Walden Farm syrups for Medifast

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What's better the chocolate syrup or the chocolate dip?.

What do you guys like to use it on? I bought the syrup..

I got the marshmallow cream, what do you use it on besides the brownie?.

Do you recommend any other items and what would you use it on?.

I had tried a few in the past and they scared me, but maybe my taste have changed enough now to give it a go again...

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I Love love love the WF stuff!!! I use both the choco syrup and choco dip almost every day. I add choco syrup to the soft serve (coffee, PB, choco mint) before mixing to add depth of flavor, it's great mixed in w/ a choco shake too. It's especially good in the PB softserve...tastes like reese's. I put choco dip or caramel dip on top of the brownie, or dip the multigrain crackers into them. I also love making Boston Cream Pie with a oatmeal pack and pudding pack and frost the top w/ choco dip. I totally love the jams...I make an Medifast oatmeal english muffin, split, toast, and top w/ WF jam.

Great over a vanilla shake cake...

Comment #1

I LOVE the marshmallow in a chocolate shake! YUM-O! I've heard some say it's yummy in the banana shake but I don't do banana in any. way. shape. or form! Tried the chocolate dip once and didn't care for it, but now that my tastes are a-changin' I might try again!.

Lulu, did you try the SF preserves in the pancakes yet? When you do, let me know what you think! Smiles and Hugs to all!..

Comment #2

No and I should have tried it tonight when I made pancakes! I was craving Pumpkin pancakes though so I went that route!..

Comment #3

Oh man, I did not know we are allowed to ham jam. I want some...

Comment #4

I put the chocolate syrup in brownies and softserve. I use the pancake syrup for pancakes, of course! I ran out so gotta get more! I bought salad dressing but I think I'm going to pitch it...

Comment #5

Or the Smuckers ( I think it is) Sugar free preserves. Good stuff!.

1/2 tsp counts as a condiment...

Comment #6

1/2 tsp? Really? What's the point? The WF fruit spreads are OK. Raspberry I thought was the least chemical tasting. I have heard horrible things about all of the WF dips. I did get a caramel dip once, ended up throwing it in the trash alongside the marshmallow. Ugh! Found both beyond nasty! By far WF's best product are the syrups (pancake, chocolate, strawberry are the one's I've tried) Some of the dressings aren't bad and some of the BBQ sauce is decent. I have not heard one positive thing said about the pnut butter spread..

To me, ALL WF have this chemical taste to them and most are not good unless you mix or eat with something else. NEVER just stick your finger in and take a taste!..

Comment #7

I do 1 tsp of the Smucker's SF Blueberry Preserves IN my original pancake batter as a special treat. BLUEBERRY PANCAKES! The "point" is, that it is very good! Just enough. Of course, I count it as 2condiments...

Comment #8

Half a teaspoon was all I needed to make my brownie go from "just ok" to "OMG SO DECADENT!".

Hehe and I agree about the chemical taste, the Smuckers sugar free preserves doesn't have that!..

Comment #9

I was just teasing about the 1/2 tsp comment. I like the Smuckers and 1/2 tsp just doesn't seem like enough!.

I must have hyper sensitive taste buds because I can taste the chemical aftertaste in Splenda when no one else seems to. The only sweetener I've found that I don't get this from is called Smart Sugar. So far, I've only seen it here in AZ. It has the same calories/carbs as Splenda, but no chemical/artificial aftertaste at all...

Comment #10

You're not the only one, De. Splenda does have a chemically taste, but I'm learning to overlook that. We tried the choco dip, and while it is nasty on it's own, it does taste ok in a PB shake. Or a Banana pudding shake..

I like the Pancake and Strawberry syrups, too. The BBQ sauce is becoming a staple (BBQ and chicken in the crockpot is very very tasty)..

On the other hand, I HATE the salad dressings. I've tried the ranch, caesar and honey mustard and YUCK. I have officially given up on WF salad dressings...

Comment #11

I tried the BBQ once, gonna have to try it again. At the time it just seemed too watery I think...

Comment #12

I don't like the dressings, as dressings, either. But let me tell you, they are great for cooking sauces. I am a trained chef, and one of the things that is so very hard for me is the limitations on condiment use. My tastes are changing but I like my sauces and such.

The WF Honey Mustard and the Asian Dressings are great for saute and stirfry: veggied, chicken, fish and beef! Did an Asian Stirfry last night with Shrimp and Broccoli, the Asian dressing mixed with water and a Medifast Cream of Chicken soup....when reduced down, it made a wonderful sauce for the stirfry. All glossy and tasty just like from Charlie Wongs!.

So if you have dressings you hate, try cooking with them instead...

Comment #13

I've got to try mixing some stuff up. I've purchased several of the syrups, dressings, seafood sauce (which tastes just like the real thing to me), ketchup, mayo, and marshmallow dip. I haven't figured out how to make the marshmallow better, so any ideas are gladly accepted.

I'm really excited about trying the dressings as sauces for stir fry. I have the sesame ginger and honey dijon. Any ideas for those?.


Comment #14

This is my first day on on the MF. But I just read your comment.

"NEVER just stick your finger in and take a taste!".

Laughed so hard I blew snot out my nose.. Yikes. If we didn't do things like that to make sure they tasted good we wouldn't be in this weight prison.

Thanks for making me laugh right out of the box...

Comment #15

I'm very excited to read about using the WF dressings as cooking sauces. LOVE the barbeque sauces on my chicken, and enjoy the raspberry spread on my pancakes occasionally. I like the marshmallow on my brownies too. But the dressings...meh. I'd rather use the spritzers. So using the dressings I bought as sauces is a great idea! Woohoo! Going to try some on my shrimp tonight!..

Comment #16

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