Vacation plan and Medifast

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My 20 day vacation (VERY excited) starts next Thursday. I've spent a lot of time trying to come up with a plan on how to stay 100% ON's not an option, I will stay on plan, but it's going to be tricky...and I've decided, who better to ask than the experts....

I'm throwing this out the Medifast Boards - here is my issue for this vacation, I'm going be here there and everywhere while I'm on it and there will be hotels involved for almost all of it. AND on top of that - I'm a vegetarian, which makes this a little harder.

Here is a glimpse of what my vacation will look like:.

2 days of driving from NY to IL.

3 days in IL with family (over Christmas) - staying with my parents - THIS I have no issue with.

4 hour flight from IL to CA.

7 days in a hotel in San Diego - but spending lots of time with my BF's family (they order in/eat out a lot).

4 hour flight from CA to IL.

6 days in a hotel in IL - lots of catching up with friends (i.e. dinner's out)..

2 days of driving from IL to NY.

I'm 100% committed to staying on plan, but will take any advice, tips, tricks, tools, suggestions, prayers, ANYTHING that anyone can share!! Thanks in advance!!..

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God Bless you!!!! Sounds like a real Medifast drill! Well looks like a lot of the portable stuff, puffs, pretzels, bars for a lot of your "in transit" activity. Your lean meal should be doable, although I'm not sure what you are able to order in a restaurant. Guess, I'm not the best source of info on this, but I just wanted to commend you on your committment to stay OP..

Good Luck!.


Comment #1

Try splitting your L&G like having eggs for the leaner portions - maybe for your breakfast and then for dinner time have salad for your greens? That's the best I can think of. You'll always be able to get a salad wherever you are - it'd be the lean I would worry about especially as a vegetarian. Maybe when you're at your BF's go to the grocery store and buy some leans for yourself. When they order in, just whip up your meal. I'm sure they won't mind. And definitely, bring the portable options (bars, pretzels, and puffs).

For those days you can even bring some of the other options - think brownie, oatmeal, etc. Good luck and be proud of yourself for already getting a game plan in place!!.



Comment #2

It all looks pretty straight forward to me except, perhaps, the period of time with your boyfriend's family. I'd have a conversation with them when I get there, or perhaps before, letting them know what your situation is with eating just so it isn't a big surprise to them, and then I'd make a grocery run when I got there for L&G options that I could eat when they are ordering in. Eating out is not that tough; always go for a lean protein and ask for steamed vegis with nothing added. Most restaurants are more than happy to oblige.

I've had to do several long car trips since starting Medifast and it isn't tough. Portable meals and I'd stop at a gas station and pick up a bottle of water to make a shake.

The big thing with your frineds will be avoiding alcohol and the need to fit in and eat whatever everybody else is having. Just remember that renewing friendships really doesn't have anything to do with the food..

Good luck, remember your goals and have fun with the people, not the food...

Comment #3

I went to Vegas 3 weeks after starting the plan. I actually took my magic bullet and used the ice in the hotel to make shakes. The coffee maker worked for hot water for oatmeal etc. and then I took a lot of bars. I then grabbed a salad with some chicken (which of course you wouldn't) but it really wasn't too bad. I agree with GGRobin as the only thing that was tough for me was the alcohol (especially in Vegas, ugh!) and I had 2 drinks the whole 5 days so I felt pretty good about that and actually lost weight while I was there. You can make this work especially how committed you sound...

Comment #4

@Glenn - thanks for the support! I feel like the more I say I WILL be OP the more likely I am to hold myself accountable..

@Music_gal - thanks for the reminder about the eggs...I'm thinking eggs and cottage cheese are going to be easier to get at restaurants than other vegetarian options..

@GGRobin - thanks for the advice and the support!.

@dbarnett - great idea on the blender, I have the HealthMate blender, will definately pack that (didn't even think of it and yet, so obvious!)..

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Hey Chelsea....I'm a vegetarian as well...and yeah, it can a little tougher to figure out how to stay on plan, especially when you are out of town.

As for the green...I think people covered that a garden salad with the dressing on the side can be found anywhere. When I went to Florida for a week and change....I often had eggs for breakfast as my lean.

String Cheese was my savior. I bought a bunch of it....and carried it with me in a cooler on the traveling days. I also always had it in the fridge wherever I was staying. There were numerous days that where we went for dinner didn't have any on plan lean I'd just get a salad or veggies side....and then eat a bunch of string cheese when I got back to the house. It wasn't the best...but it was on plan...and good enough.

My friends all think I'm slightly weird...okay...maybe I am. They all laugh at me that I never go out of town wihtout some food in a cooler...string cheese, veggies...and now that I'm on maintenance...yogurt and applesauce. I like to know I can eat something healthy...and have backup in the cooler if I can't find anything where I am going..

Hugs...and let us know what you decide/plan to do!.


Comment #6

Check for restaurants on the internet. Look at their menus and see what they have that is on plan for your lean and green. Choose the restaurant that you will go to according to whether they have on plan foods. Talk to the waitstaff and ask how things are prepared. Ask for your meal to be prepared without extra fat. Get a double serving of vegetables instead of the starch.

While on the road, try to plan ahead if you are stopping for a meal. Looking for a place to eat when you are starving is a recipe for disaster. Applebees has a good 7 oz. (take some of it home) sirloin steak dinner. The vegetable is usually broccoli. Get a salad instead of the starch.

The veggies aren't all on program but you can pick out what is not and get a salad..

If you are out and about, make sure you take more Medifast meals than you think you will need. Because you will be with other people, it will be harder to plan your activities and breaks and you may be later getting back to your food than you had planned. Make sure you are getting all 5 meals and your lean and green every day. Drink your water to keep from getting dehydrated.

Mainly it just takes advanced planning which you are doing. Have a wonderful time! Let us know how it went!..

Comment #7

You don't say whether you will eat fish. Boiled or grilled shrimp, baked or grilled fish, no added fat, are available in most restaurants. I spent two nights at my sister-in-law's and a week in Key West recently, and stayed OP. But I appreciate the extra challenges of being a vegetarian. Looking up the restaurants in areas you'll be, as someone has already suggested, is a great idea. I did, and made a list of those with menu items that were OP with minor adjustments, and which meals each had.

For travel days, they were all portable, the pretzels, puffs, and bars. For days I had access to a kitchen, I brought my usual assortment. I lost 1.25 lbs (I am very close to goal) during my vacation..

Hope it all goes well for you. Let us know.....

Comment #8

OH. I'm sorry. I just realized that you don't eat meat so the suggestions I made for Applebees and Sheri's sure won't work...

Comment #9

You can absolutely go on vacation and still be OP Chelsea! I just got back from Jamaica and couldn't take any Medifast meals (baggage weight fees AND wasn't sure about bringing food into a foreign country). I did my research about the resort we were staying at and what kind of food they had to offer. Just remember to eat on the same Medifast schedule of 2-3 hours (portable Medifast will be your friend...pretzels, puffs, bars). IF for whatever reason you can't have a Medifast meal, lean and green it baby (with portion control )!!.

Oh....and don't forget to drink your water!!! that was probably my biggest downfall when I was on vacation. My routine was all shaken up and I forgot to drink all of my water half the time!..

Comment #10

If you haven't yet met her, Chattymom is one of the most vacationing vets I know. She does it ALL the time. I also was not good at drinking my water or making sure I was eating my Medifast meals in a timely manner, but I was in beautiful San Diego and San Francisco for 2 weeks over Thanksgiving and I did not even take a bl or t while on vaca. The water thing though..that was hard to remember. Definitely PM chatty and she'll have some great tips for you..if she isn't on a vacation...

Comment #11

Bring a nice sized water bottle, and make sure that every morning, you fill it up. Some places have unpalatable water out of the tap. Expect to either go to the grocery store and pick up some, or check the hotel's gym, and see if they have a water cooler in there. Having that with me made it SOOO much easier to get my water in.

I always start my day with coffee, with either hot cocoa or cappuccino. Most hotels will have a coffee maker in the room (love the single serving no pot ones for cleanliness!), which means it's easy to get that first meal in. Or run the water through the machine for hot water for oatmeal or something if you prefer. If no pot in the room, there's always coffee and hot water in the lobby. I also pack a Contigo or other thermal mug, so I can take it with me..

With a schedule like that, plan to either split your L&G or consider doing 4-2 while on vacation. I did Disney on a 5-1. I definitely agree with breakfast making it easier to get in my L&G since most places do have eggbeater substitutes, etc on the menu. An omelet, a little cheese, spinach and mushrooms is filling and yummy I found it hard to get in enough protein in 1 restaurant meal, unless I ordered beef or ordered eggs. Splitting it made it much easier.

If you'll eat fish, the bagged tuna is nice and easy. Otherwise, grocery stores often sell hardboiled eggs in the deli/cheese area. And the string cheese is awesomely portable and easy.

Definitely bring an extra day or two with you. You never know what may happen while on vacation, and it's always better to be prepared. Hoping that there's a local Medifast clinic that will sell food to you kinda sucks (and yes, the one in Orlando does haha)..

Enjoy your vacation! I think you'll find this easier than you think! You're starting it with a great attitude, and having the mindset that you're doing this on plan makes it much easier..

Comment #12

Also, when given the chance, staying at a Hilton Homewood Suites, Marriott Residence Inn, or Candlewood Suites is really nice. They're usually fairly reasonably priced, and have small kitchenettes. The first two also include breakfast and dinner. Candlewood isn't as nice as the first two. You probably already have your stays planned, but I figured I'd throw that out there for others. I also definitely rank them in that order, because Homewoods all tend to be brand-new, Residence Inns can be a little more hit or miss, and Candlewood doesn't clean the rooms but once a week..

I used to travel all across the US for work on a weekly basis, so I've stayed at many, many hotels...

Comment #13

I just got back from a one week vaca to the Napa valley. It was fantastic!! But here are some tips I just figured out..

I was totally prepared with my portion guides, scale, etc....Didn't use them one bit. The opportunity never presented itself. So I would have a quick shake (no blender) before I left the hotel, bars and/or puffs for 3 meals. When on the road, I kept a cooler with Grillers (and other things) in it. I didn't go bad not being frozen (only refridgerated), and they were easy to squeeze in..

The bars were invaluable, though. I'm totally out now. Waiting on a new shipment..

You'll do great! It was easy peasy. Even with family that kept saying "but red wine is good for you and cheese is carb free". Had a 5 lb loss that week!..

Comment #14

OH! And I forgot to mention that I wish I had brought my own salad dressing.....

Again, good luck!..

Comment #15

Hi Chelsea,.

I haven't read the other comments yet, but just from my own experience - packing bars and puffs seem to be the easiest for me! Also, in hotels where you have coffeemakers, any of the hot drinks will work or shakes that you like mixing with coffee. Since you're a vegetarian, I'd try to stock up on boca burgers when you're in the hotels for a long stretch at a local grocery store. String cheese is pretty readily available - they even have it at places like Walgreens. If you're out to dinner, hopefully they will have a nice vegetarian option - if not, most places will serve salads with eggs or cheese so you should be fine..

Honestly - as someone who has been on a few vacations since starting - all you really need to pack is determination. If you're determined to stay on plan, you will. If you're trying to find a reason to go off plan, you'll do that too. but it is very easy to stay OP and if that's your goal, I know you'll have no problems! The only other thing I can tell you is to really try to anticipate your needs and don't find yourself unprepared or without a meal! Good luck! You'll be fine!..

Comment #16

Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions - I feel so much better about vacationing. I checked the hotels and they all have microwaves available, the one in CA has a refrigerator in the hotel room. I'll be sure to have pleanty of water with me, string cheese, and my portable Medifast snacks!.

Thanks again everyone - hopefully this will help some other traveling MFs out there too!..

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