Medifast recipe for WF Marinara?

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My first order of Walden Farms marinara arrived today and I have to say... I don't care for it at all. Does anyone have any tips to make it taste less 'fake'. I was making my lunch for tomorrow (mixed with Shiratakis) and I'm afraid I'm going to have to choke it down, then try to keep it down. I mixed a couple of TB of tomato sauce, added some red pepper flakes and lots of italian seasoning. I think was I actually need is something to cut the fakey, sweety, bitterness. Or is it an acquired taste? HELP!!!!..

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I wish I could help. I hate the Walden products. Ugh. I say spice it up as much as you can. Yeesh...

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Personally, I kinda like it. I tend to use a lot of garlic with it, but I've also got another tip....don't let it be the centerpiece of the flavor. Use it as an extra enhancement, not the main tasting agent..

I sliced zucchini and tossed it into a pan with several sliced cloves of garlic and the marinara. Let it simmer for a long time, then scooped out the zucchini and ate it. Quite good..

Also did a thick bolognese...letting the meat be the main flavor...

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Thanks! I'll give it a shot. Because using it as a sauce is definitely not going to work for me!..

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I like pretty much all the Walden Farms except the chocolate sauce. If you don't really care for one of the flavors you could try using part regular product and part Walden Farms to make it lower cal, fat and carb. I do this with the bleu cheese and it works well...

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I too tried the marinara today for the first time and was very disappointed. For me, it was so acidic it nearly burned my mouth and lips. Although I'm not a wasteful person at all- I pitched the shiritaki noodles, sauce and all after 3 bites. I will not be having any more of that!..

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I've heard bad things about the marinara so I've stayed away from it. The only two WF products I've used are the chocolate sauce, which is good in coffee or hot cocoa, but don't try to top your muffins or cookies with it! Not good! I think as long as it's in something else and yuou don't taste it alone then it works great. It gives a good more chocolatey flavor to the chocolate shakes without adding too much sweetness.

And I LOVE LOVE their Asian Dressing/Marinade. It's been a god send on this diet as I'm all about the asian food since I grew up on it. All I add is some chopped garlic, a little more soy sauce and I'm good to go. No more high carb stir fry or teryaki sauces needed. It's amazing! I highly recommend it!..

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Mix it with some tomato sauce and maybe some chopped tomatoes, add like a tsp of spaghetti sauce mix (the powder stuff) and it's very good.

My favorite thing is this.

Parboil shirataki noodles.

In a separate frying pan mix some ground turkey(or beef w/e) with some tomato sauce and marinara, basil, garlic and a touch of spagheeti seasoning.

Drain noodles and put back in pot.

Pour frying pan sauce/mix into pot and stir (i makle it very meaty, like meat sauce more than spaghetti sauce).

Add some grated parmesan and pepper and YUM..

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