Medifast recipe for Walden Farms?

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Does anyone have experience with Walden Farms products? I just tried their Asian marinade and it is YUMMY!.

I'm wanting to order more of their stuff, but would like feedback as to what is good and what might not be so good..

Thank you!.


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Hi Cat,.

I haven't tried their products yet, but just placed an order yesterday for a few things because all of their products are supposed to be sugar free, calorie free, fat free, and carb free. What's left then???? After reading the guestbook on their website and everyone just praising them for the wonderful products - I said why not give it a try. I ordered the SF Chocolate Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, French Dressing, Honey BBQ Sauce, and Ketchup. I'll let you know how these are once I get my order.


Comment #1

- Bacon dip is decent, but tastes a bit artificial.

- Marinara is not like home made real marinara, but a suitable approximation for MF'er purposes, IMO.

- Thick & Spicy BBQ sauce was pretty good.

- Coleslaw dressing was VERY good - I've even had non-MF'ers want some of that!.

- The rasberry spread is okay. Consistency is more like cranberry jelly. For scones and muffins made from Medifast meals, it should be good...though I haven't tried it that way. I like taking a little dab of it and putting it in oatmeal to spruce it up a bit..

I'm about to order more coleslaw dressing, some ketchup and three or four bottles of marinara (I just ordered the Miracle Noodles)...

Comment #2

Oh, the maple syrup was good, too. A bit thin, but very good when I put it on my Medifast pancakes!..

Comment #3

I just ordered the Miracle Noodles.

OrangeBlood, what are Miracle Noodles?.

Sorry, newbie here!.


Comment #4

Hi there- welcome!.

I like their BBQ sauce on my chicken breasts, then cooked in the oven and eaten over a salad, especially with their bleu cheese dressing- it reminds me of a Carl's Jr Charbroiled Chicken Salad! Also I think the Chocolate syrup is yummy, sometimes I add it to my Dutch Choc shake to make it extra tasty! I bought some of the apple butter- thought I would try a little mixed in with my oatmeal, but haven't even tried it yet. I have been wanting to try the coleslaw dressing ever since Orangeblood wrote out the recipe- sounds soo good, I love coleslaw! So- good luck, hopefully you will try a few items and like 'em..


Comment #5

Noodles that are actually allowed on MF! Normal pasta and rice and other starchy stuff (peas, corn, potatoes, etc) isn't allowed because it's loaded with carbs..

Miracle Noodles are made of naturally water soluble fiber, are 0 calorie and 0 net carbs. From what I've read (I've yet to try them), if they're prepared correctly, they're quite good. I plan on using it in a few different recipie ideas I've got (turkey meatballs and marinara, turkey sausage bolognese, plain ole olive oil and garlic)..

If I like them, I'll probably also buy the powder and make gravies for my lean meals. Might even see if I can bake with the stuff...

Comment #6

Thumbs up for the maple syrup and chocolate sauce (Divine on Medifast oatmeal made into legal waffles). Also thumbs up to the miracle noodles (prepared correctly)...

Comment #7

Thumbs down for the Alfredo Sauce, though. That is NOT yummy at all.

I like the salad dressings and the chocolate syrup!..

Comment #8

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the caramel dip!.

I put it in my chocolate shakes for a real candy bar flavor..

I put it in the vanilla one with apple extract and apple pie spices for an apply betty shake..

Once, in desperation, I froze a banana pudding and a chocolate pudding in separate dishes. I scooped half of each into a sundae glass and plopped a little of the caramel spread and a drizzle of the Walden Farms chocolate syrup on it for a sundae (it was either do this, or knock my 10-year old to the ground and start devouring her cookie dough sundae)..

I have also used their bacon salad dressing, the onion dip (which I spice WAY up), the asian marinade (which I use for asian chicken salad with shredded coleslaw mix and grilled chicken), the barbecue sauce (which I mix into ground turkey along with onion, then grill on the grill). I have heated their apricot fruit stuff in the microwave until melted and used it as a glaze on a turkey breast. I love Walden Farms stuff!.


Comment #9

I've tried a bunch of them. I like the individual packet salad dressings, because I can take them in my purse & use that dressing in restaurants. I also like the thick & spicy barbecue sauce on my chicken. The chocolate dip is good. Not crazy about the onion dip. The ketchup is too runny for me I prefer the heinz one carb for ketchup...

Comment #10

Does anyone know what their products are sweetened with?..

Comment #11

I know the Caramel dip is sweetened with Splenda. Not sure about the others ... that is the only one I have with me at the present time! I am sure their website ( has nutrition info, though..


Comment #12

I checked their website, and for the life of me, I can't find anything that says the ingredients of their sweet-type products - only the nutrition info. Hmmm ... maybe I just missed it somehow...

Comment #13

There is a "Nutritional Info" click on the left side of the home page..

I know that the ingredients are listed for the Honey Mustard dip, for example. They are: triple filtered purified water, oat fiber, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, salt, food starch modified, cultured buttermilk, natural herbs and spices, natural flavors, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, xantham gum, propylene glycolalginate, potassium sorbate and sucralose..

For some reason, the labels with the info do not list the ingredients for the chocolate syrup, barbecue sauce (either kind), pancake syrup, ketchup, cocktail sauce or either kind of bruschetta on the website..

I emailed them today to ask. I'll post what I find out!..

Comment #14

The thick & spicy BBQ sauce is good and the bacon ranch dressing is okay. But beware of the bleu cheese dressing. It is absolutely hideous!..

Comment #15

Wow, what great feedback!!! Thanks everyone, this has been very helpful!..

Comment #16

Medifast pancakes? You have a recipe for that too, OrangeBlood?..

Comment #17

Ahhh .. No. That's why I asked. lol ... No problem, I'll do a little research here on the forum...

Comment #18

I don't have a pic, but here ya go.....

The absolute basic is just the oatmeal and water. Everything else is to spruce it up..


1 pkt oatmeal (whichever flavor you prefer).

1/3 cup water.

1 tbsp Splenda.

1 tsp vanilla extract.

Pinch salt.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

Mix wet and dry separately, then bring them together (I use a wisk). Spray pan with butter flavored pam and turn up to med-hi. Pour batter into the pan, as you would normal pancakes. They won't have little bubbles popping up, like noraml pancakes, so don't use that as a measure of when to flip. When you start to see the edges solidify and brown, it's time to flip. Cook until that side is brown and you're ready to serve it up with some Walden's SF syrup!..

Comment #19

Thanks OrangeBlood! I'm all over it and can't wait to try it. The Walden Farms pancake syrup and the Alfredo sauce are the only 2 WF things I got last week but haven't tried yet. I'm waiting on my Miracle Noodles to arrive early this week..

Annnnd thanks to this thread, I just blew over $100 over at Netrition - most of it was Walden Farms products. I'm a sucker for the zero-everything food products that don't contain the sugar alcohols...

Comment #20

Walden Farms products are great to use they have helped me stay on this diet as long as I have and can't imagine being without them. Try them if you have not yet..


1) Creamy Bacon Ranch, Creamy Italian, and Cesar Dressing are great for Salad and Veggies..

2) Sun-dried Tomato and Balsamic Vinagrette Dressings use as Marinade's or warm up as dipping sauce for your Meat..

3) Marshmallow Dip in the Hot Coccoa or Shakes..

4) Carmel Dip in the Chocolate Pudding..

5) Pancake Syrup use in the Muffin Recipe's..

6) Jelly Fruit Spread on top of the Muffins..

7) Seafood Coctail Sauce on your shrimp..

8) Barbeque Sauce on your Meats..

9) Strawberry, Chocolate, or Bluberry Syrup in your Shakes..

10) Marinara makes great pizza sauce on crackers with Fat Free Cheese..

I better Stop I'm getting hungry now.... HA HA.

It's amazing how a few Tablespoons of flavor have made me so happy. I swear I don't work for the company either. My local grocery store actually carries alot of their products, so My family and I have tried alot of them obviously...

Comment #21

The carmel dip is good..

The Chocolate sauce is GooD!!!.

The marshmallow dip was bad, one taste and put it in the trash..

The Pancake syrup is good!!!.

The strawberry spread is ok.

The chocolate dip is good!!.

Thanks for the previous tips on adding the dips to the puddings. I like to put the pancake syrup in my van Medifast and add the cin s/f syrup. It tastes like a liquid "cinabon". The maple and cin flavors make me feel like a being bad!! I wish I had read these posts before I tossed the marshmallow, maybe it would have been ok mixed w/ the choc pudding and peanut butter syrup, maybe that would have tasted like "rocky road"...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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