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First of all Trying to locate Medifast Diet for free? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... This weekend was a total bust for me. I went back to my old eating habits and really paid the price. I said last week that I was OP for real and I cheated myself and now I am depressed and miserable. I have been OP today and I am just taking this day by day..

I need support and that is why I am venting my mistakes that I made this weekend...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I did the same thing not too long ago, and I used the feeling of upset and misery that cheating caused to prevent me from going off plan again..

We all slip up. Get back OP, and look forward to the future..

Comment #2

You know what you did, where you slipped, so try to pinpoint why. Did some event stress you specifically? Were you REALLY hungry when you caved, or just craving?.

You are doing the right thing to jump back 100% op. Try to distract yourself the next time thoughts of off plan foods hit..

Remember you are always worth this!! You CAN succeed!..

Comment #3

I hear you, lady, and it is a hard lesson to learn...especially if it seems you are learning over and over and over again. Restarting the program is difficult, partially because we know we can "always just do Medifast" and get the weight off, but then we don't "just do Medifast" to get the weight off already! So it is always a "future" thing of "next week I'll get serious"..or "I can always start on Monday...." and we do but then Friday tells us "hey it's the weekend, I can always start again on Monday.".

No, I do understand..

I'd recommend you purchasing Dr. A's Habits of Health and start working through some if the issues in your head as regards your attitude towards food and the role you let it play in your life. We've got to do the headwork in order for this to be the "last time"....TRULY..

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #4

I will try that book out. Thanks for the advice...

Comment #5

Krista - you stumbled, but you aren't letting it stop you from getting to goal. I used to put the line "Day by day, sometimes minute by minute!" in my ticker line, because it was reminder to me that I need to keep pushing forward, even when it's a struggle..

Gain strength from the fact that you ARE back on plan, you CAN do this!..

Comment #6

Krista, it's good to hear that jumped back on-plan today. Please take some time to think about how this happened and what you can do to prevent it again in the future. Some of my fixes? I no longer allow my top trigger foods in the house. I TiVo my favorite shows and no longer watch the commercials. Every other commercial seems to be food related and I don't need to be bombarded by those images. I close my eyes and envision myself standing in the dressing room of my favorite store and I'm trying on my goal outfit.

This always seems to get my head back in the game...

Comment #7

Its never too late to start again from scratch. Seriously..

Learn from this, don't do it again LOL, but learn from it..

Watch and really pay attention to how you feel and to how your body responds to this slip, because this is a great learning experience that you really don't want to repeat...

Comment #8

You're doing the right thing. You'll be fine just get right back in the swing of things. It's Monday and it's a NEW day!!!..

Comment #9

Dont beat yourself up and learn from this. This losing weight thing is very hard. I have the same goal as you and I am the same height lets get this done so we can be skinny together. Take care and do one meal at a t time.......

Comment #10

From the world of mental health, relapse is considered a normal part of recovery. What is important is where it leads. The advice you've gotten suggesting that you really examine what triggered you to go off plan is exactly right. Relapse is a lesson, not a sentence. It doesn't mean that you are weak or a loser, but it is an experience that can take your dedication to the next level. But you have to really take a look at your lapse to figure out what happened..

But going back OP is what will take you to goal..

I have total faith in your ability to make it to goal. None of us are doomed. All of us can make it...

Comment #11

Im right with you....I hit a rock spot this weekend too, and well Im back at it again today!..

Comment #12

I do the same thing ...and you know what it works..

What does your goal outfit look like?.

In regards to stepping off plan..

Congratulations you now know it's not the end of the world.

You also know that you can get right back on that horse and ride.

You also know what you did and you didn't like the way it felt..

You've got this... and all of us are here to help in our own way..

Comment #13

From kb1968 quote: I'd recommend you purchasing Dr. A's Habits of Health and start working through some if the issues in your head as regards your attitude towards food and the role you let it play in your life. We've got to do the headwork in order for this to be the "last time"....TRULY..

Wishing you the best success![/ kb1968 QUOTE].

DITTO! And also The Companion Guide to Dr A's Habits of Health:.

"Living a Longer Healthier Life" (great workbook!).

Both books are excellent tools! Dr Wayne Scott Anderson was/is the medical director of Medifast and his books are Medifast oriented...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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