Medifast recipe for Walden farms?

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I just tried the walden farms thousand island and blue cheese dressing....oh my god!!.

I was sooooooo surprised at how good they taste. They carry them at my albertsons so I didnt have to order them. Also the choco syrup? I couldnt believe how good it was....

They are calorie free and sugar free and carb free and fat free and just free... unbelieveable!.


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Yes, they are wonderful!! I had the Raspberry Vinaigrette last night....awesome!! They carry them at Food Lion too. I also ordered some packets from the website to carry with me to restaurants and friend's houses.


Comment #1

I recently bought the Honey Dijon Dressing from Walden Farms. It is Marvelous!! The Marshmallow Cream with my Apple soy crisps really quenches my sweet tooth too...

Comment #2

OM MY, those sound yummy...gonna check them out too!.

Thanks ladies!.


Comment #3

I just made a big order from them and have enjoyed all that I ordered. The bleu cheese dip is great with celery, bleu cheese dressing w/ salad, choc syrup/dip/marshmallow dip for my 'ice cream'. I'm just so mad at myself that I forgot to order the honey BBQ sauce! All the BBQ sauce at the store are 12g carbs for two tbsp. Has anyone found low carb bbq? I'm not planning on making another big order from them for a while...

Comment #4

My local Wegmans supermarket carries them, too! (Check out the produce area) I love the blue cheese, the ranch is good, tried the hot bacon (???)-it's growing on me, not a huge fan of hot dressings/hot salads..

SOOOO glad I found them!..

Comment #5

I can't stand Strawberry diabetic shakes, but I'll add WF strawberry syrup to the vanilla and it's great...

Comment #6

I am so tempted to order some Walden Farms stuff...but...what the heck is it made out of that it has zero calories, carbs, fat, etc...??? Is it all chemicals? I read the ingreadients and just don't get it - the first ingredient is water! I searched their website and all over the Internet, and there's really no bad press out there...except "Hungry Girl" (who introduced us all to PB2 - YUM!!!) doesn't like them. Most everything I've read on these boards is positive...anybody have any comments?..

Comment #7

I received my order today: choc syrup, honey BBQ sauce, Italian Sun Dried Tomato dressing, Asian dressing, seafood sauce, Apple Butter, marinara and alfredo sauce. I plan on making chicken parm with Medifast eggs, crackers and the marinara sauce. Yum!.

I haven't tried anything yet. I'll let you know what I think though...

Comment #8

I don't like their salad dressings at all, although I do use the honey dijon because I like to carry the little purse-sized packets..

But I love their fruit spreads, especially on MF, they really satisfy that fruit craving. Also the chocolate and maple syrups are good...

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