Vitamin Shoppe Haircolour.......?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Vitamin Shoppe Haircolour.......?.

My 2nd question is: So last night at the grocery store while getting some fat free cheese, I ran across some sugar free banana fudge pudding. It is only 60 calories. Could I use this as one of my dairy servings? I had to get it and try it and it is sooo good. It would be good to have as an option, so I was just wondering...

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Your question was: Vitamin Shoppe Haircolour.......?.

Betcha donuts to dollars that it does not have enough protein and maybe too much fat based on the stats Clovia has stated..

Dairy/protein should be 100 calories or less, 3 grams of fat or less and 7 grams of protein or more...

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I think you should ask first, eat later (if it fits into the plan) rather than vice versa. If it doesn't fit in, you are off the program...

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Well I looked it up and it has 60 cal, 1 g fat, and 1 g protein. So it does not have enough protien. But overall I do not think it is that bad.

On a side note I do not agree that if you eat something that does not fit into the program you are "off the program". This is not the type of diet plan you can stick to 100% 365 days of the year. If so, how would you ever eat out? You could never have ANY alcohol. Seriously if there is someone out there that has stuck to this plan 100% and never eaten anthing other than what is listed for more than 3 months I would really be interested to see how their social life was doing...

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I'm just handling the plan different from you, silverlily..

I've been doing NS for a year and a half (am a bit under goal now but still use it to maintain) and while doing the NS plan to lose, I did take an occasional day off, mostly to go out to eat, but occasionally just because I was so tired of the foods that I felt I had to take a day off and eat other things. On average, a day off was about once every two weeks. I did consider myself off the plan on those days but was careful about what I ate. I usually ate too much and so was off the plan with it's guidelines on how to eat equivalents, but I still was careful about what I ate.

How you handle the plan of course is up to you. Just realize, though, that your weight loss may be slower depending upon how many things you eat that aren't on the plan. I accepted that on a day I took off, and inevitably ate too much (though not too badly), it might be a setback, but I was back on NS the next day. On the days I followed NS I was very strict about it. I guess I just think it's very easy for a person to fool him or herself that the person is only eating a little bit of something off the plan, but those little somethings can add up. As long as then the person doesn't blame the plan, fine and dandy! I certainly respect however you choose to handle the plan; not everyone chooses to handle it the way I did...

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Yes, you can and I have a FABULOUS social life!! It all depends on how committed to the cause you are. Why do I have to have alcohol to have fun? You CAN eat things that are not on the list - but it's suppose to be within the guidelines to fall into the plan. Many of us got here by thinking "overall I do not think it is that bad"...if you want to know the truth, we'll tell it to you here. If you want fluffy lies, you won't find them from many of us...

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Tell me lies tell me sweet fluffy lies..tell me lies..(sing to Fleetwood Mac)!..

Comment #6

It isn't "BAD", but it does not fit as a dairy or a protein. Not even close. By being "off the program", she doesn't mean you are kicked out or anything, but that you are not following the program. You can eat out and still be on the program. You just have to find items that fit each category.

You don't need alcohol to go out and have a good time either. There are people in this world that don't drink at all. Maybe never have. That doesn't mean they don't go out and have fun. Sure they go out and have fun, they just don't drink alcohol...

Comment #7

Holding up hand...,100% every day for 23 months today...yup, and a social butterfly to boot.....

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Great post, Rescue-a-shepherd!.

Pam, I didn't know you've never even taken a day off the plan, as I have very occasionally. Congrats to you. I couldn't have done it for 23 months in a row and for me, taking an occasional day off helped me to stay on it this long, 18 months. But my hat is off to you for being able to do that!..

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Mine too, Pam! I got off plan on Christmas day...not by too much, but off is off. Boy did I feel crappy after eating some of that stuff...

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I believe your guidelines are that it needs to have 7g of protein and under 3g of fat, if I remember posts correctly...

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Betcha donuts to dollars that it does not have enough protein and maybe too much fat based on the stats Clovia has stated..

Dairy/protein should be 100 calories or less, 3 grams of fat or less and 7 grams of protein or more...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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