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Nearly 40 pounds down. And it's STILL not getting easier! I am so tempted to eat junk right now but I'm not. I'm choosing for this minute to not eat off plan. But I am so grumpy. Gonna go eat my brownie...

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I feel you, sister, I do!!! I had an episode of it being horribly hard just about 10 pounds ago, at 70ish down. I had a PLAN for hitting Safeway for some serious POISON. I didn't. But yes, it continues to be hard. Although for me, the hard has gotten less constant, the longer I've remained OP..

But it sucks. As my siggie says, choose your hard. Also, {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}...

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Thank you Freya Your most recent blog hit home-tonight I am an addict jonesing for my drug. Thanks for all your support and for sharing on the boards and blog! You're such an inspiration!..

Comment #2

You are so welcome, darling!!! I'm really glad I can help..

Nothing makes it not hard. But being conscious that it's a jones REALLY helps. Talking about it helps. Fighting past it makes you stronger for the next one..

You're my hero for eating that brownie!..

Comment #3

I know what you guys mean! I am always tempted when I see food, but I have 10 more lbs to go. I thought it would be easier when I got closer to goal, but it's actually harder. I crave things for real. My dreams are like food sex dreams about red velvet cake and chocolate oatmeal cookies. and bread. and fruit esp. fruit...

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I am right there with you. I really think over the next 3 weeks.... it is just going to be hard. I am going to be dilligent about being on program. No excuses. I talked myself into going off Medifast yesterday...

My WONDERFUL health coach talked me down before anything illegal entered my body. I have a feeling I am going to have to be talked down many times... she is going to earn her title forsure!.

You can do this... I'll help you!..

Comment #5

I've been in maintenance for 2 years now & I STILL have days where I want to eat everything in sight. I have a plan to counteract that behavior....but sometimes I feel like chucking it ALL & settling into a giant tub of ice cream. Food addiction is THE hardest one of all to deal with, in my opinion. We have to eat, we just have to KEEP making good, healthy decisions every day in spite of the food orgies going on around us. Especially at this time of year where it's the norm TO overeat like crazy!.

This journey is many things but 'easy' is NOT one of them! I feel your pain my friend, that's all I wanted to say..

Big hugs.


Comment #6

As has happened so many times before, I am seeing this thread when I really NEED to see it! Thank you ladies, for continuing to support and inspire me, just by being here when I wander in.....

Comment #7

I wrote on your page but I'm gonna write here too:.

STOP BEING GRUMPY! You're down 39.2 pounds! Nothing to be grumpy about.

And the brownie is yummy, hehee...

Comment #8

I know how you feel Sassy. I get grumpy on this tight regiment too. But just look at how great you have done so far! And remember that happy thread you started Sunday! It's worth it. You're worth it. Hang tough!..

Comment #9

Love the food sex comment!.

Sassy, you are doing great. I still have hard moments. There were 3 days last week, when I was so close to diving into a tub of cheese popcorn. My internal fight actually felt physically and tangibly painful. There are going to be easy days and there are going to be hard days, but the weight will keep coming off as long as we stay OP. (I typed PO by mistake, which make me think "****** Off." LOL)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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