Variety Medifast Packages vs. Individual Boxes

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So up until now I've bought the variety packages for women ... but here's the thing I CAN'T stomach the oatmeal, soup, or vanilla puddings ... like at all ... In theory since it's any 5 medifast meals a day is it ok to just order whatever you want ... Like could I have a pancake 5 times a day or just one kind of shake or eat a brownie 5 times a day???..

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Yes, you can eat whatever you want. All the meals are interchangeable (except the green wrapper maintenance bars - only 1/day of those). You can have PB crunch bars 5x/day and nothing else. I only ordered the variety pack the first time, and then it was individual boxes...

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You can eat any 5 Medifast meals 5 times a day with the exception of the Green wrapper maintenance bars, which are limited to 1 per day. After my 2nd order, I just ordered the stuff I liked. You won't get a free week, I don't think, but you will at least know that the food you are getting is stuff you like..


Freya and I posting at the same time. Great minds.......

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I have only ever ordered individual boxes. I have had days when I've had 5 banana puddings. Days where I've had five bars. Order your favorites and enjoy! Keep in mind that your favorites will most likely change over time. The variety pack helps you try things you may not know you like. You can also order single samples of things to try..



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Medifast will allow you to exchange food (return shipping at your expense), even the boxes included in your free week. I developed a distaste for the oatmeal, and the one remaining box I wanted to exchange, because I'd already exchanged it for something else, they wouldn't let me return. I also take the packages out of the boxes and flatten them when I return so I don't incur higher shipping costs..

With their fairly decent return policy, I've wondered why eBay has such a market for Medifast items - most of the food goes for nearly the same amount as you can buy it straight from MF, especially with shipping.a little risky??? I'll probably try to sell my box of oatmeal (which has a 2012 expiration) on eBay...

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Thanks a ton you guys I feel so much better about ordering individual boxes..

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You can only return items that have no more than 1 packet used and they must be returned within 30 days. That may be a part of it...

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Thanks, I wish that were the case. I wanted to return all 7 packets but they said I didn't have any oatmeal orders since I'd exchanged it for something else I returned earlier (I returned some of the 1st week of free food and almost the entire 2nd week of the free food) - they don't allow an exchange on something that was already exchanged..

I guess another case of tastes changing because I didn't mind the oatmeal the first month. I've tried several different cookie and muffin recipes that people have raved about. I just can't stand it - especially the texture. And I'm an oatmeal lover, so strange...

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Thanks so much for all the help I found someone on Craigslist who wanted the stuff I didn't and I'm going to start ordering what I like..

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If you exchanged something FOR the oatmeal previously, that actually makes sense Laura.

I too started out able to eat the oatmeal, but after about a month, it was top of my most hated list. Keep in mind, this product is not truly oatmeal and the Medifast stuff bears no resemblance to oatmeal at all. My team used to discuss the fact that if they simply called it "hot cereal", people's expectations might not be so high. I think most go into it thinking it's going to taste like SF Quaker instant Oats or something. It doesn't...

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