Wanna know about pregnency test things available in Vitamin Shoppes?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Wanna know about pregnency test things available in Vitamin Shoppes?.

My 2nd question is: I keep reading horror stories about substitutions. What's going on? Will we ever get a straight answer? Is the problem being addressed?..

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Your question was: Wanna know about pregnency test things available in Vitamin Shoppes?.

I keep reading the threads complaining about this and it seems like the breakfast bars are always substituted. Or that's how it seems...

Comment #1

I received my 18th auto-delivery today and it was my 18th perfect substitutions...nothing missing..

I think there are an awful lot of us who get perfect orders everytime and we just don't say anything about it..

Be well...

Comment #2

I understand that we get our orders from different shipping stations. I get mine from Sparks, Nevada, I heard some get theirs from GA, some from PA.

So my main question is: are some shipping stations worst then others?..

Comment #3

There are six warehouses and the main one is in Philadelphia..

I think it probably just depends on how many people are using each warehouse. If more people live closer to Philly then the one in Kansas City, of course KC is going to have a better selection..

NS just needs to get on the ball and see how fast certain warehouses run out of food and stock the warehouse accordingly...

Comment #4

Mine comes from NV, too. I should get my order early next week. We'll see what happens...

Comment #5

I received mine from PA and didn't have any problems...

Comment #6

I had LOTS of subs including my ala carte. Called CS the next day and they are sending me what I ordered. Supposed to be here Monday and Tuesday. I NEED my pancakes!!..

Comment #7

I only had 2 substitutions ever, and this was my 3rd AD.......seems like the cinnamon swirl granola bars are hard to get.........they sent me chocolate chip ones instead so that was fine with me. But otherwise my orders have been good. Mine come from PA...

Comment #8

My warehouse is in Dallas, and the last 3 AD had substitutions, with this month being the worst!!! I ordered 7 CC and 6 Cinnamon Swirl Granola Bars got 13 BB muffins instead. When I called about that, CS told me they were totally out of the granola bars none in any warehouse. I have read of other people getting the CC granola bars since I made that call.

I bought CC granola bars on eBay so I would get just what I paid for. I'm debating about totally cancelling my AutoDelivery and just ordering food off eBay until this mess gets straightened out..

Very frustrating!!!..

Comment #9

Hi everyone I'm going on my fifth order and I have had no problems. The only problem I ever had was with my very first order, I had a couple of substitutions. Since then it's been fine. I do not mine the substitutions as long as they give me something I like. Which they did not I got tuna casserole and some asian dish, I love asian food but this one ewe. So my luck I would say has been good. I'm the one in the middle of my photo, the other lovely ladies are my nieces...

Comment #10

Many members, including myself, place an order and get substitutions. NS is quick to make it right without the customer having to send the subs back. It just seems to me that this could not be cost effective for NS. Seems like it would be in their best interest to have the food in stock if we are able to order it..

What also confuses me is that I get my order in four days, call immediately about the subs and the right order comes four days later. Did they stock that fast or was the food there the whole time?.

I have also found that they don't sub like items. For example, I ordered 28 chocolate caramel bars. They sent 28 bags of popcorn. Why didn't they send me another kind of chocloate bar to make it a similar sub?.

Just wondering............

Comment #11

I'm glad you got what you ordered on ebay. You aren't always that lucky.

I got food from ebay that looked so bad I was afraid to eat it and threw most of it way. It seriously looked like a cat or a rodent got into the box. My husband wouldn't let me bring the box in the house because he was afraid there might be roaches in the box. Remember some of this food might be sitting in someone's house for ages.

Don't want to scare you but that was my experience. Never had a problem purchasing or trading on the board though...

Comment #12

Gross! I'd rather have subs than roaches..

I'm getting my second AD next week. Got my fingers crossed!!.


Comment #13

I've never had a problem with the pancakes. I never seem to get the apple granola bars, cinnamon granola bars and zesty herb snack mix......

Comment #14

Hey people! My warehouse is in Georgia: No Problems!!! This weight loss is since August 3.....

Comment #15

Hopefully, my latest photo will show instead of the fatter me..Still a work in progress!.

Nope it didn't work, Just go to my blog if you are really curious!..

Comment #16

Hi everyone,.

I just received my order today. I am missing several things: 3 regular pancake mix, 6 peanut butter granola bars, 4 maple brown sugar oatmeal, 1 cherry jubillee pudding, 8 honey mustard pretzel sticks, and 1 zesty herb snack mix. Then they sent me 10 peanut butter cookies instead of 1... which is ok I guess.. hopefully I like them. I received 6 apple cinnamon oatmeals which I guess was a replacement for the maple brown sugar.

I am not really a fan of apple cinnamon. Also,, like many others I received a ton of Blueberry Bran muffins.. 9 packs!. They also sent some really horrible extras: blueberry lemon dessert bars, mixed berry yogurt drink and chocoate milk drink (i am not a fan of meal shakes at all) They also did not include the workout dvd. I guess it could have been worse but I just had to ventilate.

I just hoped my order would be perfect. lol Oh well.. hopefully I can get ahold of NS custome rservice tomorrow and they will resolve the issue. Whew!! lol.


Comment #17

I am very careful to check feedback on eBay, and also ask about expiration dates. All of the food I ordered recently looked good, and what I have eaten so far has been fresh..

Thanks for the "heads up"...

Comment #18

And I got substitutes for the blueberry lemon dessert bars I ordered. Go figure .....

Comment #19

Am always getting substitutions. Not even close to what I had ordered. THink perfect order entry was a

Comment #20

My orders come from PA. Just unpacked my most recent order subs. 1 lunch item missing...which they are sending to me...

Comment #21

Mine comes from Nevada, and I've had 8 deliveries so far, with very few substitutions. And actually, I enjoy one or two subs here and there because I get to try something I wouldn't usually order. If I don't like it, I give it to my husband to eat (he eats spicy things and I don't). But I've had good luck overall with very few subs. I have a new order being shipped out this week, which I'll get next Monday, so we'll see how that goes. I don't want to jinx it!!!..

Comment #22

Just buzzing through. I was so petrified about the substitiuions. When I got my second order there were quite a few but only about 10 items that I would not eat at all. The others I am glad they changed them out as it gives me more variety. I guess they ran out of popcorn so they sent these absolutely delicious microwavable chocolate chip & apple cake. Thanks NS.


Comment #23

I spoke with NS this morning because several I like are not on the order form. they told me that they are out of stock. I asked when they would get them in and was told they had no idea. so far i've gotten 2 orders on auto delivery and have had to send back meals. the items I sent back the first month miraculously found their way in my second order so I sent them right back too. It's very frustrating...

Comment #24

My orders come from NV. I will typically check my order a day or two before it is due to ship. Sometimes an item will be marked as "Low Quantity" in red, so instead of chancing what they will give me I change it to something I like.

I have had only a few subs and they have been an increase of another item that I had ordered. Another key I think helps is, I only order a few items of each instead of 15 or 20 of the same thing. I think it is easier for them to complete my order if I request 2 of something instead of 20...

Comment #25

I'm getting very frustrated with my nutri systems orders. I just recieved my third order and there were those horrid blueberry muffins and the cranberry orange pastry again. I pay too much money to keep recieving items that I don't like. I hate to complain but it's so frustrating...

Comment #26

I received my first order on Thursday. about 25 items were substituted and 5 dinners were missing. My order was from Nevada.

I already have a box of 38 items I want to sent back. They sent me 15 apple cakes and I don't like them. Anyway does anyone have any tips on what I should do when I call to send the food back? Do they ask me what I want in exchange at that time? How long is the turnaround?.

Thanks for your help.


Comment #27

You don't have to send substitutions back. Just call them and they send food out to you.

If you have some items you don't like, they will exchange them but you do have to return them. The return items take awhile to get back, I'm not sure of the substitutions.

Skim the boards and see if you can pick up what people are getting substitutions for so you don't order them and get more substitutions.

I haven't been keeping track or anything but it seems like people are getting substitutions for some of the bars.

What did you get substitutions for? What meals are you missing? If you want some ideas of what's good we can let you know. Taste varies though...

Comment #28

Thanks for all the info.

When I called the first time when I realized they were missing dinners, the lady told me that they don't use the packing slip anymore. She just wanted to know my count of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Then she said okay we'll send you something out. I said hold on, can't I ask for something specific and she was very put out and said with a sigh, okay. She was pretty curt with me. Being a newbie I asked why I didn't get some the things I ordered and she said that they are probably out of stock.

I said yes I did, and I recieved 15. She didn't have an answer. Basically cut me off and said they'll send the dinners right away.

So my next question before I call again, If I tell them I don' want these substitutions won't they just tell that that stuff was my Free week?.

The stuff I didn't get was 4 carmel popcorn, 4 choc popcorn, 1 cinn granola bar, 5 blueberry pancakes, 1 zesty herb snack 3 mushroom risotto, 1 nacho crips 1 nacho crisps, and 1 smoke egg.

I didn't like the eggs, mac and beef, sweet potatoes, and I'm afraid to try the tuna casserole from reading the boards.

Is there a search option somewhere, where I can find a thread? LIke the one you were talking about trading food?.

Thanks so much for all your help..


Comment #29

So far, everyone I've talked to has been very nice and accommodating. I would call back and speak to some else or ask for a supervisor...

Comment #30

I really think if that happens again you should call a supervisor. Is it still within the 30 day period? I guess I've been lucky because every time I've called they've always been so helpful and so nice. I'm sorry that happened to you especially since you're new...

Comment #31

LOL Sorry I didn't see your post! I said the same thing you did...

Comment #32

I just recieved my food on Thursday so yes everything is still new.

I realized that not everyone will be like her and it was the end of the day so she was probably just tired of it all. It doesn't discourage me.

I did find the trade thread though. I'll check that out some more before I call again..

Thank you!!!!!! It's been wonderful to have so many helpful people to guide me through all this..


Comment #33

I just got my next order yesterday and had my Beef Tacos subed for SW-style chicken. Was really looking forward to my tacos, I guess at least they subed with something that was similar and didn't send me 5 tunas. This is the first time (only 3rd order though) I have had subs and mine come from PA...

Comment #34

Okay - got my order. Dinner only had the tacos substituted with some chicken thing. And no lunch substitutions. Breakfast wasn't too bad, but no bran cereal That's one I really like!! No blueberry pancakes, either - regular and chocolate chip only. Dessert, however, NOT GOOD. NO CHOCOLATE CHIP PUDDING.

The guy told me to call back next week and see if some came in. I need that pudding!!!..

Comment #35

Copy & Paste.

BBCode (Nutrisystem Discussion Board).

COPY and PASTE the entire code below into a Discussion Board post or in your Discussion Board signature (through User CP). This code will also work in many other web forums...

Comment #36

Just wanted to throw out what I just got substituted. I just received my second order yesterday..from PA..

All my Eggs flavors (smoke, cheese, and vegg. sausage) subbed with regular eggs.

Beef tacos (here as well was the SW chicken..had ordered 1 to try now I have lots).

Blueberry Lemon Bar (low inventory sure..subbed by the Strawberry bar).

Chocolate Raspberry Bar (haven't figured out what was subbed to be different maybe another bar).

Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes (this one was sad..but did get subbed with the Whipped Sweet Potatoes).

All the subs to me, I don't have an issue with seemed to be very - like for like in some fashion..

Some of the items others were subbed I did receive - no issue with other bars, pancakes, herb mix, cereals...

Comment #37

I received my seventh NS order today. I actually even got excited b/c when I opened the box I spied my 40 lb bear! He should have arrived a month ago, and I have had to contact NS for all of the previous bears so when they actually INCLUDED one (albeit late) I thought YAY my order might be CORRECT this time!!!.

*sigh*.... but nnooo....... when I saw the 11 chocolate chip pancake mixes (yes, ELEVEN and I didn't order even one!!) my heart sank..... ggeeezzz.... I can't do chocolate in the morning maybe ONCE but not 11 days!! Then I saw Nutrichocolates, caramel corn.... all kinds of things that I did NOT order!.

Why do you suppose they can't fill the orders correctly? Maybe they shouldn't allow people to change up until the day before? Maybe we should have our orders locked in a few days in advance? Personally, I don't even think THAT has much to do with it because I doubt people do that many changes so close to their shipping date.

UGH....... it's just SO frustrating!! You are low on food, you look forward to the new order and what YOU have picked..... and then it's not in the darn box!!!!..

Comment #38

My next order ships out Friday and I'm crossing my fingers that it will be mostly good. It's my second order, so it'll have a free week in there and I expect that to be stuff I don't want, just hope the rest of the order isn't too bad. I went in and changed my order; anything on low inventory I deleted in hopes of avoiding substitutions. We'll see!..

Comment #39

I actually had an idea for them, why since they have several distributors, why couldn't they send what they had from your original distributor and then send what they couldn't fill to another distributor to send. You would have shipments coming from different locations, but at least you would get 100% of what you ordered. heck I'd even be willing to get a partial order and get the rest when they get it in. I don't think it could cost them any more than what they are doing replacing food everytime they send you something you didn't order..

I just think more people would be willing to wait for what they ordered than the frustrations of getting all the subs. I'm a picky eater and only order 3 things for each meal, so if they start subbing than up to a 1/3 or more of my order is missing. Once I ordered 21 Granola cereal and got 21 of something else. Thank goodness it wasn't the dreaded blueberry muffins, but still that wasn't my favorite breakfast either..

Just a thought I had...

Comment #40

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this problem is the biggest problem in the whole program. If they could gets this right then it perfect. Fortunately they do send out other food when you call but it still is not what you wanted...

Comment #41

What I don't understand is why is it that they have what you want when you have to call.....but not when your order ships out??? This subbing thing has to be costing them alot of money, because of extra postage and people keeping the things that got subbed. You'd think they would fix this "money leak" for their own bottom line!!.

I was going to order to stock up on the things I really like (NS burgers really are just the best!!), but now I'm not so sure. And the "poptarts" aren't even available to order. Hopefully this mess gets fixed soon!!..

Comment #42

No, it does not work to edit your order the last minute as I did just that and received 22 substitues yesterday. I had also removed anything that was low inventory. I figured that is over $50 worth of food I did not get (if you average the whole 112 items and I had over $60 discounts ) and would cost even more for others. When I called NS, I was told "they don't know what is low until they actually fill orders in the warehouse". Well I have to make a 50 mile round trip to purchase groceries, and I know how to keep track of what I have and what I am getting low on. I realize they have more people using from their stock than I, but isn't that what someone's job is? I can understand that it might happen occassionally, but this seems to be a constant thing.

I hope they get a handle on this soon so we can have the confidence in them again. I want to keep using NS, and will give them some more time, but I will also have to consider the cost verses what I am getting. I hold out hope it is better next month...

Comment #43

Hi everyone, I got my first order yesterday...not too bad ..they substituted 6 maple brown sugar oatmeal and no beef tacos...but the free week I didn't care for most of the, when they substitute do you send the items back you don't like?.


Comment #44

JoAnn, No just keep them, but call and tell them what you are missing and they will send the correct thing or ask what else you would like. And if they send it wrong again, just keep calling. I have had subs but they always send what I want later...

Comment #45

Wish I had known of this before hand. Are you saying that going in and changing my order prior to the shipping date does not guarantee I will received what I ordered? So we basically are stuck with what NS has the most of in it's inventory. This seems counter productive to me. If you want repeat customers in your store, you keep them HAPPY...

Comment #46

I called NS before my order shipped and asked if any would be subbed. A nice woman went over my order and said it would be fine.

My order came yesterday and my bear was there. Yippie !! But I had ordered 18 regular pancakes and got 18 chochlate chip pancakes. I don't like them so I have to call NS. I also got 3 biscottis that I can't eat. The rest of my order seems fine though and I was so happy to see my bear. I love NS but I wish the subs didn't happen..

Edited to say I called NS and a very nice girl named Tahera is sending me out 18 regular pancakes and 3 oatmeal raisin cookies. She was extremely kind and helpful...

Comment #47

Hey everyone!.

I got my order yesterday and I must say...I was not happy! I had a total of 29 substitutions this timethe most ever! Instead of the chocolate chip granola bars for breakfast, they substituted the Blueberry Muffins. Instead of the Raspberry Chocolate lunch bars, they sent the Peanut Butter bars. Instead of the Honey Mustard Pretzels, they sent Hot Cocoa. And, many other subs.

I did call and talked to a really nice guy named Robert and I'm going to receive a few different items for the ones I can't stand (like the Blueberry Muffins). Apparently, many of the items are out of stock at this time.

When I purchase something from a mail order catalog, or even from the net I EXPECT to receive the item(s) I ordered. It's no different than NS. For the price, we should defiintely get what we ordered!.

Susie, call CS and talk to them. I know they were really helpful with me yesterday. They're not going to exchange ALL of my subs, but they are going to send some replacements, which will help..

I know it's soooo frusterating!..

Comment #48

I have called twice because they keep sending what they subbed for what I wanted in the first place (clear as mud???? anyway they seem to be out of everything I ask for, which of course are my favorite items (and apparently everyone elses too).

I LOVE LOVE this program, this is going on my 3rd month, I hope this is not a continued problem..

Comment #49

16 subs on my last order. And of course some of them were the blue berry muffins...

Comment #50

I still have to give kudos to NS customer service. Granted my order was incorrect but when I called about the incorrect items, I was only interested in replacing the ones I don't care for. The customer service representative went through each of my substitutions and asked if I was okay with each one of them, without any prompting from me. They are sending the items I wanted immediately...

Comment #51

Also when you get what you want you can go to the trade thread and trade for what you do like...

Comment #52

You do NOT have to send your substitutions back...and please feel free to post on the thread on my signature what you like and what you don't like...this is a very successful thread that takes some of the sting out of subs issue. I guarentee you can find someone who loves what you hate...EXCEPT FOR TUNA CASSEROLE!.

I have been the happy recipient of LOTS of microwaveable chocolate cakes! KEEP EM COMING!!!..

Comment #53

This is my second order and more than 1/2 was substituted! Not to mention 4 items missing completely! I was shipped several items in multiples of 4, 5, & 6! And as luck would have it they are all things I don't like! I have 26 items that I can not and will not eat! They sent me 5 microwave cakes and I don't have a microwave! If your not going to let me have what I order don't give me the option! If you don't expect it your not disappointed! I am EXTREMELY frustrated with the process, I don't feel like I should have to play mail tag when I'm paying a pretty good amount of money! If you don't have it don't send me something else just to fill up space and make me send it back, leave the spot open for me to choose something else! Scan your inventory so you know what you have! Grocery stores do it everyday why can't a huge company making millions of dollars? I will once again spend my time, maoney, & gas to get I can at least eat! Unfortunately I will not be ordering again. I planned to stick to this plan for 6 months but I need to reduce my stress not add to it...

Comment #54

I bought something a few years ago from an online store. I can't remember what it was exactly, but I know it had something to do with my jewelry designing. They had a box on the checkout page that asked you to check if you'd like a sub if your item is out of stock. You could then choose up to 4 subs that you'd want instead of the item ordered. You could also choose to just have your item back ordered if it was out of stock, and to be notified if it's going to take longer than 4 weeks to become available again. At that point you could choose a sub or cancel ( I understand cancelling the item wouldn't work in this case).

It might work well for NS, considering they're wasting their own money shipping us suitable replacements without getting the old ones back (which is of course good for us), and annoying members in the process (which is bad for everyone). Just a thought!..

Comment #55

Probably would take them too much time. They could check your previous orders if the warehouse people had a computer so they could sub foods you like BUT time is money so they just put whatever in your box and send it I guess...

Comment #56

But it's sad to waste time, money, and food! I'll never eat the stuff they gave me as a sub, I don't like them thats why i'm so ticked off! I agree with your idea, I too order a lot off the internet: item unavailable!!!! let us pick something else!..

Comment #57

I totally agree with Mia Blake. I just recieved my second order, and most of it was sub'd. I hate what they sent me. If they don't send me what I orginally ordered, I won't be getting another shipment...

Comment #58

I recieved my second order a couple of weeks ago, and had 34-subsitutions. Needless to say, I cancelled my auto-delivery program. I plan on ordering ala-carte, but I am afraid they will mess that up too. I have zero patience with four kids, and at my age- no way in Hll, I am going to be on the phone every month explaining what went wrong. The reason I think it would have been on-going is; to have 34 items wrong shows me something is quite wrong. I wouldnt mind a couple of mistakes, but they did that on the first order, blah, blah, blah............

Comment #59

You guys who get perfect orders are sooooo lucky.....I did this program 2 yrs ago and left becasue of the horrible substitutions and frustration over every order I recvd.....I started again, try a second chance.......and no dice my last two orders have been horrific.....I live in CA and my first order was ruined completely due to hot weather and being left in the sun on my porch....not to mention the 56 substitutions my next order yesterday......47 substitutions this time and for things I HATE!!!! I got 10 of the almond biscotti and 10 choco biscotti...that is the worst item ever....I got 10 of some lame cereal I dont like too.....what can we do to fix this...I really want to do this program but my nerves cannot take this! My orders come from NV....I have to throw in, the customer service is great and helpful....but we should not have to go through this every month. I only have 20 lbs to lose....cant they get it right for 3 months???? any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!..

Comment #60

Maybe we should start a petition!.

I've had 3 deliveries, and so far no problems (except for them sending disgusting things in my 2 free weeks). My only sub in September's order was frosted flakes cereal to replace the apple granola bars. Not too terrible.....

Comment #61

Don't count on your A La Carte items not being substituted. I received my 3rd order and had 25 items subbed. 2 of those were my A La Carte ones. All 3 of my orders have not been correct. I understand sometimes they have to do this but I am scraping up the money as it is to pay for the food, I have to have items that I can eat. Two previous times they've sent out replacements with expired food, even one replacement for expired food was expired! (Toaster pastries) The other times they have made it right.

Hope it gets better!..

Comment #62

I received my 2nd shipment on friday and I was ready to keep an open mind. I was prepared for substitutions. I had already sent items back last week because I didn't like them (just trying to get to know my likes and dislikes). unfortunately I received 18 bran flakes and I had sent those from last month back for an exchange. These bran flakes for substituted for the other cereals I ordered. I also received no burgers and a few other things.

I was OK with some, but the bran flakes and muffins had to go. I called the and the woman was very nice and will send me out at least another 18 granola, as they are out of all of the 2 cereals that I ordered. I just wish if they have to substitute they would at least send things that are already on your order. that way I am at least receiving more of things I ordered in the first place!..

Comment #63

I just received my 2nd auto delivery order. It has a few things substituted. I called customer service and they are sending me replacements. My order comes from PA, I had no beef tacos, no choc. raspberry lunch bars and no choc. carmel cruch popcorn.

Rasp. lunch bars with choc. peanut butter bars and my choc. carmel crunch with reg. carmel crunch.

They are sending me more lunches and dinners that I picked from in stock items. I decided that the dessert substitution was fine. My second free week included another tuna casserole - I just knew that would be in there..

Comment #64

I got my replacements almost all were out of date. Pizza inedible, I had 11 dessert items subbed all with cherries jub pudding. When I complained they sent me the 11 original requested items. Why did they substitute if they had what I wanted to begin with? Now there are no toaster pastries at all (check your auto delivery order, they just took them out and add whatever they want instead of telling us all this has been done, so check your order before your send date. No thick crust pizza anymore. What a shame that customer service has to undo such a mess...

Comment #65

I would be very interested to know how much less this program would cost, if NS didn't have to recoup the cost of wasted food (you know they recover it somehow.) It would be interesting to see a 1-month controlled total (maybe 10-15 customers) of all the food that was subbed, not going to be eaten, and replaced with a 2nd item for "free"..

But having said that, I love the program and will gladly continue to pay what it costs. I love on a tropical island in the middle of the Asian Pacific. I don't have access to the whole foods stores or a well-stocked mega-super market. I only have my little military commissary, which has very little to offer in the kinds of foods that I would need to do this on my own..

After 2 perfect orders, my last 3 have had substitutions galore...however, I've been fortunate that most have been subs that I can live with. I also have a friend on Oki that is also NS, so we've been able to swap things too. The rest, I've sold on eBay and made a hefty profit. So, I'm very happy overall. Beats the trouble of making an overseas phone call and having to wait for a reshipment, that may or may not be what I asked for. It's just food...can't stress over it too much.

...but I do wish NS would get their act together a little bit more and honor their customer's hard earned dollars, by providing them what they asked for. Send out a survey, find out what people like and what people don't like. Make more of the things people like. Make less or eliminate the things that people don't like. Is this too simple a solution? Make too much sense?..

Comment #66

I just received my second auto delivery & I am not happy. My lunches & dinners came as I ordered but the breakfast & dessert selections are ridiculous. For instance, I received 7 hot chocolates. Now pray tell, here in New Orleans when it's 90 degrees why would I want any hot chocolate? I also received 8 microwaveable chocolate cakes. Now I like the chocolate cake but I also like the stuff I ordered that didn't come. In fact most of the stuff I ordered didn't come..

Breakfast was just as bad. Received no oatmeal, etc. etc., etc. Got a whole bunch of cereal. Pretty disgusted right now. May not order again...

Comment #67

I had the same problem with my order: Lunch & dinner were good, but breakfast and dessert was sub-city. If you like oatmeal, you can substitute Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal. It matches up well with the NS version and you get WAY more...

Comment #68

I got mine from Sparks NV today and I have no complaints. I even got a beautiful red 10 pound bear..

I made the pineapple upside down cake with the pancake mix this a.m.. It came out perfect...

Comment #69

OMG I wish I would have read the post before I joined, this is awful, and when you send food back do they resend it to people, egads it could be contaminated, not everyone is clean.. And the 2 weeks free is the food that everyone hates. There was nothing in the free week I got that I would eat if I was not on a diet.. I can hardly wait for my next order, I actually had a few subs nothing that I could not deal with. I am going to hang in there for the 2nd month, but am looking at other options. My sister and brother-in-law and my boyfriend were going to join and after seeing what I got they are looking at other options also.

Hope they get this worked out....


Comment #70

Oh no.........look if I am going to spend this much money I want what I ordered. The first time I let them just send me what they wanted but some of it is just not anything I want to eat and this is not an inexpensive program so I feel we should get our orders the way we want them...

Comment #71

Someone on another thread said that substitutions are just free foods. And that's exactly right..

I got mine today. Out of the 28 desserts I ordered, I got 3 of them. Yup. Three. So I called, and they had most of what was on my order sheet in stock. Why they didn't ship it out in the first place, I couldn't tell you.

Oh well. Maybe I'll get over to the substitution thread and start trading...

Comment #72

Each time I receive a box the number of substitutions are greater: box #4 had 42!! When I called, the rep was nice enough, and I only asked to have replaced those items I really don't like (9 biscotti and 5 chocolate cakes) for what I did order (mint chocolate crunch and BBQ soy chips) and they are coming from PA (my normal distribution center is Reno/Sparks, NV). It takes at least 10 days (rather than the "local" 2 days) but at least I'll get what I want. I just hope box #5 won't have MORE subs than this last one!!..

Comment #73

Don't complain about the substitutions too much.......Just keep them and call NS and have them send out the correct items.......then when they send out the wrong thing again, go thru the same process. Sell what you don't like on eBay. Maybe NS will get the picture someday. I've now got 65 free items between my husband and myself in the last month. 65 items x $2.50 = $162.50 ..........that's 1/2 the price of NS for one month..

Comment #74

If anyone wants to sell the chocolate chip pancakes let me know!! I love making chocolate walnut muffins with the mix..


Comment #75

Sizcat..I was wondering why did you receive a bear? And I also wanted to congratulate you on your loss!!! You have done great!..

Comment #76

I've had very few substitutions. the last 2 orders, it was just a couple of packages of pretzels (which I HATE so I gave them to my bf). one other order I got 3 tuna salads instead of 3 chicken salads and when I called, they told me it must be b/c they were out. no one offered to send me the right items. but in any event, i've really had no trouble. could it be my location and the distribution center that sends here? now i'm scared i'll start having trouble! i'm a very picky eater and substitutions would be horrible! I order EXACTLY what I want!.

Some of you may be interested in the recipes by amy smith. if you keep them handy, at least you know you can make something to substitute in an emergency. I do about 50/50 between her stuff and NS food and it hasn't had any negative effects on my weightloss...

Comment #77

NS ought to have every member create a substitution list. Which foods are acceptable substitutions, in preference order. Seems like a waste of food, time and money to send people stuff they don't want, just to have to send them new stuff later on.

It's like walking into a restaurant and the waiter brings you a meal without you seeing a menu. No tip for that guy!..

Comment #78

Well I as well as many others have been reading the horror stories about subs that people have been receiving. I called right before my Auto ship was to ship out and asked the customer service rep if she showed anything in my order that could be out of stock cause I didnt want to deal with any bad subs. She told me the only thing that showed low inventory was the Thick crust pizza (no surprise). So I went ahead and had them ship my order out. I just had UPS deliver to my door today and when I opended it up I couldnt believe it. I think I had about 39 subs.

I didnt get any pancakes or breakfast bars that I ordered and instead they sent me 15 granola cereals and 13 of the blueberry muffins, which I cant stand. They also sent me 15 of the Cherry Jubilee puddings that I didnt order at all. I was also shorted a dinner. I called and they are supposed to be sending out the stuff I originally ordered. Sounds like they had it in stock all along, so why didnt they just send it in the first place.

Too much money to be giving to people that either dont care about or cant handle us customers and our orders...

Comment #79

I think they are sending out these ridiculous subs to get rid of inventory. Think about it from a business point of view.... it is the last quarter of the year, they have extra inventory that they want to get rid of. Why else would they send someone 15 muffins & 15 bran flakes if they had the originally requested items in stock? Wouldn't they mix it up a little bit better than that? Like 5 muffins, 5 bran flakes, a few pancakes, etc.

They are probably "taking their chances". By that, I mean they probably figure they'll send out all their over-stocked items that no one wants and hopefully some of the recipients won't complain about it.

Very Bad Business Practice (in my opinion)...

Comment #80

First that was great!!! The tracking on the NS website had said it was supposed to be delivered Monday, so this was awesome! (see my previous post if you want to read about THAT)..

I had a few things actually missing, and some subs that were totally inappropriate- like I got 6 chicken lunch entrees-I'm a vegetarian on the vegetarian plan-.

I called Customer Service and they were really nice about sending out other things that I can eat, as well as the missing food items..

It really does pay to check over your food. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish to check my food, call customer service, and put it all away..

It was worth the time to check over my order though..

Oh, and btw: plenty of maple and brown sugar oatmeal as well as the nutri chocolates! None of those were subbed...

Comment #81

Has your sister, BIL, and boyfriend all tried all of the food before making up their minds? I have tried almost everything, and the tuna casserole is the only thing I couldn't tolerate. The free weeks are not food that everybody hatesmine have been stuff that I rather like. Glad you are hanging in there, and I hope your sis, etc. decide to give it a try. I love lots of stuff that others can't stand(aka-muffins), and maybe they'll like some stuff that you don't, who knows........Good luck!..

Comment #82

I already posted this on another thread, but I'm still miffed so I'll post it again. I got 44 subs today! I'm not a happy camper!! Sure takes a brilliant person to send out chicken to a vegetarian. Good grief!..

Comment #83

I got chicken caccitore in my last order. When I called CS about it, she actually said,"oh, some vegetarians eat chicken.".

I guess some do,,,,but I don't. She didn't know that I won't eat that stuff, but I did laugh when she said that. I couldn't help it..

Comment #84

I have to be honest I never went through my packages properly. I peeked in boxes and knew I had several subs but I just didn't care enough to do anything about it. I just wanted the weight off and I'm not that picky of eater..

However I do understand you being upset sending chicken out to a vegeterian....

Comment #85


NS is great, but they do need some improvement when it comes to substitutions. I don't know why they just don't send more of what you've already ordered lots of. If you order 10 Mac and cheese, I doubt you would mind if they sent you 12 to compensation for out of stock items...

Comment #86

I also had missing items though. You may want to consider at least to count your items to make sure you get everthing.

I was missing 9 things!..

Comment #87

That's a very good point. I wish that they'd do that instead...

Comment #88

Funny, I heard someone call themselves a vegetarian the other day and they ate chicken and fish. Threw me for a loop. I guess you can call yourself anything you want.

Most likely the stock people just don't pay attention to the vegetarian/diabetic restrictions when subbing..

Now don't tell anyone this but they didn't short me last month they gave me three more pancakes than they should have. LOL I'm not complaining...

Comment #89

The last time I called about substitutions, I was told that they were out of ALL chocolate bars. Instead of mint choc bars, nutri chocolates, choc crunch bars and choc caramel bars, I was sent 23 pouches of hot chocolate. At least they were trying to send chocolate. I was also told that a big restock shipment would be coming in after the 10th of Oct. and to call back then...

Comment #90

I am brand new at this - Just got my first order yesterday. Now I understand after reading everyones posts why I got a lot of food that I don't care for. Today, being my first day, I tried the blueberry muffin for breakfast. Then for dinner, I had the tuna noodle casserole - which I just could not eat and ended up throwing it away. Is that the way the program works - the food is so bad that you lose weight by throwing it away? Please tell me it will get better...

Comment #91

I can relate I received 12 packages of the blueberry muffins in my last shipment. CS was nice to replace them with what I want. Quess where those muffins are still sitting on the shelf in my pantry. My friend just received her second auto ship and received 16 blueberry muffins. She wasn't happy as these upset her stomach. I will eat one every once in a while.

They sent out what I wanted right away. So I received plenty of chocolate chip pancakes and cereal. I am worried because after reading these posts I wonder what I will get next week in my next shipment. I have no problem calling CS!.

2BLighter all the food isn't bad. I enjoy most of it. ANd you have to remember it isn't four star restraunt food. And I have lost 27 pounds since July. So good luck to you!..

Comment #92

OK, I got my 2nd shipment today w/over 40 subs. I received 13 granola cereals of which I ordered none ! I ordered 11 pancakes and 7 eggs and received, you got it, ZERO ! I ordered 4 bags of Nutrichocolate/ 3Nutri Cherry cordials and received a big fat ZERO of either. I had many other subs too but man, my breakfast is really screwed up w/ at least 18 subs and no pancakes or eggs which keeps me motivated to stay on by being able to eat the items I like,I'm going to call CS now to see what can be done..

And, my first order came from Kansas City in 3 days, my second order came from Nevada in 8 days.......what's up w/that ? .

Ok, I called and they are sending me 38 replacement items, the rest of the subs I was OK with. What I wanted Pancakes , Eggs, and Chocolates are in stock at the PA warehouse so that is where my food is coming from. I spoke with a VERY pleasant rep from CS and I am hoping that it all works out i.e. I get the correct subs. I asked why my food was coming from a different warehouse the 2nd time and she said if one place is swamped or out of stock of many items the order diverts to a different shipping location. Interesting ? .

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my subs, I want to stick with this and lose another 80 lbs. but I'd like to get the food's I choose and pay for to help me on this journey...

Comment #93

I had 39 subs in my first order and was missing my first free week of food..

Called CS and they apologized, took my order for the subs and sent them out..

Just got the replacements and guess what???.

All of them are subs!!! And...the free week wasn't there still!.

My husband asked how that makes me feel..

I said, "Like they don't really care.".

On the plus side................I've lost 6 pounds in a week!.

Not enough to make me quit 'cause I'm on a mission..

Much love to all!.

Karen the Red Baron..

Comment #94

I really don't understand why all the substitutions. If your in business and are selling something and are out you just tell the customer you are out and back order or give them the option of ordering something else.. I can not believe how many people are unhappy. I will be recieving my 2nd order in a couple of weeks and hoping it is alright, and I don't mind subs if it's something I already ordered. I already have a ton of the free week that I can't stand or will not eat.. I was so excited when I joined and am thrilled with the 7 lbs I lost the first week, but all this is discouraging.

I just wish I could eat some of that free stuff, but I don't care for chocholate and lemon whatever bars yuk.. My sister tried some of what I didn't like and she hated it, and now with her and my boyfriend not ordering there goes $60 in referals I lost...... I just feel so bad for everyone who is getting all the subs and getting them replaced with outdated crap. Thats just bad business. I did NS years ago and was 100 % thrilled with it but I went to the store and picked up my product...

Comment #95

Doubtful I've been around since July 2005 and read the old recipe board back posts to when NS started the low-GI program late in 2003 seems that EVERY year around this time they experience shortages and people begin to complain about substitutions also seems that this year it started a bit earlier and given that the "excuse" each of the past TWO years has been "a whole new lineup of foods will be here soon", I'd say that it's standard practice for NS.....

NOT my idea of a good time.


Comment #96

I keep reading the threads complaining about this and it seems like the breakfast bars are always substituted. Or that's how it seems...

Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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