Tips on using Magic Bullet for Medifast?

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Okay so I am a snoozer on this one...I FINALLY got a Magic Bullet. It came yesterday. What a great item for MF. Wow. I can't wait to find new ways to use it. Just ordered a second one for my office.

I know there was a thread about this recently but if anyone has any great tips about how to use it, help a MediRebel out!..

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I have heard more than a few people say those things are great. Since I am a tad lazy, how are they to clean? Since I am doing mainly shakes, I would be using it every few hours, the thought of having to clean the thing (blades) keeps me from intertaining the idea of getting one. But, I am tempting everytime I read of how great they are...

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It's easy to clean and GREAT for the shakes. Wish I would have bought it sooner. XOXOXO..

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I got a Magic Bullet on the advice of these boards. can be cleaned by using a drop of liquid dishwashing soap into a bullet cup and letting the MB clean itself. just be sure to rinse well to get all the suds out of the container. love mine. have not tried soups in it yet, but will do so in the future...

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I had the magic bullet before I started Medifast and never used it. Now I use it all the time. It is great for shakes, easy to clean - much easier than a blender. And is great for the cream of broccoli soup. Works quick too.


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I have had mine about a year...I adore it..easy to clean a dream to use. TOO LOUD for MY office...

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I LOVE mine.. I made hot chocolate last night and it made a frothy top..It was Delicious.. Very smooth and sinful..

I use it all the time! I do not think I could drink a shake out of the shaker after the Magic Bullet.. Have fun experimenting, I bet you will love it!.

Continued Success!.


Comment #6

A funny story about my magic bullet:.

Ok, so my dog hates any sort of machinery noise, blenders, vaccums, motorcycles...doesn't matter, if it's loud she barks and wants to kill it. So never fails that everytime I use my MB she goes into a crazy barking kill the evil loud machine frenzy (let's not even get into what I have to go through to even vaccum, lol). Well the other day she was laying on the couch with my bf. I neglected to "inform" him that I was about to start it and when I did she jumped up off his lap so fast to get the evilness that she knocked her hard head into his hard head and he ended up with a bloodied lip! Then he proceeded to yell at me and tell me to "prepare" him next time! Big baby! hehehe!! Sorry, had to share! It was sort of funny!..

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Omg.. Lydia.. that was so funny.. sorry DBF....

I woke up early one morning and popped the tv on and saw a commercial for the Magic Bullet. I had read so much possitive stuff here on the boards about it that I decided to order it. Well, they were having a special, 2 for the price of one, just pay the additional shipping. So, I got both of them, and gave one to another friend who is doing MF. My dogs just run and hide under the bed when I use it. (can you picture 2 large siberian huskies and 1 little bitty teacup yorkie with their heads under the bed..

Well, their butts stick out.... )..

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LOL, Autumn, I'm getting the funniest pics of your furbabies butts sticking from under the bed! Lucky little yorkie! Too cute!..

Comment #9

I just ordered the 21 pc on E-bay buy it now for $44.76 w/ free shipping.

Http:// QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem..

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Moira, I got a great deal at Ebay too. But did you check to make sure it had the warranty and all? Some of the ones on Ebay were a little scary because they seemed to be fake. I love mine and ordered the second one from the same guy. But I saw some feedback on some that wasn't great. I paid about what you did. Great deal, huh?..

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By the way I can't say enough about these Magic Bullet things. Wow. I made my Hot Cocoa in it last night and it gets soooo frothy and yummy. Sorry that I waited so long to get it. I hate the shakes but this just makes the whole thing so much easier and more tolerable...

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My husband called me "the Rooster" the other morning, he says I wake him up on the weekends with my Magic Bullet. I love making an iced cappuchino in it, with cold coffee, ice and a capp. mix. YUMMM...

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You all talked me into the MB last month and I spent about 2 weeks hinting to my DH. Finally he gave me the money to buy the one on sale ($48 at Linens N Things). My convincing delivery "Honey, this would work so much better for your milkshakes you like so much".

Now every time I use it, both my boys (DH and Baby boy) come running and put in their requests for milkshakes made with Dryers...somehow not fair. I think DH is happier with it than I am.

But I love it too. It is quicker and easier to clean than my old blender (which always smelled of grinding metal when used) and it takes up very little room on the counter. It is great!..

Comment #14

Are you sure this isn't another one of your no-log appliances??..

Comment #15

Finally got my MB yesterday at WallyWorld and man-o-man!!! What a difference it makes!.

Worth every single penny!!!!..

Comment #16

I like my shakes real thick with lots of ice. Can the MB do that?.


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I usually use 3/4 cup of water and seasonings with a van. shake, mix them together and then put 8-10 ice cubes in the MB and grind the ice cubes up. very think and frothy...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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