Ways to improve Medifast oatmeal

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Ok, I hate all the oatmeals, but as I am waiting for my next order of food, I'm forced to make these a part of my day...ugh....

BUT! Peanut butter is now an approved snack....

I took the worst oatmeal ever (Apple Cinnamon) cooked it half way, mixed in 1/2 Tbl. of peanut butter, then cooked it the rest of the way!.

DELICIOUS...I want more, but won't do this often because I don't like to use the peanut butter option that much..

It was a good day...I'm eating my oatmeal with delight!..

Comments (31)

LOLOL, your funny! The worst oatmeal ever.

I actually dont mind the apple cinnamon, it's the peach I cant stand! LOL. So funny how taste buds are different..

Glad you enjoyed it! I have some recipes I cant wait to make...

Comment #1

I can't seem to find a way to palet the oatmeal as warm oatmeal. I made muffins or pancakes or waffles with them. They are much better...

Comment #2

Oatmeal was the very first thing I tried, and I couldn't get past the texture. I add some cinnamon or splenda brown sugar to some of them; or one of the sf syrups that are around. I actually like the maple/brown sugar and peach the best. They all seem to be better as a pancake, but I now like them as a warm cereal too. I had to experiment with the amt. of water I used too. Now I'll have to try that pb idea for a change...

Comment #3

I love oatmeal but not Medifast oatmeal. Yuk. I miss not having oatmeal in the morning. But it sounds like you made the best of it.... Now you don't have to waste it...

Comment #4

Hi All,.

I couldn't do the oatmeal. Sent it all back and moving on. Glad you did better than me on this...

Comment #5

Best cookie ever.

One pack dutch chocolate shake (or your fav flavor).

One pack oatmeal (I do not recommend peach here).

Peanut butter 2 TBS (or PB 2).

Mix it, mix it, mix it.....add water slowly until you have a slightly moist, thick batter..

Cook @ 400 for 10-12 minutes on pam sprayed cookie sheet. This is very close to dilly's recipe except the oatmeal adds a nice texture. It is utterly amazing..

I made approx 10 cookies 5 cookies = 1 Meal 1 snack.


Comment #6

Ok, that sounds so goooood. Cant wait till I get my oatmeal!..

Comment #7

I must have weird taste buds; I really like the oatmeal! But I really love PB too, so I tried your recipe for dinner. It was super yummy!!.

Thanks for sharing your idea!..

Comment #8

I'll have to try this. I have a lot of peach oatmeal stuck in the back of the cupboard because I can't stand it. It would be nice to use it...

Comment #9

Glad y'all can use it! I'm doing it again for breakfast today...glad to look forward to the oatmeal.

Also, those cookies sound amazing (Chocolate Shake, Oatmeal, and PB). It is Sunday here, and I love to bake and experiment!..

Comment #10

I just started MediFast and am wondering, how did you know PB was now on plan as a snack? I keep reading things but everytime I come online I find out something new!..

Comment #11

I have tried and tried the oatmeal but I still can't stand it. I guess I'll have to try the cookies so I don't have to waste the product...

Comment #12

Just wanted to say thanks for the tip. The oatmeal is now edible for me. Not my favorite, but at least it won't go to waste...

Comment #13

I'm not a fan of the maple brown sugar oatmeal so I tried this today and wow!! it was sooooo good! thanx for the idea!..

Comment #14

I hated the peach oatmeal at first, but now I make the oatmeal pancake recipe with some cinnamon and I couldn't be happier!.

1 Pkg Oatmeal.

1/2 tsp Baking Powder.

2 Tbsp Eggbeaters.

1/4 cup water.

Some cinnamon, vanilla extract, etc (your preference).

Make them like regular pancakes. They come out nice and fluffy, loveeee!..

Comment #15

Okay ladies, whoever brought to my attention to the apple cinnamon cookies on the side of the box - THANK YOU! I have one packet of it when I first ordered it and hated it. Was about to return it when I say that someone mentioned making cookies. I made them this morning and took them to work to have with my tea. So much better than the regular oatmeal...

Comment #16

Thanks Kaphrodite...

I just made the cookies... works for me!!.

I just called in and cancelled returning the maple & brown sugar oatmeal so I can have a yummy snack!!.

... jj .....

Comment #17

Thanks Kaphrodite! I can't get them to look like real cookies, flat and round - more like cookie bite balls. But, the taste sure does beat trying to gulp down that oatmeal. I tried mine with chocolate shake first, then banana shake. I liked the banana ones better! (I <3 banana)..

Comment #18

Its funny how everyone's tastes are different. I never liked oatmeal before, but Medifast oatmeal is a staple of my diet. I have it everyday!! It really hits the spot. I haven't gotten around to making any kinds of cookies yet, but I am looking forward to trying some...

Comment #19

I have a box of oatmeal and I am afraid of it. LOL I will try this ...

Comment #20

Too funny- I didn't dare try the oatmeal for the first MONTH due to all the anti-oatmeal propaganda on the boards... and it's one of my favorites now! I also like to make it with just enough water to moisten, nuke 2 minutes and have it as a sort of scone in the morning (or snack in the evening)... I take a bite, then a sip of coffee, and let the flavors and texture combine - tasty!..

Comment #21

Thanks Kim for the recipe! I've tried a couple of different muffin recipes that didn't turn out like I had hoped. Both my hubby and I find the oatmeal absolutely horrendous so this will be a nice way to use it up!! I'm a newbie so I have a very stupid do you enter this into the meal logs? Also, where is the best place to find some really good recipes for the meals as well as L&G? I started on the plan 9/27; however, have fallen completely off the last couple of weeks. Started back on today and am looking to find some help staying OP. Finding it very hard to stay OP.....

Comment #22

Peanut butter is approved? Is it healthy fat or snack? How much?..

Comment #23

I think you are ONLY allowed 1TBS of peanut butter for optional snack. Sounds like a great recipe....

Comment #24

I found that 4 tbsp of water was about perfect. I think that's also a quarter cup?..

Comment #25

A fabulous peanut butter alternative is PB2, only 45 calories and 5 carbs for 2 tablespoons. I added it to my personal cupboard and just add it to the meal time so I can track it in my total consumption of cals and carbs for the day (I actually need it because I have a hard time hitting 85 carbs per day). Order at for great price, same with all the Walden Farms fabulous calorie/fat/sugar free syrups and dressings (which only count as 1 condiment). Too bad Medifast doesn't sell these products, they really help me stay OP...

Comment #26


A bit off topic but I bought the Walden Farms Creamy Bacon dressing and it's awesome!! Better than the Ranch flavor. I HAVE made the cookies with the oatmeal and they have been just ok. Easier to eat than the oatmeal on it's own for sure! I broke down and weighed myself mid-week and hadn't lost anything I guess that teeny tiny piece of cake I had at a birthday party made a difference?? We danced for 2 hours after that cake! Maybe it's just water weight? Good thing we weigh on Thursday mornings this week. I'd hate to have to weigh on Friday after thanksgiving! I'm doing alot of cooking, but am going to try my best not to do a lot of eating!.


Comment #27

I am sooo glad I'm not the only one hating the oatmeal..

Comment #28

I cant stand the oatmeal, especially the maple brown sugar, YUCK! The blueberry is tolerable and I'll finish both because I paid for them but I won't order them again...

Comment #29

How funny - I don't mind the oatmeal at all. I reached my goal weight last May and still eat it every day. I've discovered that normal breakfast cereals are a real trigger for me. The Medifast oatmeal warms me up and gets me going in the morning! It did take me a week to get used to the taste though. My husband also likes it - and before starting on Medifast he wouldn't even eat breakfast. Now he loves it!..

Comment #30

I only microwave my oatmeal for 45 seconds and then let it set for 2 minutes. The taste is still really good.

I think the longer you cook the oatmeal the worse it tastes...

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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