What % of people give their food stamps to drug dealers instead of grocery stores?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What % of people give their food stamps to drug dealers instead of grocery stores?.

My next question is: I have 7 of these meals and they are pasty and just not my thing. Any ideas for this meal??..

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Your question was: What % of people give their food stamps to drug dealers instead of grocery stores?.

That sounds good Caryn. I love it and eat it as is...

Comment #1

You can dilute the sauce with a bit of fatfree milk or chicken broth. I like it as is, but saute some mushrooms in a bit of olive oil and garlic and add the fettucine to it and you've got something delish!..

Comment #2

I like it just the way it is, but adding the spinach or mushrooms sounds really good. I'll have to try those...

Comment #3

I microwave a bunch of spinach, mushrooms and minced garlic and pour the chicken fettuccine on top. Sometimes I had add a wedge of garlic herb Light Laughing Cow Cheese too...

Comment #4

You could send it to me .. I love it just the way it is...

Comment #5 of my favorites. I also serve it over a huge bed of wilted spinach and PAM sauteed sliced mushrooms. A sprinkle of parm...nothing else needed!..

Comment #6

I didn't completely dislike the Florentine Chicken Fettucini, but I did find it to be rather bland.

Some interesting ideas here. Adding garlic, mushrooms and more spinach should make a big difference. Thanks..

Comment #7

I am excited to see how many of you like it.... I am so anxious to try it but I think that I will also do the add ins to jazz it up a bit...

Comment #8

I must agree that I think it is best as is. I really like this meal. Very filling and tasty...

Comment #9

Push it on a non-NS friend or relative who is over at dinner time. I seem to have a surplus of dinners and it helps me use them up before the expiration dates...

Comment #10

Taste much better now..Thanks for all the great ideas. I was getting ready to leave it out for my mil!!..

Comment #11

I saute some onion & mushroom in a sauce pan. When they are "done" add the NS dinner & a little low sodium chicken broth to thin out the sauce. Heat thoroughly..

At the same time, microwave a double serving of frozen spinach (or make fresh)..

Transfer the spinach to a plate or pasta/large soup bowl & top with the florentine entree mixture. Sprinkle a little parmesan & add a dollup of FF sour cream or NF Quark...

Comment #12

You can make an excellent chowder with it & it tastes great. Sparklenshine22 came up with the recipe:.

In saucepan, add to the Chicken Florentine:.

1 Cup FF chicken broth.

1/2 cup corn.

1 t garlic powder.

1 t sage.

Cook down about 5 minutes.

This makes a huge bowl of chowder & I love to eat it on a freezing, snowy night! It's about 15 degrees outside today so I may just have it for dinner...

Comment #13

You're in luck. I started yesterday and the Chicken Floretine was one of my dinner entree. I used Extra Spicy by Mrs. Dash and a little Molly McButter alone with a dose of black pepper. It tasted a lots better. Hope this help..


Comment #14

1/2c corn??? Corn is a carb...only men, and women with more than 100lbs to lose can add carbs to their meal plan...

Comment #15

I've been steadily losing weight (under 100 lbs) so it can't be too horrifying for me to have.

PSI bet that explains why she never heard back from NS after she submitted the recipe. We were wondering about that. To be honest, I didn't know about the corn thing but at least for me it's been working out fine...

Comment #16

Just putting the facts out there...not all veggies (as we know them) are vegetables on NS...corn, peas, lima beans, kidney beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans,, they are all carbs!..

Comment #17

Hmmm, sounds good - I'll try it that way - thanks..

Comment #18

This is one of my all time favorites. What I like to do with it though is to take some chopped spinach and saute in a pan with tons of garlic and low sodium chicken broth. Then I put the chicken florentine on top of the bed of garlic spinach. YUM!..

Comment #19

That sounds good Caryn. I love it and eat it as is...

Comment #20

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