Using sandwich maker to improve Medifast soups

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Hi guys,.

Ever since I read about everyone's success with using their sandwich makers to make the soups more palatable, I have fallen in love! I, normally, choke down the soups. But, now that I have all these wonderful recipes, I actually look forward to them. My question is this: is there a limit to how many "sandwich maker" type meals we eat per day? I always count the cheese and such into my "lean and green", but I was wondering if anyone has noticed slower weight loss when eating several sandwich maker meals per day... similar to the way the Medifast bars can slow weight loss.

Just curious..



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I log everything, so my only limits are staying within the recommendations from Nutritional Support. 800-1000 calories, 10-30 grams of fat, and 80-90 grams carbs. Alot of the sandwhich maker recipes that I do are 2 Medifast meals....Sorry not a great answer, but at least my response will "bump" it!..

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The main problem is using condiments. You are allowed three condiments a day and many of the recipes will use up your three...

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So... I make mine... and I guess you can call the pam, a condiment... but I am barely using any... if you are a stickler... I make mine like this...

1 soup.

2T egg beaters.

1/4C veggie (broco or zuch).

1/4t baking pwder.

Occassionally I add a smidge of salsa... I think if you are tracking the lean and the green used in these you are fine... shouldn't slow anything down. I usually only make these on my hungry days... or early in the day... getting all that protein in, especially the turkey or chicken breast is killer at the end of the day...

My main thing is to just drink tons and tons of water... today, I am floating...... =)..

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So far, so good! I normally can't eat all my lean and green anyway, so even if I do 4 of these in a day, it only works out to about 1/2 of my required servings! I am still in heaven with these! Glad you are loving them, too!..

Comment #4

It should be fine as long as you are counting your condiments and everything. And Medifast bars shouldn't slow down anyone's loss unless they are maintenance bars. I seem to do the best when I stick to bars and shakes.

Play around with it a bit and see how your body reacts. Every"body" is different...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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