnut (2 pumps). I count it as a condiment and add no half and half...

Comment #20

Not adding half and half is my next step. That one is going to be HARD. I love me some cream..

Comment #21

I'm with Krista. I just don't go. The only thing I liked there in the first place was the White Chocolate Mocha...

Comment #22

I don't go right now either, because I would want a latte and that is a LOT of dairy even though I always ordered non-fat and sugar-free before. Someday I will have it again, in that healthy way (non-fat, sugar-free) but as for now I take the money and put it towards my Medifast orders..

Comment #23

Every sunday morning my family goes to Starbucks. Since starting Medifast I changed my order. My old order was a iced venti non fat 8 pump chai. Now I get a tall skinny van latte. This is my weekly treat. The difference between the 2 drinks are insane! no wonder why I gained soooo much weight! lol Yes I know that the milk isnt op but this is a choice I have made and I am pleased with the life style changes and choices I have made thus far!..

Comment #24

When I go I get an Americano. I also loved lattes but yes, after a while it starts to soak in....Eat/Drink how you want or Look how you want. But money and cals/carbs are not worth it. I have an espresso machine at home and make my own now, and almost always stir my shake into it in the morning. I only drink coffee in the morning so that is what works for me. I have come to love my coffee with a shake (or hot cocoa or cappa) in it and prefer it that way! Its just like a mocha/latte to me. Plain coffee is, well, plain!..

Comment #25

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