Want to make banana food for Medifast?

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I tweaked a recipe for bread bars that Pistachio posted (Thanks!).

Banana Bread.

3 Medifast Maple Oatmeals.

2 Medifast Banana Puddings.

1 Medifast Eggs.

1 tsp baking powder.

1 tsp cinnamon.

2 tbsp flax meal (optional).

1/2 cup water.

1 tsp Splenda (optional).


Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add water to make a very thick batter. May need a a little more than cup, keep adding until consistency is right. Spray 8/12 by 4/1/2 by 2 bread loaf pan with Pam. Pour batter in and sread in pan until batter is level..

Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

Remove from pan and cool on wire wrack. Cut into 6 bars. Enjoy as 1 meal per bar. Really tastes like banana bread!.


Comments (75)

Your question was: Want to make banana food for Medifast?.

Thank you, thank you. I crave banana bread! Can't wait to try it tonight!..

Comment #1

I imagine you could use vanilla pudding and some banana extract...or flavor drops..

This sounds good! Thank you...

Comment #2

I just tried this and IT IS AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much! I used 2 pkts of MBS oatmeal and 1 pkt of Apple/Cinn. oatmeal and it was delish!!! Thanks again! I don't post a lot...but I am always here reading and trying all of your wonderful recipies!..

Comment #3

An extra bonus with this recipe, you get a good workout with your stirring arm ; >..

Comment #4

Thanks for the recipe; it was good. But I had to add a LOT more than 1/2 cup of water and mine was still too dry...

Comment #5

Great recipe...made last night and skipped the Splenda and it was plenty sweet. Had to bake a little longer and yes, add more water. I cut my slice this morning into bite-sized pieces and sprayed each with one spray of ICBINB. Soooo good! Can't wait to have one later tonight!~..

Comment #6

Now I know what to do with all those banana puddings I don't like. This sounds like a great way to use them up and have a treat at the same time. Thanks for sharing..


Comment #7

I tried it last night. I put more water like the others said. I baked it for 35 min. At first it didn't looked cooked all the way. But then I just cut it up, wrapped them and stuck them in the fridge. Instead of banana pudding I used vanilla then added banana extract.

Like a moist bread. I also use the ICBINB spray and it makes it lovely!..

Comment #8

Thank you, thank you! I made mine today and have cut it and put it in the refrig. Tonight's bedtime treat will be banana bread and some sugar free jello....This diet is doable with recipes like yours. Thanks again for sharing!!!!..

Comment #9

This recipe was a great gift! I HATE the aftertaste on the Medifast banana products. This was just terrific. I actually enjoyed the banana in here. Only problem will be for me to make sure I do not eat it all at once!.

Thanks a lot~.

Start 5/03/07.

Wk 1- 6 lbs.

Wk 2- 7 lbs.

Wk 3- 0 lbs.

Wk 4- 6 lbs First month 19 pounds.

Wk 5- 1 lb..

Wk 6- 3 lbs..

Comment #10

Yesterday I used blueberry oatmeal, vanilla pudding and a capful of lemon extract for a little variation and baked for 45 min. OH MY GOODNESS. So freakin good. It's better when it's cold. Like a soft muffin. Yummy...

Comment #11

Just made the Banana Bread last night. I used a whole cup of water and 2 tsp BP. It cooked up in 30 minutes, and I had some right away when still hot. Super good! Then I waited until this morning to slice up the rest - slices great, tastes great. This time was the trial run. Now that I know just how good it is, I will make some more for my lunches during the week..

Thanks for sharing...

Comment #12

If you put your slice in the microwave for 15-20 sec. and then spray about 3 sprays with the butter spray it is just like it came out of the oven....Yummy!..

Comment #13

I made it the same way..when I did the bread bars.....and then you can spread a Lite laughing cow cheese on it..really yummy........I thought it was like banana bread too.......

Comment #14

Made this today only I used 1 c. water. It was very tasty and a great change from oatmeal for breakfast.

For those curious on how this breaks down per Medifast meal (using the flax seed meal & Splenda), the counts are:.

115 calories / 16g carb / 13g protein / 2g fat / 6g fiber..

Comment #15

Hey, thanks for all the positive feedback! I really hate the Medifast oatmeal so I was just trying to use up the stuff from my first order. I tweaked Pistachio's original recipe to make the banana version. Sorry about the water measurment, I started with 1/2 c water then just kept adding until it seemed like the right consistancy and I didn't keep track of how much I used.

I love this bar and the bluberry version using vanilla pudding. I am not a breakfast person so these are great for me to have on my way to work..


Comment #16

This looks like a great way to use the Medifast oatmeal and have a quick "made ahead" meal. I do have one question, I'm very new to the progam and started out with the variety pack (don't have the eggs). What can I sub for the Medifast eggs??..

Comment #17

MarilynK, I've used a quarter cup of eggbeaters before and it turned out fine. I also only had two oatmeals one time so I ground up a pkg of crackers and used them in place of one oatmeal. It was actually pretty good that way..

I've always made pistachio's bread bar recipe as bananna bread except I add Hawaiian coconut drops (or you could use extract) and add some bananna extract to enhance the bannana flavor. I like the flavor of bannana and coconut together although I've never used a real bannana bread recipe that has coconut in it. Go figure...

Comment #18

I made it yesterday and it was sooooo good and moist. It came out just like a loaf of bread and did not fall when I took it out of the oven! I tweaked it a little and used the following recipe:.

Banana Bread.

3 Medifast Maple Oatmeals.

2 Medifast Banana Puddings.

1 Medifast Eggs.

2 tsp baking powder.

1 tsp cinnamon.

2 tbsp ground flax.

1 1/2 cup diet cream soda (full can).

1 tsp Xylitol (one packet = 1 tsp).

Several drops of Banana Extract.

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add diet soda to make a very thick batter. Line a standard size bread loaf pan with parchment paper. Pour batter into pan and spread evenly..

Preheat oven and bake at 350 for 35 minutes..

Remove from pan and cool on wire rack. Cut into 6 bars, 1 meal per bar..

I drizzed Walden Farm's sugar free chocolate syrup on the top....YUMMO!.

1 Bar counts as 1 Medifast Meal.

Plus the Flax & Xylitol = 15 Cals / 1.5g Carb per serving..

Comment #19

Cool idea to use the soda ("pop" in my part of the world). You hear of bakers using this to make low-fat cakes while adding flavor. I will have to try this...

Comment #20

I am trying to get refocused on the plan I feel off the plan awhile back when I got bored with the food. So it's exciting to see all the ideas everyone has come up with on the meals.

I already pulled out all these ingrediants to go try baking it today and to try it tomorrow. Thank you for being my inspiration...

Comment #21

OMG...made these today!! YUMMMMYYYYY. There aren't enough words to describe how good these are. You people are my gods! being able to make up recipes like this one..

Comment #22

HOLY TOLEDO !!! I made these today !!! I'm hooked !!! now I know what I have to re-order and soon !! I put these in a muffin tin - made 12 little cakes - 2 per meal and I am in love with them !! Thanks to all you chefs..

Comment #23

This time I used chocolate pudding and some choco peanut butter drops. These are very good. This recipe is saving me from boredom!..

Comment #24

I have made this twice now...its my latest favorite for portability as well as flavor. I make this on the weekend and it saves me from cheating with the ready made items being right there to grab and run. I even packed a bread bar in the cooler to take to the beach! When everyone else was eating chips and chicken salad sandwiches I ate banana bread bar and pickles. lol It worked great. Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!..

Comment #25

I needed a change from bananna so I made bread bars using Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, vanilla pudding and (a ton of) Capella's Grandma's Apple Pie drops (and I added in extra cinnamon because I love me some cinnamon!).

It was soooooooo good! And for some reason the texture turned out way better than I ever got when I make bananna bread My guess is just that it was just a lucky random difference in ingredient weights in some of the various packages. It was exactly like a slightly moist cake, not at all wet-like or kinda gummy in the center...

Comment #26

I made this the other day and I must admit that it is delicious. I entered the recipe in the "Private Foods" section and when I chose one serving of the banana bread, a cappuccino, a bread made with COT (one yesterday and one today) and two dutch chocolate shakes, it says I'm short one Medifast meal. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!..

Comment #27

You didn't do anything wrong. The site isn't setup to register your L&G or Medifast meals through private foods. You just have to keep track in your head..


Comment #28

If you rally like to see that green bar on the MyPlan you can also just enter one of the Medifast items used in the recipe each time you record a serving. ex: recipe uses 3 oatmeal, 2 pudding & 1 egg = 6 servings. So record 1 oatmeal for 1st serving, another oatmeal 2nd serving, another oatmeal 3rd serving, 1 pudding th serving...and so on...

Comment #29

But that doesn't account for the extra cals/carbs in the baking powder, flax or sweetener...

Comment #30

I think you can enter that under "other" if you want to really keep track that closely. But if everything else is on plan I don't think 1/6 of two spoons of flax seed meal is going to make a big deal. You could alway ask the nutritionist..


Comment #31

Hi all,.

Just thought I would bump this thread from a few years ago. This recipe is great! I'm starting back on Medifast again after a long hiatus and had a hard time finding this recipe again. But here it is! Importantly, use 1 C of water instead of the 1/2 it originally called for..

Also, if you read through the posts, you will notice that there are some variations to this recipe. Love them all! Today I decided to try out using a can of diet soda instead of water and I also used shakes instead of pudding. Turned out beautifully!.

Hopefully someone else gets as much use out of this as I did and am right now! Having something portable and made up in advance takes out all the guesswork and hassle...

Comment #32

Also wanted to mention I don't add the flax...

Comment #33

That sounds yummy... I dont have any banana pudding BooHoo.


Comment #34

Thank you, thank you. I crave banana bread! Can't wait to try it tonight!..

Comment #35

Thanks so much for bumping this. I just made it with apple cinnamon oatmeal and vanilla pudding and it's awesome! Now I don't have to rely in gassy bars when I go to work all day and can't mix up pudding, etc...

Comment #36

Yeah I plan on making it for breakfast tomorrow. I am glad to know it was so good. I am planning to use apple cinnamon oatmeal too just because I don't have maple and brown sugar.

I am also anxious to try the version with blueberry oatmeal and lemon extraxt. That sounds really good too...

Comment #37

Just took the banana bread out of the oven. Took a small bite. So good. My husband had some too. So good for him too..

I had to promise to make him some baked goods tomorrow to make up for my banana bread and brownies..

Comment #38

I made it using vanilla pudding and some banana extract. Still had a good flavor, was a little dry, probably should have added more water. I did end up putting 1 1/2 cups though...

Comment #39

OMG, I love this! Made the muffins the other day using 1/4 cup eggbeaters instead of Medifast eggs. Two muffins per meal. YUM!.

They also keep well in a ziplock. This is a good way to split a meal too. I can have one before a tennis match and the other after..



Comment #40

Made this and it is quite yummy! I cut into 6 slices then cut those in half to make 12 then put into little freezer bags. Take then out and toast then and put ICBINB on them and my gosh it's so good!!!.

2nd time around...... -7 lbs in 2 wks!..

Comment #41

Okay, I made this recipe, as is, with the flax. I added a small capful of banana extract for more banana flavor..


This made a very short, dense "loaf". Very heavy and moist. Not fluffy or crumbly at all. The flavor was very good, not quite banana bread but close enough (more like maple banana oatmeal flavor). I think I will add more cinnamon next time, and some more baking powder to lighten it a bit. It is good.

I sliced it into "bars" and froze them. I toast them and spray with buttery spray and they are not bad at all...

Comment #42

I made banana bread last night (no flax) and it is my favorite new food! I had to place my order today, and I actually ordered banana pudding (which I HATE) so I can make it again!!!..

Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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