What are calorie free seasonings to use for Nutrisystem?

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This has happened before with me....

I am not a fan of veggies or brown rice, so I tend to just eat them standing up and as quick as possible. I don't put dressing on my salads because I know I won't enjoy them anyways, I look at it like just survival until the next meal. The things I realize is that long term this won't work and eventually I will need to start adding some flavor to my veggies and protein portions, for now everything has been steamed and plain..

One time a few years ago I ate nothing but chicken breast, egg whites, and lettuce for a month and I lost 15 pounds, every meal had no enjoyment, I would just wolf the food down to get it over with. I know I am allowed to add some dressing but I figure "why bother?" since I want the first 15 pounds to come off fast I don't feel like putting thought into making things taste good.

I guess the positive note here is that the Nutrisystem stuff tastes awesome, I don't get paid to say that and I really look forward to opening those boxes and cranking the microwave for them. I think after the first month I will need to start getting creative with my fresh portions. Any advice for calorie-free seasonings that are easy?.

Also, just curious, does anyone else eat standing up? For some reason I have always felt this helps the digestive system, I don't have evidence to prove it but I guess it's just a theory...

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Your question was: What are calorie free seasonings to use for Nutrisystem?.

I too seemed to eat most of my meals standing up, mostly because I never planned ahead, was in a hurry, etc. Since I started Nutrisystem two weeks ago, I vowed to actually sit down at the table and enjoy my meals (I don't like veggies either, so that was also part of my "new dining experience"), and I have to say that I am enjoying mealtime much more! Still working on the veggie thing though, but found a few recipes that helped. I too love Nutrisystem food - only have one that I didn't like so far...

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I plan to eat this way the rest of my life - so I make sure I enjoy everything - I try new things - new ways of fixing stuff - and I do sit at diningroom table - alone - and enjoy each meal. I read then and a meal usually takes an hour give or take a bit...

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Amen Sister. If you just open up the boxes and wolf stuff down with the singular thought of losing weight as quickly as possible, this plan will work. But I don't think that bodes well for maintenance...

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I just finished dinner and skimmed this thread. I thought back to my dinner and how good it was to sit and enjoy it. For the record, I was not a big veggie lover. I did like corn and peas, but that is a "no no." I have actually come to enjoy my steamed veggies.

The dinner entree with the servings of veggies is just too much to "enjoy" standing up. If you use the technique of taking a bite and then putting down your utensil while you chew and then swallow, you will find the meal lasts much longer and it is more satisfying..

Food is fuel but it is also so much more; it can be pleasurable even if does have veggies included...

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I love to eat meals and almost always sit down -even if I am driving in my car. I have a friend from China who only eats standing up. She believes it improves her digestion, slows down the pace of her food intake and therefore fewer calories plus standing burns more calories than sitting..

I don't buy it so I'm sitting but she is thin...

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I hope you drive your car sitting down! LOL..

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I LOVE food too much to not sit down and enjoy my meal. I was NOT a veggie person before starting Nutrisystem and since then I have found ways to make them tolerable.....haven't gotten to the "love 'em" level yet. I buy LOTS of mrs. dash and other salt free seasonings that I can find. and I usually save my fat for dinner and use the EVOO to cook my veggies in.

I also use the trick of mixing them with my dinner meal so they are seasoned AND saucy...

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Dinner is almost a cermony in our house. We sit and eat together. I love that time of day..

I suggest you would learn more about nutrition and healthy eating if you don't simply eat the food as a 'task' but rather as a meal...

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Hey there! I was wondering what foods you normally ate BEFORE NS? I imagine you were enjoying certain things and not always treating your food as fuel or else you wouldn't be here. There are a lot of ways to spruce up the meals and veggies so you don't feel that you just need to choke down your meals..

Are you looking just to drop a few pounds for a special event and then go back to how you were eating before? My concern is that 'extreme' eating can really make it dificult to continue to lose weight over and over again. It gets harder believe me (I was anorexic and it really messed up my metabolism). So, if you are just going to go through the motions til you drop 15 pounds and then gain it back in a few months then you are not doing your body any favors!!.

There are many ways to help increase your veggie metioned above add Mrs. Dash or incorperate them into your entrees, some people like to spray them with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter. I really enjoy roasted changes their flavor completely! I just make a huge batch and then eat them throughout the week...if it's too hot to turn on the oven I just put the roasting dish on the BBQ. Also, dipping raw veggies in salsa is great. Kale chips are my favorite...take a bunch of kale, rinse, pat dry and tear into bite size pieces. Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for a few mintues...they get crunchy like chips (I add a little bit of sea or grey salt). Takes my mind off of wanting those dang Baked Lays!!..

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I find myself being just the opposite. I stand for most of my meals now. If I sit down I might stay there to long and eat stuff that is not on the plan........

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This rings true for me. I like to sit down and enjoy a meal and savor the flavor and consistency and whatever. Unfortunately, the meals I enjoy all have a lots of fried food, red meat and CARBS!.

I hate fruit and hate preparing veggies for every meal. The Nutrisystem meals are bland and unappealing to me compared to my preferred food. So, I'm having a very hard time learning to like the Nutrisystem meals and the sides. I have to brace myself to "suck it up" and eat it anyway.

The reason I tell myself to suck it up is that I KNOW I have retrain myself. I have to acquire the taste for healthy food and acquire the habit of a healthy lifestyle. I look at the first few months of Nutrisystem as my tastebud bootcamp..

I think what PamSB wrote (...take advantage of this time to learn how to not only lose the weight, but how to eat for life...") is how I'm looking at it. There will come a point where I can actually look forward to mealtimes once again, and sit down and ENJOY it. And it won't be because I've given up and gone back to what I like! It will be because I've learned to like new things that are better for me..

I mean... I learned to like "Tab" back in the day. I remember HATING it the first time I drank it! Hahahah..

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