Vitamin Shoppe vs bare essentials?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Vitamin Shoppe vs bare essentials?.

My next question is: I read so many stories about nutrisystem not tasting good. I am on day one I have eaten the honey mustard pretzels, cranberry orange pastry, and the cheese tortellini. Non of them have tasted bad to me. I had some yogurt and veggies between meals to help hold me over, but other than that, no complaints here I had eggs this morning I added a tab of egg beaters. I had meatloaf with tomato sauce and mashed potato's for dinner, and then cheddar soy chips for desert YUMMY! I haven't found anything I don't like yet!..

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Your question was: Vitamin Shoppe vs bare essentials?.

Yep - the food isn't bad and is quite easy to "adjust" with some seasoning & veggies to make more to one's taste...


Comment #1

I have been on the plan for one week and I already have 5 favorites that I can't wait to eat again. Good luck..

Comment #2

I agree I have been on program since March and down 52 lbs and really for the most part I like the food and hate to see the threads of people saying the food is so bad - it is not your home cooking you do but it is just fine and if I don't like something I just don't order again! Good luck everyone with you NS journey!..

Comment #3

I agree with you 100%! I'm happy and glad you are too!..

Comment #4

Me too!! I have like almost everything.... I have been on it for a week today... unfortunatly I only ordered a weeks worth of food to make sure I was going to like it.... then ordered my 28 day program and it will not be here till Monday .. But I do love the foods and have lost 4 pounds woohoo..

Good Luck everyone!..

Comment #5

I have been on NS since August & have lost 40 lbs. I too, really like the taste of the food. Of course there are items that I like better than others & there has only been one meal I did not like...

Comment #6

The perfect example of why not to listen to other people and make decisions for oneself!.

Good luck with the program - I am sure you will find a lot of other foods you will like as well!..

Comment #7

I am glad to read the food is not bad. I get my package tomorrow and so have been reading all I can and when I read how bad the food was it scared me. Now I feel better about it..

Be blessed.



Comment #8

I have been quite happy eating most of it. I set myself the goal of trying everything once. After I tried it I rated it from 0-5 on sheets I printed out from the a la carte ordering section..

There are still a couple dinners I haven't tried but I've tried everything else once. Not a lot of 5's but not a lot of 0's or 1's either!.

And I've decided since the tuna casserole has been discontinued I don't have to try it (gg)...

Comment #9

I can't even bring myself to open the pea soup. Can I return food I don't like?..

Comment #10

LOL we scare our selfs so much then when we try the food it is just not as bad as we had stuck in our head I love the food but better I LOVE my NEW body Glad you like it..

Best wishes,Cina..

Comment #11

I love alot of the foods too, the only problem is the particular ones I love (of which I could eat over and over again) are being discontinued. I truly hope I find a group of the new foods that can satisfy me so I can stick with it. This diet has worked for me, but I need to be able to look forward to my meals-small as they may be now. I do love wearing my smaller jeans, though....


Comment #12

Today is my sixth day and I don't have any complaints.

This isn't meant to be a "dig" to anyone, but I feel that the people who carry on about how awful the food is, aren't into it whole heartedly.

I made the commitment, spent the money (at Christmas time,too!!!!!) and I will eat it and smile about it! hahaha!.

I weight in on Saturday and am looking forward to it!.

Thanks to all of you for being here...reading the posts is a great help!..

Comment #13

Open it. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. I hate EVERYTHING about cooked peas. Slimey and gross and just plain a disgusting color. I cannot tell you how much I love that pea soup.

Other than the color, it bears no resemblance to peas. Delicious...

Comment #14

The pea soup I never liked in normal form, so I decided to skip on that But besides that starting day two and I am all good. Haven't found a food I dislike. I REALLY liked the white cheddar soy chips. Its all really good! The portions are small ( thats how diets work) but they are tasty. I am glad others like the food too. I agree with dianevt, we pay so much for it it worth sticking to it...

Comment #15

I think you're right!! A positive attitude really can do wonders...

Comment #16

I couldn't agree more...."I made the commitment, spent the money (at Christmas)...I dont think anything on NS is all that bad...very good actually...and look what we get in return? weight loss...inches lost...portion control already done for complaints here...


Comment #17

This gives me hope. I just got all my food yesterday in the mail. I am gonna start my plan on Monday!! Wish me luck!.

Any suggestions on what to try first???.

Also for the hot dogs and the lunch meat.. are those suppose to be on lunch or more then one lunch??.


Comment #18

The hot dogs and the ham should both be divided up into 3 lunches for each package, so one hot dog or one slice of ham with some kind of bread product makes one lunch entree. You can use them individually as your extra protein at lunch as well, in which case you would use 2, but then you will be short a lunch entree down the line! I got extra ham slices following a subsitution, and so I diced up a slice of ham and put it in a salad as my extra protein at lunch..

You can try foods in any order you like; I think I started by trying the foods I would like if I were in a restaurant (the meatloaf turns out to be my favorite dinner, which I love in a restaurant as well). Once you have tasted them all, it will help you with ordering next month's..

I happen to love the pea soup and the black bean tortilla soup as well..

Hope that helps!.


Comment #19

A friend had stated that she did not like the pea soup, so I did not order it. however I ended up with one in my order. Too my surprise, I tried & it has become one of my favorite lunches. My theory is: to try everything at least once and most of the time, I am not disappointed. Good Luck on your weight loss...

Comment #20

Since you're new...just making sure you know you're suppose to supplement your NS foods with other foods. You made the comment about eating veggies and yogurt to hold you over between meals...that threw up a red flag for me. Just want to make sure you're doing it right (or it won't work). Good luck and welcome!..

Comment #21

Yes! I don't find the food bad, either, and I hate to see threads complaining about itI swear, some people just want to whine. There are certain foods I don't like, but overall, it is quite good for diet food, and some is very tasty! If I had my way, I'd eat gourmet food and full-fat desserts every day, but that's kind of how I got fatLOL!..

Comment #22

Lori, I couldn't agree more with that statement and I proved it again to myself tonight. For dessert I made the Microwave choc. cake. OH YEAH, SOME FOLKS SURE COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT ONE. Well I made it with diet cherry coke, no baking soda in the house that some said to use, a taste of SF choc. syrup, and a pkt of sweet and low.

I added to the top SF preserves and in the center a dollop of Lite Cool whip... ummm good. I never professed to be a good cook except for a few Italian meals but this one is a keeper...

Comment #23

So today was my first day! Love the apple cinnamon oatmeal.. the cheese tortellini was yummy for lunch... but was not too fond of the Chicken breast patty to make a sandwhich with.. kindof reminded me of chicken flavored spam ha ha ha.. it wasnt terrible but it was nothing I would recommend. But I am totally getting the cheese tortellini again on my next order... now to decide what I shall eat later for dessert he he..

Comment #24

Good for you, Nicole. Yeah, we all have different tastes (I hate the cheese tort) but I think many of us agree that the chicken patty tastes, yeah...

Comment #25

When I first saw it, I thought it looked like it was made of tofu. It just doesn't look quite right. Tasted good as a fajita, though!..

Comment #26

I doctored up one of my dinners tonite (not that it needed it) and it was delicious....

I had Chicken pasta parmesan...I emptied it into a pot..added a 1/2 cup green chilies in sauce, a couple Tbsp. of shredded mozzarella cheese, some red pepper flakes and other seasonings I had on hand and heated through...I had broccoli to go with it and it was so filling....


Comment #27

Oh what a great idea to use them as protein substitutes!! Thanks!..

Comment #28

Hey everyone, Today is my fourth day on the food. I totally agree that the food is good. I personally thought it was going to taste bad, but I was wrong!.

Love the food!!..

Comment #29

I have been rather surprised with quit a few of the foods myself.

The chocolate chip granola bars are AWESOME!..

Comment #30

I have not had a chance to try those yet. They skipped them in my last order that I got today. Maybe I can call up and get more apple strudel scones...

Comment #31

I think the food is pretty good. I have liked almost everything (except, of course, the chicken patty ) I guess if people are picky eaters they would have trouble, but I will try almost anything and like most foods. I really appreciate the variety. I tend to get into ruts with foods and eat the same ones over and over again, but this program forces you out of that rut by eating all kinds of things...

Comment #32

I hated the chicken patty too and I have one more to eat.. someone told me to cut it up and put it on a tortilla or pita.. make it like a fajita.. gonna try that! And then not reorder it ha ha..

Comment #33

I actually cut the chicken up into thin slices. I spray Pam spray in a pan. I place the chicken in, with a cup of sliced mushrooms and a cup of brocolli (2 vegetable servings), then I add a tbsp of soy sauce and stir fry. It turns out great!!!!!..

Comment #34

I will have to try that. I have 4 chicken patties lurking in the pantry that I am avoiding eating until I run out of everything else...

Comment #35

When you do, let me know. I really like it!!..

Comment #36

So I was so scared of the ham slices after the chicken patty incident..........opened them and gave one a try today...... just to be safe I through it on a skillet first to heat it up to hope it would taste better......... to my surprise I loved it!!..

Comment #37

Tried the Pasta Parmesan and Broccoli today.. not too bad! I was scared to try anything in the paper cup packaging since my scare with the mac and cheese (yuck) ha ha.. but I was surprised that I didnt mind this one!..

Comment #38

One that that bugs me to no end are the people who have never tried Nutri-system, never tasted it or anything and make nasty comments like "Oh that food is gross!" or "food in a box-that's disgustig". I always have the same response-"how would you know". Let's think about this. You have someone who is one the program and who loves it raving about how good the food is, then there is a person who has never tasted, seen, experience the food saying that it's gross. Who wins that battle?.

The truth is, the people that usually say things like that are people with weight issues who don't want to do anything about it. I suppose a lot of times it is easier to bash someone who is trying to be healthy and succeeding rather than look at yourself and take charge of your own life..

All that said...I love the food. There are some things that are so good I wouldn't give them up even if they weren't dieting. The lasagna I actually want to put in a baking pan and serve it to people who doubt the taste of Nutrisystem. I guarantee you people would rave about it.

I also encourage you to try everything. I don't like tofu-not a fan, but I tried the Pasta Primavera with Tofu and it is now my by-far favorite dinner...

Comment #39

Last night I tried the hamburger (beef patty) and I loved it..

I was a little confused at first .....I read the directions and was like "they want me to cook a hamburger like this?".

I even had my fiance read the package too ha ha ha ha..

Comment #40

Ha. Yeah. It's not really "cooking" it so much as rehydrating it...

Comment #41

I know it's so weird ha ha.

But it tasted good!..

Comment #42

The first time I tried the hamburger patty, I was camping and had only started about 2 weeks before. Well I decided to barbeque hamburgers for the family and imagine my surprise when I pulled mine out of the wrapper to throw on the grill. I even broke it in half, thinking I had gotten a really old one. Then I decided to read the package. I laughed for a while over that one. Now it is one of my favorites..

Marla (Sharon).


Comment #43

HA HA HA !! Thats hilarious. Mine was cracked in 3 pieces when I took it out.. it was like a mini puzzle ha ha.. on top of the directions ha ha ha..

Comment #44

I'm glad that I found this thread. I was going to start one for with something like: "so we have threads on foods we HATE, now what about the foods that you LOVE?".

Anyway, this one has fit the bill. I like all of the lunches and dinners that I've had the past 2.5 weeks (except for the cheesy mashed potatoes - too garlicy for me). It's just some of the breakfasts and desserts that I haven't liked. I just know that if there is something I like, that I just won't order it next time.

I like the portability and convenience of the foods. With Christmas week starting, I am packing up my NS foods to take with me to various places. I am at my sister's tomorrow, and so I'll be packing my lunch like I do at work. I'm taking the pot roast with mashed potatoes and carrots, since that is similar to what she's serving. She's having green beans so that will be my vegetable serving.

She is being very supportive of me. She warned me of what sweets she is going to have so that I would be prepared. She makes banana bread and pumpkin bread (which I don't like) but is also having sugar cookies (which are awesome!). If I do have something, I will have one (or two) sugar cookies and not have my NS dessert. However, maybe I won't have any! It's better to plan, than to be hit with it and feel awful because you caved...

Comment #45

So I love the ravioli, the lasagna and the Nutriflakes bran cereal (with a little splenda) .......tried those all recently..

Comment #46

I love your red hair! I love the ticker! Any motivation talk to keep me going?..

Comment #47

I have a few concerns, today was day 1 for me and I am a big reader of ingredients... worried about eating high sodium, high fruitcose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. All of the meals I have seem to have all of these ingredients that I have read about and try to avoid. Additionally, the scrambled eggs this morning were really bad. I didn't get any sort of instructions with my food kit, so I have no clue what I am doing, adding fruit/veggie servings as well as dairy/protein, I haven't a clue how much is ok to work with the "glycemic index" etc. I am truly lost right now and would love to get some feedback from others who can guide me... (thank you!)..

Comment #48

This is how I feel too!.

I just started this week but I actually like the food. it's a nice variety too..

I can't say i'm looking forward to my weigh in though! lol I have 10 lbs to lose so I have a feeling the weigh ins are not going to be that exciting for me for a couple weeks...

Comment #49

I LOVE the nutriflakes bran cereal it's my favorite! I ordered 10 or those this month (and got 2 extra as part of my free week!). I add raisins as my fruit serving to make my own raisin bran...

Comment #50

Yes it totally reminds me of Raisin brand with out the raisins what a great idea!.

I had the apple sconce today and loved it!..

Comment #51

Was this for me?? if so thanks.

I just started a few weeks ago.. my advice is try everything you think you would normally like and try not to get discouraged.. remember it's not gonna be the best thing you ever ate either.. which then makes it not that bad when you keep your mind thinking that. and when the lbs come off (I have lost 4lbs since on NS) it's worth it..

Comment #52

I read a lot of stories about the food not being good, too, so it took me a long time to decide whether to try Nutrisystem or not. But I am so glad I did! Not only am I getting results, I am enjoying ALL of the food! The only items I don't like are the Soy chips, but other than that, I've loved everything I've tried. I think the only people that don't like Nutrisystem are people who don't like microwaved food (i.e. - TV Dinners) - but this is by far the most delicious microwaved food I've ever tasted...

Comment #53

You'll also find that you will have your own tastes. There are foods that I don't like (mainly a lot of the desserts) that other people love, and there's food that other people find disgusting that are my favorites.

Akamissj: I love the BBQ soy chips LOL..

Comment #54

Okay, I agree the food is rather tasty. I however hate the chicken salad lunch meal. It's just foul. Twice I have opened the pack and could not eat it.

The only other thing I really don't care for is the reconstituted eggs by themselves and the pizza portion is a waste of time. It doesn't equal half a slice of pizza. I would rather use the calories more wisely that that...

Comment #55

You've lost 18 lbs since Dec 2007. Please tell me that's not true... I am working too hard with less results.....

Comment #56

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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