What are the benefits of getting a Medifast coach?

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Ok so I've been doing this MFin' journey solo for a long time - since Mid-April and 45 lbs not too shabby, I guess. Though honestly, I expected to be at goal by now, but my body clearly has a mind of it's own and with 7lbs to go until a normal weight (I don't know if it's seen that # since I was born!), so it's fighting me. Hard. Well this weekend I went to a craft fair and I unexpectedly saw all these yellow Medifast boxes staring at me! I ran up to the woman like a kid in the candy store hoping she was selling them (and praying she had some old pretzels with her). Not to mention, I hadn't placed my next Medifast order. Here I thought I could save on shipping LMAO.

My friends looked at me like I was looney tunes and the woman preceeded to try and discuss Medifast with me (HAHAHA)... Little did she know! I told her I knew all about the program as I've been on it roughly 7 months now (wow) and she asked how much I lost and if I had a coach. Here it comes... Nope! I don't. Her boxes were empty (*tear*). She was a TSFL coach and proceeded to tell me how much I was missing my not having a coach.

No offense to those wonderful coaches out there, but I don't like the feeling of other people profiting off of me. Especially if there's no discount! She claimed that they help you make better food choices, recipes and help with transition and such. My question for you - those who have a health coach - do you find it truly helpful? And those without (and/or who are in transition) - did you find it detrimental or helpful to not have a coach? I'm wondering as I approach goal and eventually T&M in the next few months if I should get one. But the stubborn side of me says, I've been doing pretty well on my own and get so much info and help here, that I don't need one. Oooh and my doctor is a TSFL coach, so if I had anyone...


Thanks for listening to my long-winded story.



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I think you would do better with your Doctor, unless you can find a coach here that you really like. You can get discounts by ordering through the Be Slim program (same as MF's VIP program) at TSFL, but you do not need a coach to do so. As for whether or not a coach will help is really dependent on you and what kind of support you personally need. If you feel like you need the one on one support of a coach, then go for it and hopefully you'll find a caring responsive one. If you get the support you need from these forums, then why change something that works?..

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Thanks, De for the input! I agree, if I went with any coach it'd be my doctor. I didn't realize I could get discounts through the Be Slim program... will have to check that out! I wonder if their "discount" equals the Medifast coupons for $50 off or if it comes out to be more. Interesting! Thanks..

Comment #2

From what I've heard, not really, and it takes a few orders to get to the highest discount. There are other perks to it, but it's been so long since I was involved I can't remember them. hehe...

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You need a GOOD coach............................... if it is someone you know that's wonderful!!!..

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I have found that the be slim club membership is very good. it is free shipping and I even got a great kitchen scale from the bonus points!.

I have a health coach and she is wonderful. she is an rn so has a medical background. not saying that is a replacement for a dr but my dr is very pleased with my suuccess on the program.

My health coach is Heather McNally, and she is great! if you want more info on her please let me know and i'll send it to you.

Happy losing!.


Comment #5

My doc and his nurse are my coaches. They offer the TSFL to their patients through their office. He is the best and so encouraging. As someone who has struggled with T2 Diabetes - the medical knowledge he imparts is priceless to me...

Comment #6

I think if you find a coach that's knowledgable as well as one that cares, and is able to listen and make suggestions the health coach is a great part of the team.

Along with your dr, and any other supports you have, such as these boards.

I started out with a health coach 2 months before I ordered the medifast, i've been doing the medifast program now since 4/1/10 and am doing great... my dr has taken me off of my oral diabetic medication, and my insulin, as well as my blood pressure medication... this next month we will be talking about stopping my cholesterol medication as well.

Good health coaches are like good doctors... you find a good fit, and that's great if not, you fire them and move onto the next one.

The health coach does get a percentage of what you spend however most health coaches becom heath coaches because they believe in the program and believe in giving back to the program... the compensation, at least as far as I know is not the major goal of most people being health coaches...

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Just a thought on the sentence I highlighted in your post. The coach isn't making any money from clients that the clients aren't already spending. It's just that without a coach, Medifast is getting all the profit from the food you buy. And, with a coach, MF/TSFL is "paying" the coach to provide a service/support to clients. So, truly, the coaching service is free to you. If you can find a good coach (and it sounds like you have already found one in a your doctor), you could give the free service a try if you feel like it would help you out...

Comment #8

Thanks, everyone! This is all excellent advice. And cellis, you're right - I didn't think of it that way. People have to make some sort of living one way or a nothing. My mom always told me "Nada por nada", and if they are offering good and helpful advice and do get a "kickback" of a sort, it's a small portion of paying for their services. Makes good business sense. And they wouldn't be doing it if they didn't want to help.

I appreciate all the insightful and helpful perspectives you've all provided! Food... err... coach for thought!.



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Lisa - In theory this is true, but unfortunately there are way too many HC's out there that are inexperienced and doing it simply for the money/price breaks they get rather than out of a true desire to help their clients. Things to look for if you decide to go with a coach from these boards is someone who has been on Medifast for a while and shows great success in their ticker. My preference would be someone who has met their goal and is in t&m. Another thing is to read some of the posts made by coaches. I have seen WAY too many posts by people with "Certified Health Coach" under their names or in their siggys asking if something is on plan, or what could they eat from such and such menu. My opinion is that if they can't answer basic questions like this for themselves, how on earth can they help someone else? There are some truly wonderful coaches out there, but it takes some time and effort to find them...

Comment #10

Always so wise and helpful! Thanks, De for the input!..

Comment #11

I love having my health coach this is her info,theres no commitment just support with everyday ques that arrise.Carol is the best.Better Together.

Carol Roberts, Take Shape For Life Certified Health Coach.

Home: 304 757 8568.

Cell: 304 687 9022..

Comment #12

There were a few coaches who posted a lot on here. Are they still around and I just haven't seen their posts or do they post elsewhere now?..

Comment #13

I've heard great things about this particular health coach, but I don't think it is a very good idea to post her name and telephone numbers on an internet board. You can't edit the post, but I bet if you ask a moderator one will take out the phone numbers for you...

Comment #14

I see carol roberts name on everyones friend page They'll be able to find her easy.

Im gonna keep her in mind if I decide to go that route. thanks for info didnt have any idea who to use if needed one..

Comment #15

Her phone # is on her web page.... usually as a coach, you don't really mind having your phone # and other contact info posted.....

Comment #16

That is the only reason I put her info up she already has it posted. And I want everyone to know how helpful she has been and turned my Medifast journey around...

Comment #17

Might I suggest that if you really want to share your Coach's info with other members you do it in a PM? It really is probably not appropriate to post on these boards. Coaches are not allowed to solicit their services on these boards per Medifast's board rules and the rules of TSFL. I would imagine that rule goes for their clients soliciting for them as well. Not that I'm saying that's what you are doing, but I have seen other high pressure posts from Carol's clients in the past. I'm thrilled that you've found a coach that works for you and understand that you are enthusiastic, but I would hate to see her get in any trouble because of that enthusiasm...

Comment #18

One of the ways to help people be successful in this journey is to share what you have learned. It is not against the rules to share if a coach has helped you nor is it against the rules to share their info with other people. Thanks Mia for sharing Carol's information. She truely is an amazing coach that has helped people be successful in their journey towards achieving their weight loss goals...

Comment #19

If you need a coach I would definately give her a call!!!..

Comment #20

Thanks Amg!!!! I can solicit for her all I want and it is not pressure,She talks to me everyday,sends me very helpful info via email and we also have a group that we can all talk to eachother and help eachother out,whine,cheer whatever.I'm sure there are many great coaches out there I just NEVER needed to look further then Carol. The poster wanted "INFO ON COACHES" that what i'm given...

Comment #21

I really don't have a personal issue with that. What I do have an issue with is some of the responses I personally have received from both her and her clients. I made a light hearted comment regarding my health coach on a thread a while back and I was absolutely bombarded by her "followers" and then Carol herself. I don't like being hard pressured by anyone. As I said before, I am very happy that you all love her so much, but I do think you all need to back off a bit and not push your coach on others so hard. I have a list of wonderful, competent coaches that have been in maintenance for some time, have been with Medifast for years and know this program as well as anyone.

Writing a post and saying something like "I have a wonderful coach and if you'd like more information, please PM me" is a wonderful way to get your information out without appearing to pressure people or solicit your coach...

Comment #22

Wow! What a thing to find out about. De please refer to thread you are referring to because to my knowledge only once ever "spoken" with you and thought it was a respectful reply. Maybe you don't take as good as you give...

Comment #23

My last words on this topic,De I'm sorry you feel that way and if you have great coaches then post them,I have never heard nor seen an ill written post from Carol or "her followers" sorry you feel that way I was just simply trying to answer the ques that was asked by the poster. U seem to take things personally and that is not the way it was meant...

Comment #24

De please show me where it says that clients can't discuss info about their coaches... i've been told that the health coach themselves can't solicit, but nothing about client's can't give out info about how their coach has helped them... as a matter of fact, my health coach has told me just the opposite from what you say De, so if TSFL has said that clients can't promote their own coaches strengths... i'd like to see it in black and white...

Comment #25

I agree with De. Coaches can be good or not so good. If De had that experience then that's what she had. I have been ordering from a health coach who has asked more of me than I of her. I never wanted coaching. I get that form these threads and chat.

She sent me an email saying she had been negligent about those tips, but would be sending them. She didn't. I sent a follow up email asking for the tips she had promised. I thought they could be things I could use. She snippily said I had no idea how crazy her life had been.

I tell my 25 year old daughter all the time.."don't promise what you can't deliver..deliver more than you promised". I think some coaches are awesome. I know that. The ones that aren't should bow out and go do something else...

Comment #26

If a coach chooses to post her phone numbers online, that is certainly her prerogative. My only concern with others posting her phone numbers was for her personal safety. Online message boards are not secure places, and not everyone who reads the messages has good intentions. If the coach in question has no problem with other people posting her personal information on a public message board, then that's fine. If she and her clients are not concerned, then I am not going to make an issue of it.

I have no problem with satisfied clients touting the benefits of a health coach, I was only concerned with some nutjob getting her name and phone numbers and potentially causing her some kind of harm...

Comment #27

Slw600, I am truly sorry for you experience with your coach. I do realize that there is coaches, people in all professions who don't deliver what they promise or even the bare minimium. I didn't have a coach until I was almost to goal and I got a lot of false information and I didn't talk just read on the boards. It made things a bit harder by not knowing what to expect. You know in things like exercise and water, my constipation that about killed me and actually was so bad it might have caused a lot of people to quit but I was just so impressed with the program and determined to get my life back that I just couldn't give up. Anyway, the thread here is coaches? and something like that.

Don't sign up with them until you have spent some time with them to see if they are going to be able to benefit you. Thats my thoughts on it...

Comment #28

I don't understand people who have issues with coaches getting paid through their clients food order. I don't use a coach because I don't feel I need one, at least at this point. BUT, coaches need to get paid if they are going to be helping other people, so getting a commission through food is a very logical way and one that doesn't cost members any more. Yes, you can't use coupons, but the coaching has to be paid for somehow...

Comment #29

Sorry, Sassyhope! If you read a later post I wrote in the thread (something Cellis kindly pointed out), I said that yes, I do agree they need to (be paid) and it does make sense as payment for their services. I just didn't originally think of it that way. The beauty of discussion boards AND the human race is that you have other people sharing their different perspectives on the situation, and it helps you to see things from all angles - not just your own...

Comment #30

Music_gal, my post was not a direct response to your post. If it had been I would've quoted you and would've posted a different response. It was more of a general response to a bunch of posts over the last few months about health coaches getting paid. I'm well aware that people have different opinions and your response to me was quite rude. What frustrates me about people sometimes is that they expect to have other's time and energy for free. It happens on this board when people complain about health coaches getting commissions and also in my business where my clients expect to have my time for free, and many other times and places in life...

Comment #31

Thanks, Sassyhope! Sorry for the misunderstanding, and I do understand what you're saying. Have a great day!..

Comment #32

TSFL does have coupons! Same as on the Medifast site you don't have to join the clubs on either site...

Comment #33

I think the rub has always been that coaches get paid on client's orders. The coaches that people view as "bad" give poor advice like "eat 6 Medifast meals" or "sure, have some wine". It's not good advice, but at the end of the day it ups their income because their client orders more food (through them)...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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