Upset stomach while on Medifast diet?

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I have an upset stomach and not able to keep anything in my system(if you know what I mean). Before Medifast I would have just not eaten until everything cleared my system. Not sure what to now that I am on MF, should I keep eatting even though I know they will run right thru me. Seems like a waste of food if there is not time for the nutrients to be absorbed. Anyone encounter this before?..

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I am not sure what other people would do.... but when you are sick you need to do whatever it is that you would normally do, and be reasonable with it. So, for example... try sugar free jello once your system settles down. Drink plenty of water. With my kids...

But not sure where that falls. You could to the Medifast snack crackers. Anything higher in protein or sugars will make the problem worse. I hope someone has better advice than I do!..

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Maybe try something like the chicken noodle soup, the Medifast crackers, or maybe even the Parmesan puffs, which are pretty bland. Keep your electrolytes up, Powerade Zero is great for this, and some diet gingerale may help with the nausea. Do the best you can do and feel better soon...

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I had the same problem awhile back for a few weeks my stomach would intermittently act up and make me feel absolutely miserable to the point where I was scared to leave the house. I don't know if you're feeling feverish or sick otherwise (I wasn't) but I found relief by taking Acidophilus supplements, drinking TONS of water, and taking Imodium sparingly when things got to be too much to handle..

It's my understanding that your body takes some time to adjust to the artificial sweeteners and other additives in the Medifast food, especially if you don't usually consume them in daily life. Definitely get checked at the doc if you're feeling unwell in general, but I will tell you I had success by just waiting it out. Now these episodes occur a lot less frequently for me!.

Good luck!.


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Sounds like from the advice above no harm in not eatting anything until things have run their course...

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Don't eat off plan crackers, bread, etc. Not only will that throw you out of ketosis and give you three days of hell getting back on plan, but it can give you even more tummy problems. Some people have flu like symptoms when they go off plan...

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Problem seemed to resolve it's self pretty quickly. Stayed OP and I have had 2 medifast meals, coffee and water. Whew!!..

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Was your problem related to the sugar alcohol in the crunch bars? I can use them as a laxative- one bar and I'm running to the bathroom...

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Nope don't think so since I haven't had a bar in a few days...

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This happened to me a month or so ago. For a few days I ate a baked potatoe, whole grain crackers, chicken soup, and just tried to get my system back to normal. I also started taking a fiber supplement in powder form and that helped too. After a few days off of Medifast plan I was back on and have been back on since with no issues. I think it is important to take care of yourself, get yourself back to normal and not force the Medifast food if your system is upset...

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If you have diarrhea, I would stay clear of milk products...shakes/puddings/cocoa/capp/cream soups.

Glad you are feeling better, but it may be a good idea to limit these items. Good luck!..

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