What are some home remedies to use OR creams at Vitamin Shoppes to get rid of blemishes/spots/bumps ?

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I got a quick question: What are some home remedies to use OR creams at Vitamin Shoppes to get rid of blemishes/spots/bumps ?

I also got another question: I tried the Vegetarian Sloppy Joe for lunch today. I added too much water and it came out a little runny, but MAN WAS IT NICE TO EAT A BUN! It almost felt like cheating...

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Your question was: What are some home remedies to use OR creams at Vitamin Shoppes to get rid of blemishes/spots/bumps ?

I actually ran out & bought buns for the sloppy joe i'm going to eat tomorrow ......... can hardly wait til tomorrow..

Comment #1

Just had that for lunch and I toated the bun a little...Yummy!..

Comment #2

Yep, whenever I start missing bread I put a hamburger or sloppy joe on the menu cuz that freakin' single bun really makes me OK again. Tuna salad I make a half sandwich instead of using the melba crumbs, works too...

Comment #3

I go for the extra 40 calories on that one and have two slices. I don't do it that often but it makes it pretty filling.

OMG, today I had the best lunch! I bought the Tyson chicken that's already cooked in the pouch. Warmed it up and had it on a whole wheat bun with lettuce & tomato with FF mayo. And I had pancakes for breakfast. How anyone can complain about this meal plan is beyond me...

Comment #4

I always order the hamburgers just to be able to have the bun and boy is it good...

Comment #5

I skip the buns and have croutons on my salad instead I use to make croutons out of my buns, back when NS supplied them...

Comment #6

How come buns aren't on the food list, except for the men? What kind can we have?..

Comment #7

They're not on the food list for the women's plan because we don't get to add the extra carbs. But for certain entrees we can have low cal bread or buns with them - check out the instructions on the ham, tuna or chix salad, hamburger patty, chicken patty. I don't know if I missed any. Anyway, it says something about eating it with a small roll or the melba toast. You could use 1-2 pieces of low cal bread (35-40 cals/slice) or even a light bun - the ones I get are 70-80 cals..

People are different as far as sensitivity to carbs goes, I mean, whether it will slow your weight loss any. I wouldn't necessarily recommend having this every day/night, but I agree with the others, it sure does taste great sometimes to have a 'regular' hamburger. Makes me forget I am eating healthfully. I took a suggestion from the boards here and made a mock big mac one day by adding a slice of FF cheese and some FF 1000 island dressing, a couple 0 cal pickles...mmmmm it really hit the spot and cured my desire to run into McDonalds...

Comment #8

Thanks! I was eating my hot dogs with a piece of whole wheat bread and felt like I was cheating, only did it twice though...

Comment #9

I'm on the Vegetarian plan so I don't get many chances to use the roll option. But with the Veggie Sloppy Joes I LOVE the FLAT OUT Wraps (the light version). They are within the calorie count and low in carbs...

Comment #10

Check the boxes, it'll tell you if you can have a carb or not. NS used to include a (hard sorta stale roll) but now you purchase them yourself. Try to stay under 120 calories. I think that's what the old NS rolls used to be.

Try to find whole wheat bread or rolls. Pepperage Farm makes whole wheat rolls that are 120 calories. WW makes good rolls but too many calories.

You can have bread, wraps, pita bread, rolls as long as they're under 120 calories and whole wheat. I find hot dog buns that are 80 calories, they aren't whole wheat and not the best choice but I do use them sometimes.

I actually lose better with more carbs. Sometimes I have 2 a day (not often but at least once a day) and it hasn't slowed my weight loss down at all...

Comment #11

We can have wheat buns and if you use the food journal on line to add up your daily intake Look at hamburgers you will see it says hamburger with bun is x amount of calories..

Comment #12

I wonder if you really did add to much water or if this latest batch has been altered. I made the sloppy joe tonight, measured my water exactly and it came out like soup. What's ironic about it is that one or two in my last shipment actually turned out hard and dry. I swear I'm following the directions exactly. Remember how they were discontinued for a while???.


Comment #13

I dont even have the sloppy joe option in my auto-delivery list!..

Comment #14

Fantastic Foods sells sloppy joe mix that meets the stats and tastes great. I can find it in my local store in the vegetarian section...

Comment #15

I know!! It does feel like your cheating, doesn't it?.

I put too much water in stuff all the time and I do measure. My pancakes never come out the same way twice, and I ruined my last pudding by adding too much water...

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I actually ran out & bought buns for the sloppy joe i'm going to eat tomorrow ......... can hardly wait til tomorrow..

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