What are some good fundraising ideas to do at a retail Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What are some good fundraising ideas to do at a retail Vitamin Shoppe?.

My next question is: I had the mac & cheese for the first time today and it tasted like poison! I was amazed to see on the side of the container "NEW Improved Taste"! Has anyone else had this problem or maybe I got a bad batch? Thank goodness I only ordered two!!!..

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Your question was: What are some good fundraising ideas to do at a retail Vitamin Shoppe?.

I have to agree I had an odd burning feeling in the back of my throat along with a wierd taste. I'm going to add salsa to my next attempt with mac&cheese...

Comment #1

My favorite meal is the mac and cheese with some Frank's hot sauce and then I pour it over my veggies........either broccoli or is delicious..

Comment #2

I didn't like this one either. The mac and cheese with beef is good though.....

Comment #3

I didn't like it at first. So I added a piece of lowfat cheddar cheese (dairy/protien left over from snack) and a ton of Texas Pete. It wasn't the best thing I have had on the program, but it wasn't bad, either..

I'll have it again!.

I'd rather eat NS mac and cheese than my homemade 5 cheese-ooey-gooey-soooo-delicious mac and cheese because I don't want to be fat anymore...

Comment #4

I agree ... the mac n cheese is not as good but i'm willing to sacrifice some taste for a healthier thinner me..

Comment #5

Thanks for the suggestions... maybe A LOT of hot sauce on the next try will camoflauge the taste. :-)..

Comment #6

Make the mac and cheese and add the can of NS chili to it. Eat half, save half for another day. It's yummy!..

Comment #7

I had the mac n cheese for the first time last night. Now, I love mac n cheese, all mac n cheese so I was excited to try it and was actually looking forward to it......

YUCKKKKKKK...i agree it was a bitter sour taste to it....not good at all!.

How can ya mess up mac n cheese??..

Comment #8

Are you all talking about the regular macaroni & cheese or the new "ADVANCED" macaroni & cheese?..

Comment #9

I agree with Photophreak - the mac n cheese is nasty - this was the first item I tried and I have to tell you I was pretty nervous as to what the rest of the food would taste like. Fortunately I have been pleased with most of the other food I had so far...

Comment #10

I had the mac and cheese and beef and really liked it. I ordered a couple of them this time. But...then some of this stuff doesn't bother me as much as it did when I started. My poor taste buds are probably dying...

Comment #11

I had the mac n cheese yesterday. The box said best if eaten by 11/07. Well I thought for sure something was wrong with it. Without sounding dramatic, it did have a terrible rancid taste. I thought for sure it was'bad'. I threw it out.


Comment #12

I did not really care for the mac and cheese the first time, but then I tried the mac & cheese with beef. I think it's better. It does have a different flavor than what you expect as do most of their foods but over time you adjust to the quirkiness, at least I have...

Comment #13

The Mac and Cheese that I was sent does not say "advanced" on the package, so I am guessing it is the regular one...

Comment #14

This is the first one I've had to actually make myself eat. I don't like it at all. The one with the meat wasn't bad. I'll try some of the add-on suggestions and see if it makes a difference!..

Comment #15

It was okay. I put in two turkey hotdogs (protien serving) and some hot sauce and it was good. And you have to watch how much water you place in it and how long you let it sit...

Comment #16

I thought it was very salty and watery. Generally I love even cheap mac and cheese, but I had to return this one...

Comment #17

I'm having mac and cheese for dinner tonightI can't wait!..

Comment #18

I made it the way it was supposed to be made and it's never cooked right. I find that the soups in the cardboard cups never quite come out "right." I do exactly as the package says and yet my beans or noodles are crunchy or my beef has this really weird texture. Any ideas on how to prepare it where it's guaranteed to come out to the right consistancy? Anyone else had this problem?..

Comment #19

You're not letting it sit long enough. I know the cups say 8-10 minutes but, that's not long enough. I let mine sit for about 20 minutes then I nuke it in the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm it up. My noodles/pasta comes out perfect all the time. Trust me on this one.... I learned when I started NS and had "crunchy" pasta all the time...

Comment #20

I can't take credit for these two suggestions but they work for the mac and cheese:.

Method 1:.

Sift out all the powder and set aside. Bring water to a boil in a small pan. Boil the macaroni only until done. Add the macaroni, a bit of the water you used to boil and the powder together. Delicious this way. A wedge of laughing cow cheese in it is awesome!.

Method two..

For any of the "paper cup" items, add cold water to the container and let it sit overnight. The next day just heat and eat...

Comment #21

Hmm.. I shall HAVE to try those ideas. Thanks gang!..

Comment #22

Well I like the REAL Mac and Cheese better. I tried it on my first order and did not really like it and so never ordered it again.

Won't try the new improved stuff either...

Comment #23

I ABSOLUTELY agree with u. I had it for the first time last week and I only ate 2 bites.... Believe me that day I cheated on my diet! lol..

Comment #24

Wow! I LOVE the mac and cheese! I did notice, though, that it tastes kinda funky if I make it in the container. If I make it in a bowl, no nasty taste. I like to put hot dogs in it, too. It's my favorite dinner! I am ALWAYS looking to scoop a couple extra ones up (if any one is willing to sell!). I know a lot of people like to pour it over the veggies, and I might try that, too. Good luck, all!..

Comment #25

I think it has a strange after-taste. But you get used to it, I guess...

Comment #26

I'm new and am having this same problem. I solved it by using the cup meals only at home. I put the powdered flavor and noodles or whatever in a sauce pan with the correct amount of water. Then I add some frozen veggies (at least a cup) and maybe my protein source and bring to a boil. Stir, turn off the burner and cover for 5-10 minutes and it actually makes things that are supposed to be creamy, creamy!.

I had the macaroni and cheese this way today, with vegetarian "steak" strips stirred in, and it was actually satisfying in terms of rich mouth feel...

Comment #27

I love the mac 'n cheese! I just fill the cup with water a little over half, wait the alloted time, and then add more hot water if it needs it. Sometimes I just let it sit 20 mins. and then it gets thicker. Microwave it about 30 seconds to reheat, and it turns out good every time. If I fill the water to the line, then it usually is too runny, even if it let it sit awhile, so I just throw in some meat or veggies with it. One of my favorites!..

Comment #28

I have to say I used to laugh at my latina friends at work putting hot sauce on everything, but now I'm right there with them. I find it helps a lot of the NS stuff to dose it with hot sauce!..

Comment #29

I have to say.....

I began Nutri-System about one year ago, and quickly lost 25 pounds. I ordered the Mac and Cheese and loved alternating this dinner with the Vegetable Lasagna (I am vegetarian).

When I finished my first order of it, I ordered more A LA CARTE of the Mac and Cheese.

It tasted different than the first batch I got. The second time I ordered it, all of the dinners tasted BITTER. I actually, very sadly, threw away 14 of these Mac and Cheese dinners. I am sure they were spoiled. Or expired. My first order/batch tasted like Mac and Cheese like I know it, and the A LA CARTE order was definitely bitter.

I tried e-mailing to see if the Mac and Cheese has some sort of expiration or short shelf life, but have not heard back..

Just wanted to put my two cents in here...

Comment #30


I've been eating NutriSystem for quite a while (and have been really successful with it), and the good taste of it is what's kept me satisfied and happy and able to stay with it..

I agree that the directions could be better. I am a vegetarian, so I can't help you with the beef dishes, but the noodle dishes (if they are the ones in containers/dry in which you have to add water) are tricky until you get the hang of preparing them correctly. Make sure you add adequate water prior to microwaving (I like my food to have a thicker consistency, so I add less water, but if you like it creamier, I'd add more water). I'll pop the food into the microwave for a few seconds/minutes till it begins to boil. Then I'll take it out of the microwave and stir it and let it sit, COVERED, for a couple of seconds or a minute, stir it again, and then pop it back into the microwave for a few seconds.

This should be adequate to cook/soften noodles..

Hope this helps..



Comment #31

It wasn't good to me either. In fact, I haven't really liked much of the food. I guess I'm just used to home cooking and am having trouble adjusting.....

Comment #32

I've been here since August and the Mac & Cheese in my first shipment was GREAT! However, in my second shipment both the Mac & Cheese and the other one with beef were nasty. They both had the same bitter, chemical taste to them. I still have several containers left and I'm afraid to eat any more of them...

Comment #33

I was on NS about 15 years ago and the mac and cheese was one of my favs. So when I came back, I put 5 of them on my first order. I hated it. You could not pay me to eat them. Luckily, I liked all the other lunches, including all the stuff I wouldn't have chosen that was in my free week. I knew I'd never get to the post office to return them for subs, so I tossed them.

Live and and learn. I loved some of the things that others hated..


Comment #34

I ordered the mac and cheese in all my shipments that I have received since I joined in August and I have loved the taste everytime. I saute some garlic and diced up jalapeno peppers with some butter spray and cook the mac and cheese according to the directions and then throw it in the pan with the peppers and garlic. Then I add some hot sauce and/or salsa and a little nonfat sour cream, it is sooo yummy!! I haven't ever had a bad batch, but I haven't gotten my shipment yet for December so I will keep my fingers crossed. Have a great night, take care, Sheila..

Comment #35

I use one of my proteins for the day to add some low fat cheddar (like Cabot).

I take it out of the paper packaging and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then crumble in cheese and micro about 45 sec. Turns out great!!..

Comment #36

When I was a member about a year ago, the mac & cheese was one of my favorites. I don't really care for the "improved flavor." It tastes to me like they've gone for a sharp cheddar taste, maybe. I prefer milder cheeses. The kind with the beef has that sharp cheddar taste now, too...

Comment #37

This is one of my favorite meals. I have to say that I did not like it at first, but my tastes change and I love it now..

I have found that if you drink anything sweet or fruity tasting with it - you will get a bad bitter taste left behind. Maybe that happened to you?..

Comment #38

I have to agree I had an odd burning feeling in the back of my throat along with a wierd taste. I'm going to add salsa to my next attempt with mac&cheese...

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