Tips on eating out while on Medifast?

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Ok, have you guys seen the thread in the "New to Medifast" section that has information on places to eat out? I would really like to find a place that I can get more than just a salad or some steamed broccoli. Maybe some kind of salad with tofu added or a Medifast approved 'vegi' burger without the bun.....

I don't eat out much but I'm getting tired of plain old salad when I do.

Ideas, anyone?!..

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That sounds yummy! I live in Colorado Springs, and unfortunately no Moe's but there's one in Denver, so I'll be sure to go there next time I'm up there. Can't wait!.


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If you like asian food they always have tofu. I like to get steamed chinese veggies with tofu, sauce on the side..

You said you live in Colorado, I think there is a village tavern (somewhere) may not be anywhere near you, but they have a spaghetti squash dish that is great, you can get something like that and bring a baggie of your protein of choice like crumbles, or "sausage" and just add them in. And I don't know if you do eggs but that is always and option and even if not on the menu most restaurants will cook a few up for you.

Hope this helps at all...

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I went to the Red Robin today. They have a nice salad with a burger. You can replace the burger with a boca pattie and tell them to leave the cheese and all of the grilled vegis off...

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You can eat anywhere. I eat at Red Lobster all the time. Fish, shrimp or chicken.

You can have chicken or steak anywhere.

At Outback I have the Ahi Tuna Salad (i never thought I would like ahi tuna... LOVE IT!).

I eat out ALL The time and stay on plan. I even reached goal! No one said your veggies have to be salad.

You can always eat cottage cheese for your lean too!.

I eat burgers all the time too with lettuce and tomato! Or how about a tomato stuffed with chicken salad ???.

Most places will steam veggies of all kinds if you ask. Ask for steamed or grilled squash. OR you can ask for a side of GRILLED mushrooms or tomatoes (no butter.....).

The choices are endless.


PS...check out the pasta dishes too.... I eat a lot of them.....I just have them leave out the pasta (i.e. lemon and chicken pasta..... or beef and tomatoe pasta with feta cheese...) Most places are happy to accomodate you !..

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You can eat in so many places. Boca Burgers and Garden Burgers are very common on menus now (at least where I live in California). Another option is Pick Up Stix, a Chinese cook-to-order restaurant that you can replace tofu in any meal. Just ask for any sauces to be on the side...

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I work at Red Robin and you can substitue any hamburger on the menu with a boca burger. I don't have the exact calories and carbs, but I did read the nutritional information off the packing for the boca burgers and the burgers we serve would count as one serving. They are pretty much twice the size of a regular patty.

One poster said to get the Burger and Greens - Burger patty with swiss cheese melted on top and covered in sauteed mushrooms and onions. The salad also has red peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Personally, when I have it, I don't get the sauteed muchrooms and onions because they are sauteed in a ton of garlic butter and not very healthy. Some restaurants keep slice mushrooms raw in the refriderator, but at our restaurant, they don't because they brown too easily and then don't look pretty. You can ask for some raw ones, like I do, but I am not sure if they do it for me because I work there or if they will do it for everyone. I leave the cheese on when I get this salad because it is only an ounce and I am always low on fat and calories when I have boca anyway.

There isn't a single dressing at our restaurant that meets the Medifast requirement. I have looked!.

I also often have the Protein Burger with no onions (cause I don't liek them). I sub the boca patty all the time..

Besides that, there aren't many veggie options...

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If you have a Johnny Rockets nearby , I would order their boca burger with the veggie fixings and no bun, and a salad with a scoop of egg salad on top. Filling and low in carbs...

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I do not worry about where to eat as much as my husband worries for me! LOL.

All of the restaurants can accommodate you. You just have to remember to ask for NO bread, No pasta, No croutons or beans, No alcohol, and No extra portions (bag 'em up early). I always sub the starch on the plate for extra steamed veggies, usually they have a mix of summer squash, cauliflower with broccoli or just plain broccoli or spinach. I have been known to sub the pasta in a pasta dish for spinach or escarole. All Italian restaurants have those veggies. Most have a large salad on the menu that you could get without the meat or sub any garden burger for the meat if they have it or get it with extra egg and cheese added..

One time though, we were travelling and my husband had a hankering for Micky D's...UGH..

Anyway, I got nothing. Even their salad was not to my liking, it looked horrible to me. I just ate my last Medifast meal of the day instead. So hard to resist those fries but I did it and felt great afterward. It can be done. Jodi..

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Personally, I'm all about the Indian food... lots of flavor, lots of variety, perfectly vegetarian friendly. Also, Thai places usually have great tofu offerings with a kick...

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Hi All!.

The first poster wrote: "Ok, have you guys seen the thread in the "New to Medifast" section that has information on places to eat out?".

Is it still available? If so......where?.

Thank you!..

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Radiationgrrl, the struggle is finding Medifast appropriate lean meals for vegetarians. At least, that's a struggle for me unless I go to a vegetarian restaurant. I think meat eaters have a lot more protein choices...

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No answers to my question?.

Is the information gone?.

Thanks in advance!..

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Use an advanced search (Upper right hand corner) and search for "restaurants" or "eating out" in the "New to Medifast" thread, and I'm sure you'll find it...

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I'm going to guess that this was the thread:.

Keep in mind that the original post was last March and some menu items mentioned specifically may no longer be available. Also, this was in the general section of the board, not the Veg area, so many suggestions will not apply...

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Oh! Thank you Sz! I thought it was a piece of literature created my Medifast that was out there somewhere..

I missed the word "thread" completely! Duh!.

Thank you for responding!..

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You're welcome. I got curious too, and I'm glad I looked..

In another thread I saw, someone mentioned that Medifast has an eating out guide under the Success Tools category (under Eating Right) maybe that is what you are thinking of, assuming it is still there...

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Yes! That is what I was looking for.....but I don't think it's there anymore...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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