Vitamin Shoppe hair-dye that will LIGHTEN my dark hair??

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Vitamin Shoppe hair-dye that will LIGHTEN my dark hair??.

My 2nd question is: I seen on here someone had a cup that would keep track of how much they had during the day and other things.....HELP does anyone know what it's called?..

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Your question was: Vitamin Shoppe hair-dye that will LIGHTEN my dark hair??.

Yes that is it thank you thank, how much did it end up costing? I have a price of 29$?..

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I bought a 1 liter bottle, and fill it twice a day...

Comment #2

It was $40.00. That's how much he paid because I have the cc bill I was ready to pay and saw it.

I did see it on amazon for $29 though...

Comment #3

I drink an 8 oz glass of water whenever I go in the kitchen. Just chug it down to get it over with. Can you tell I'm not a water lover? Kills two birds with one stone. I drink the water and don't go in the kitchen as much...

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I just drink my water at the same time every day so I know I've got it all with each meal and snack. One HUGE glass on my desk all day and I don't ever leave without empying it. One more HUGE glass over the course of the evening. It works out to the exact amount, and sometimes I do more in the evenings, depending on how late I stay up. If I miss one, I force myself to chug it down hahaha...

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I usually grab a 16 oz. bottled water in the morning and proceed to fill it up 3 more times throughout the day. Works out nicely for me...

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A hydrocoach? I got one for Christmas and I'm sending it back.

It might be really good and work great but when I saw how much it cost (I'm cheap) I'm sending it back and buying new sneakers instead..

Supposedly it tracks your water, but I just use pennies on the window sill...

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Im currently using a 33 oz Fiji water bottle in which I fill twice a day at work giving me almost 66 oz, and then try and do another 33 oz before bed. I have to have the flavoring tho or I wont drink it, I can stand the blandness of water. Connie..

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Yes that is it thank you thank, how much did it end up costing? I have a price of 29$?..

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Don't let me convince you not to get it. It might be something you really like..

I didn't really get it, but I would have kept it if I didn't see how much it was.

I know that's probably rude to do to a gift but he's used to that...

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Use a Poland Spring water water, or one from another brand..

Drink 4 of those per day and she'll have your water intake done..

I drink 1 with each meal and 1 throughout the day..

Walmart has plastic cups with how much they hold printed on the bottom. I have a 22 ounce cup and a 32 ounce cup...

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I bought four of them and fill them each morning I'd forget to fill it during the day, so I have a bag that I put all my water in each morning and drag all four with me to work..

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I found a 3 L water at Walmart (Deer Park). It equals about 12 cups (slightly over). Anyhow one day I used a measuring cup and added a cup of water (use a liquid measuring cup-not solid like I did the first time) and mark on the outside in perm marker a small line and a 1 for one cup, etc all the way to 12. Then each morning I fill it up to 12 and drink down. I can easily see how much I have had. Even if I dont do all 12, I can see how much is left and do some quick subtraction. (Plus I know I only have to get down to the 4).

It has helped me tremendously. Plus it is a good visual reminder...

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I still have to flavour my water also. I use Propel and make it count as my free foods. It's worth it..

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