Were can I find the Medifast Diet? for recipes etc?

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First question I got is Were can I find the Medifast Diet? for recipes etc? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... I just wanted to know what you all did before you decided to take this weightloss journey...well Ill be HONEST and let you know what I did LOL.

I ate everything and anything in site that I could. I must have had like 5000 calories a day LOL...(sad but true)..

Fast foods everyday..easily spent maybe 200 bucks that week on eating out...and I was doing it 3 times a day..sometimes 4....really sick huh?.

But, it's FUNNY (not to some of you) to me cuz just what we do before we go on this weightloss journey....we dont ever stop and think "HEY THIS BAD FOOD IS GOING TO BE HERE WHEN WE ARE DONE" the solution...we are NEVER done with our weightloss may be easy (hypothetically) to take it OFF...but it's going to be HARD for some of us to MAINTAIN...and I hope that Ill be able to do so...but just thinking back last year when I decided to lose weight with Medifast and what I did....WOW.....and nobody knows that I ate like that..besides me and now THE Medifast WORLD LOL.....


Well, I'm just thankful that I'm able to afford to pay for this food and lose weight...(even with my struggles)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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LOL, I know I'm just curious LOL...but glad I'm not the only one that had my own BUFFET LOL..

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Oh dear lord! Today is my first Medifast day and the last five days were filled with 'last meals!' - hamburgers, pizza, waffles (the real kind!), ice cream, sorbet, candy, chocolate!.

As for today - pancakes for breakfast, antioxidant dark choc shake, manhattan clam chowder, creamy tomato soup... I have a chocolate mint freeze waiting for me at home and my own 'home cooked' meal of protein & fiber..

Things I'm loving:.

- the Medifast pancakes!.

- the manhattan clam chowder.

- the dark chocolate antioxidant shake.

Things I'm not loving:.

- the creamy tomato soup... just did not hit the spot (any ideas on how to prepare better?).



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I did NOTHING and I are my way up to 287 pounds! My order arrived in July and sat in the box until March! Yes, it sat for 8 months..

The episode that made me get on plan was the day I came home from work, parked my car, walked across the yard and was out of breath! I walked into the house, sat down and went through my Medifast box. I read everything, took myself to the grocery store and bought stuff for my L&G. I went home and cooked up chicken breasts and weighed them out and placed them in ziploc bags. I started the very next day..

Now, the day before I started and before I knew I was going to start, I ate as I did every other day.......I won't mention the foods but I calculated it to be about 3,000 calories of pure JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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I make the COT into a pita ( just mix with 3 tbsp water) spread on a plate sprayed with Pam and them micro for 3 mins (depending on your micro) put a slice of american cheese... viola... grilled cheese!..

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Mmmm I am going to have to try this.

Well Honestly it was january of 09 - and I reallly don't remember. The holidays had just finished and I weighed 355lbs - I think I was just so sick and tired of myself and my weight I didn't even care about the "other food" out there..

Comment #6

Jill - for your 'grilled cheese' - does the COT + pita = 1 meal (like lunch?) - still trying to figure this all out as it is day one!.


Comment #7

@ patty are you a health coach through medifast (where they ask you at checkout if you'd like a health coach?)..

Comment #8

LOL...yep I ate like you did....also welcome to mf..

As for the soup I dont like tomatoes so sorry cant help you out LOL.....

Comment #9

I think I got my order on a weds or something like that and of course I wasnt going to start until Monday (just my thing LOL) and well I did. Funny how I never cheated or anything for 7 months.....

But as same as you....I knew I had to LOSE weight when I couldnt BREATHE ANYMORE AND FELT LIKE I WAS HAVING A HEART ATTACK! Glad to see that you chose to do the right thing....feel better huh? I know I do......

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Dang this sounds kinda delish...hmmm....maybe ill try that with the COB..

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Once I made my decision to lose the weight for good, I realized I'd have to change my eating habits. Once I made my decision to start Medifast and ordered my food, I started to cut back on my carbs and drink more water while I waited for my Medifast to arrive. I didn't know how difficult Medifast would be, so I wanted to have a head start...

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I had already started cutting back two weeks before my order arrived. I was already in ketosis when my order did arrive and had already lost 11 pounds prior to starting MF. I figured I had to start changing my habits and I had already did enough pigging out on my favorite foods that I didn't need to go out and do so prior to starting...

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We will do it Steph!!! We will do it!!..

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I was horrified when my cholesterol came back slightly high and pre-diabetic A1c and doc put me on Lipitor. My diet used to consist of a lot of comfort food (bread, macaroni cheese, chocolate). Also had a thing for Starbucks caramel frappucinos & ate cereal a lot of time for dinner. Lost about 15 pounds using Spark People but food preparation was too time consuming and went on Medifast a couple months after that. Haven't had my blood levels checked since September so expect them to be normal now (seeing my doc in May). I stopped taking the Lipitor when I went on MF...

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I'm sure I had a few "last meals" but I don't really remember what I ate, though it probably involved pizza, chips and chocolate! I do remember going through the fridge, freezer and cabinets and clearing out non-OP/tempting food. I gave away bags of stuff to family members, both packaged foods and stuff that I'd made and frozen. Luckily my husband was on board and supportive of this. I think this really helped me through the first HUNGRY week - nothing tempting lying around to stuff in my mouth in a moment of panic!..

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I didn't have days of bingeing, but I had several last meals in the couple of weeks leading up to my start date, mostly to show myself that a lot of the food just wasn't as great as I was remembering. It worked for most of the foods, there are still a few that I wouldn't mind revisiting, but the desire is pretty mild...

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I spent my last week before Medifast eating my favorite greasy foods for dinner: Papa Johns (pizza AND cinnapie), pad thai, pad see eiw, fish sandwiches and veggie burgers (both with fries)..

After 6 weeks, it's laughable to me now that I actually thought I would miss those foods...

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I just finished my first week. Last Tuesday, I was out running errands with DH and decided to stop into a Medifast Center to make an appointment for sometime this week. They asked me right then if I had time to talk with them now. So I did and before I knew it I was walking out with my first week of food. Because I was to start on Wednesday, DH and I did go out to dinner and I had my all-time favorite, Buffalo Wings. But I was in such a mindset that I wanted to do this, I didn't go too crazy binging or anything. I was just ready to start MF...

Comment #19

I did this too. I'm pretty convinced that's why I didn't suffer from most of the awful week 1 symptoms that most go through, except being very tired on day 5...

Comment #20

Check out the creamy buffalo chicken recipe Sandy made (Sugarspice). Its awesome!..

Comment #21

Jill is the cheese you use reduced fat or non fat? What does it count as part of the lean? I love this idea but want to know what cheese to use and how to count it.

Please share...

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Well, I started the monday after Christmas so I had the holidays to load up! I was more concious about what I ate though because I knew I was starting and I knew the more I ate then the more I would weigh for my first weigh in! I didnt want to have to lose any more then I alredy had to. I think back now on my days before Medifast and I just wanna kick myself...I would leave the house at just the right time where if I was running errands I would "have" to stop somewhere for food. And I have little kids I was showing my bad habits too. Almost everytime I checked out in a grocery line I would grab a cady bar. I would hide bags of oreos and eat em on the sly....I am so ashames but so grateful that I can look back on that and know that I have learned from that experience...

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I had a "last meal" of tacos. I also read the bejeezus out of these boards, LOL! Unfortunately, I did not start cutting back on my carbs and calories to prepare for the plan, and I wish I had. The first three days were horrible!..

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